Disney can't help but get something that has a typical love triangle can they?

Jordan's views on the prince and little miss molly.

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That look, that dumb prince had that look of disgust on his face after he won the race. Honor he said. HONOR! What does someone like him know about honor! He is buddies with those bastards.

Those aliens who murdered and killed his people, his home, his earth.

Something that they were trying to protect in this race.

You see Jordan wasn't mad at that, no he was mad at Molly for liking the guy! How it made his stomach twist and heart clench when she would give him that 'fool in love' look. What did that pretty boy prince have that he didn't?

He flew a fricking beetle! A BEETTLE! What sort of ship is that! That dumb cat computer thing had a better ship then he did. It wasn't even a ship!

And those arrows. Those dumb shiny all powerful arrows. Oh Jordan knew where he could stick one of those arrows, right up his ---

Plus he was too pretty to be straight, that damn prince has to be gay. There was no way that showy guy could be straight. There wasn't a chance, he would bet all of his money on it. (which was only 20 bucks and a rusted penny)

That's right, he has to be gay. Poor sweet idiotic Molly is falling for a gay guy! That was a riot! Or at least his somewhat fuzzy feeling brain said.

Jordan slammed his mug down with a slightly psychotic chuckle. That thought made him all happy and warm inside. Yeah wait until she finds out the guy she is all goo-goo for plays for the other side. Yes, he couldn't wait when she would throw herself on him then that gay prince would turn her down. Jordan could almost picture it, the girly look in her eyes, the confession then they

'sorry Molly I like boys'

It would crush her and he would be there, like a good partner to comfort her from the evil gay prince.

"What got you all happy?"

Jerking from his thoughts Jordan stared up at the owner of the voice. It was Rick; he ordered his drink and took a seat besides the gun man.

"Nothing." It came out more sulky more sulky then he would have liked. Rick was spending more and more time with Molly too. Not that he minded but still, they were bonding.

He didn't like that.

"Aww come on what's got your gun's clog, oh look you got a pretty nasty bump on your face. Let me guess you fell? Right?" Rick's drink came and he downed it and ordered another one. "right into that prince's fist?"

That's when the poor gunman choked on his drink. "N-no!" He actually fell into his foot.

"Sure." After he downed his second one the retired pilot turned to Jordan. "Jealousy is a vicious thing kid, don't let it clog your head." With a flick to the forehead Rick took his leave.

"I am not jealous." Again another sulky lie.

There was no way he could be jealous of the gay girly prince and Molly. He was just… protecting his partner. That was all, have to look out for the team. Yup, that's it. Jealousy did not play a part in it.


No. He did not like that flat chested he-she like that.

There was no way.

He couldn't

He didn't

He does.

A groan escaped his lips as he rested his forehead against the counter. "I am so screwed, how can I compete with a prince?"

AN: thanks for the reviews. BTW the comments Jordan makes are out of his jealousy towards Aikka I don't think he is gay. I hope this version is better.