After reviewing some old fanfiction, I found I got bit by a muse, and after reading the reviews everyone has left me on these series of onshots, I felt I should finish up with Eva's.

This takes place 3 years after the final episode,

Boys, Space, and Love.

Eva heaved a sigh as she walked down from the newest Don Wei flight hanger. It's true as they say, the more things changes, the more they stay the same. It has been three years since the great race, three years of finishing school, taking up her mother's career, and of course making a name for herself.

She was no longer "molly" the stow away girl from earth, but in fact Eva Wei. She was earth's champion, one of the best racers, and most 'refined' diplomats.

It was a load of bullshit; Eva flicked her long auburn hair to the side with a grunt. The new Earth Federation military was trying to use her as a pawn. The contact she made on Oban had granted her special attention, more so, when an orange skin prince descended down from the sky to whisk her away to his planet.

That had not gone over well with her father, by the way.

Boys, doesn't matter how old they get, it would still end up in a dick measuring contest in the end. Eva chuckled at the memory, as she walked towards the track, the plastic bag on her arm crinkling as she went. That act however brought her family back into the military's radar again, and for the last year they tried to mold her into one of the top space diplomats.

They however didn't know Little Miss Wei, does not like being told what to do, and most of all will not become a pawn for them.

She sat with a grunt putting the bag down to her left, her eyes staring directly into the mass of white clouds above her head.

"So… It's been three years partner. Lets see, you would be 20 right? I don't think though…avatars have many rules on what they drink." Eva leaned over to the bag and pulled out two cans, it was from Rick's personal stash. His little mouse was an even better thief these days.

"Call this an offering to the great Avatar" The pilot popped the can open and let the contents bubble and foam over her hands before setting it down next to her. She took her own can and held it for a moment, before opening. "So buddy, I hope Avatar training is going well, keeping the universe in order and all that." Eva took the first sip.

"Everything, is pretty normal, Eva don't do this, Eva what do you think you are wearing, EVA! Do not put that there! God, I think I might change my name to Molly, just so I don't have to hear my name over and over again out of those damn tutors." The young woman groaned and took a gulp of the icy beer.

"…..I wish you were here partner, I know it is kind of selfish but When I think back to those days, they are fading. It is like, life here on earth and the life on Oban was lead by two different people. Eva Wei and just Molly." Red eyes glanced down at the untouched can.

Her unanswered fear hanging in the air, who did he fall in love with? Eva or Molly?

"Not that I think you'll care though…" She changed the subject, "but Akkia will be king in a few months, I got an invite, " Eva pointed a finger then mimicked the voice of her tutor, "now listen young lady, this is a very important mission for earth! You will be our representative to those primitive species!"

Another gulp and a sigh, "primitive my ass, they just want to know how they could travel so easily through space, while they still fly those giant battles. Man Jordan, I feel like I'm being put in the same position as I was three years ago, it's maddening. Suppose you don't go room on Oban for little old me for a bit?" Eva glanced down at the can as if she expected it to talk to her then back up to the sky.

"I guess not, what else is new..oh my dad got a new girlfriend, surprised huh? Who can stand him and his grouchy moods or how much of a workaholic he is? Though….He seems pretty happy, and…I never thought I'd say this, but I'm happy for the old man too. I just don't…you know want to hear about it, or think about what they do when I'm not around." The star racer laughed a bit nervously leaning back against the bleachers.

"Rick has stepped up and became more like a manager then Dad, which is fine by me, We have about four or five teams so rick pushes them into oblivion, me included. Thought, he says I am distracted with this whole jetting around space romancing young princes, or soon to be kings. Nothing could really happen though….. I mean he is a king and I'm….well I'm Eva. Plus, I think they have some weird rule against interplanetary marriages. Not that we would get married but yeah….guh " Eva screamed out in frustration a moment punching the air.

"You better not be using your avatar powers to keep me single Jordan , I swear if you are…." She threatened the sky a moment but it wasn't because of Jordan.

It was because of herself.

She chased after guys who were safe, those she could have nothing but friendship with after the great race of Oban. She knew it, and so did Rick. They had this talk before which ended up in her punching the older former pilot.

"Stay the fuck out of my love life Rick! You're not my father!" Eva had shouted as she threw the closest thing, a wrench, at the other man.

"I may not be your father little mouse, but I am your manager and friend, and what you are doing isn't healthy." He dodged the incoming tool and stood his ground.

"I can do whatever I want, with whoever I want! What does it matter as long as my grades are good and I can fly?!"

"Do you think that's all I care about?"


"Listen, Eva this is ripping you apart, this is not healthy, I know you miss him but this guy is not the answer, none of those …pigs are the answer and you know it. You deserve better." Rick sighed as he took an attentive step towards the moody teenager.

Eva simply broke into tears, and leaned into the strong arms of her manager.

"Yeah…that wasn't my most shining moment, either I'm a girl to be won as a trophy A: WEI industries heir, or B: Ace racer who needs a gorilla to keep her tamed. " She finished the beer with a belch and set the empty can down.

"Men are so stupid…" the pilot muttered to the wind. Just then she saw the younger jr. team wheeling out their racer. They were about her age, and the pilot seemed to idolize her. He was a bit of a dope though, not really aware of the dangers of the races.

Hell he hasn't even had an official race against other pilots yet. Eva shook her head and smiled a bit, "look at them Jordan. The next generation huh? He is a bit…well of an idiot, a know it all too. His gunner ain't so bad though, she is a great marksmen, I wouldn't mind stealing her away for my team. But I should get going before they notice me," She stood stretching her arms a moment, her eyes on the now warmed can of beer.

"Happy birthday Jordan, great job protecting the universe" With a force smiled Eva headed towards the exit, her eyes forward, never looking back.

Below though,

"Hey, hey we have a fan on the bleachers Koi!" A slender purple hair girl shouted pointing up. "aww she is leaving though….Hey think it's a secret admirer Koi?"

Koi grunted a moment looking up from the controls of the ship, "Yeah, you know how the ladies just love me Annabell! I'm just that hot, hey wait…I thought you said they had left, and that's a boy you idiot."

"A boy? No no there was this hot chick up there I swear! She had long hair and boobs out to here!" Anna made hand motions towards her chest so show how far. "but..hey he wasn't there before….maybe it's my secret stalker! He is kinda cute too! I should blow him a kiss"

The pilot growled a moment, "do that, and I'll put snails into your shoes"

"you wouldn't dare"

"Ill read your diary to the whole crew"

" you do that, and I'll make sure Miss Wei kicks your ass!"

The bickering continued but the stranger up in the stands smiled. In his hands was the warm beer, and slowly he drank it.

"Don't worry…you'll have your chance to shine…."

The End

I'm going to start revising the other chapters, but this was a bit hard to get out. Thank you for reading and please look forward to the more cleaned up pervious chapters.