Author's Note: I haven't even played Kingdom Hearts 2...but still…Jeez, no idea where this came from. Just wouldn't leave me alone 'till I wrote it down…yanno? Plus the whole spelling thing in the song...just reminded me of Axel. Mmhmm.

Disclaimer: I don't own KH2. You really think Axel would be dead and Roxas would be…um…'dead'?


C-A-L-L-I-N-G now. I'm calling you
Calling you now
C-A-L-L-I-N-G now. I'm calling you
Calling you now
Calling You by Aqua


"You get on their bad side and they'll destroy you!"

"…No one would miss me." If Axel had a heart before, it would've been torn out with that last comment. It would've stopped, died, and Roxas would've walked away with it. The blonde did anyway. Axel stared after the retreating figure of his best friend, shocked and momentarily at a loss for what to say.

"…That's not true!" The pyromaniac called after Roxas. Although the younger boy couldn't hear him by now, most likely… "…I would…" Axel hung his head and arms limply, still shocked at Roxas and his suicidal idea.

Bright green eyes shifted upward once more, hoping for one last glance at his best friend's back. Axel's head jerked back in surprise; Roxas had stopped, turned around, and was staring at him intently from down the street. The blonde blinked, and the redheaded pyromaniac blinked in return. "…What did you just do…?" Roxas asked quietly, staring intently with his blue, blue eyes.

Axel blinked again, just watching him for a moment. It was also an interesting question to ask…He ran a gloved hand through his spiky hair, then looked back at Roxas. "Hm…I called after you."


"I. Called. After. You. C-A-L-L-E-D. Got it memorized?" He tapped his temple to emphasize that, barely restraining a grin.

"Why do you care?"

"Because you just lied."

Roxas raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms. "Oh really. How did I lie…?'

"You said no one would miss you." Axel took a deep breath, and released it in a sigh. "…That's not true, because I would."

Roxas turned on his heel and continued on his quest, ignoring Axel's remark. Until…"You are a Nobody. You can't miss me. You're the one lying, Axel."

The Keyblade Master left. Simply and--for the most part--silently. The redhead stared forlornly at the ground, once again hanging his arms and head limply, the picture of sadness. "…No I didn't, Roxas. I would miss you."