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"Have you seen Ron?" Asked Hermoine.

Harry shook his head for no "I Haven't seen or herd from him all holidays!"

"Look! Look! It's the hot guy from the mag!" Screamed a girl nearby to them.

Hermoine and Harry got fattened as a big group of girls ran over them to a tall boy. He had long orange spicy hair done up in a ponytail and brilliant blue eyes. He had a lean and muscular bulk (AN: MINE!)). All the girls drooled as they surrounded him and asking for his autograph. "Gomen nasai Gomen!" said the guy "There's enough Ron for you all!"

"Iiya! There is not! Yokeinaosewa!" said a really petty girl next to him at the crowd. She had pink hair down to her knees with black streaks and gold eyes that glittered in the light (AN: Isn't she just adorabale!). She wore a black hanfu with gold edges and a white fox embroidery on the side. "He is my Ron-sama, desu ka?"

"Hai hai!" Ron laughed and hugged her "Of corse you are!" The girls around them cried and went away.

Hermoine and Harry waved at Ron and he walked over. "Who is this?" asked Hermoine curiously.

"And what happened to old Ron?" asked Harry curiously.

"This is Kitsune Feiku Kuro-Shon," replied Ron hugging the pink haired girl again. "She's my girlfriend! I met her when I went to Japan!"

"Ohayo gozaimasu! I used my magic on Ron-sama!" The girl smiled with perfectly white teeth that had sharp fangs "Ah, you must be Hairry-san and Haimorne-san! Ron-sama told me allot about you! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!"

"It's Harry and Hermione, Kitsune-chan," Ron whispered to her.

"Ahh! Gomen nasai!" apologised the girl, bowing deeply.

Harry and Hermoine smiled. "Its okay!" Said Harry "You must still be learning to speek english"

"Hai, watashi wa furekomu ikichigaidesu! I am!" Kitsune grinned.

Hermoine looked confused. "Kitsune how old are you?"

"How... old... ah! I am 14!" she counted her fingers and nodded.

"But you said you used magic on Ron" replied Hermoine. "If you're 14 then you shouldn't be able to use it outside of school!"

"Kitsune-chan isnt a full witch, Hermoine!" Ron said "She's half-kitsune!"

"I don't get it" said Hermoine.

"Kitsune-chan can you show them?" asked Ron.

The girl smiled. "Hai! Abunai!" Golden petals floated around her for a moment as a pair of white fox ears and three fox tails appeared (AN: Wheee!).

Everyone gasped.

"See?" asked Ron "Her magic is different from ours"

"Suki desu ka?" asked Kitsune her tails wagging (AN: Tails are so cute!).

"She asked if you like it" Ron informed his friends quietly

"That's very cool!" said Harry.

"Yeah!" agreed Hermoine.

Kitsune clapped her hands happily "Thank you very much!"

One of the girls from before ran over to Ron with a piece of paper and a pen "Can you sing this?" she asked "Please? Im a big big fan of yours!"

"Thank you! Thank you!" squeaked the girl as he signed the paper and ran back to her friends to brag about it

"What was that about?" asked Harry.

"Ron-sama was in a... ano... a magazine!" said Kitsune brightly. She made her tails and ears disappeared.

The train whistle blew loudly and everyone looked around. People hurried to get onto the train. Ron pulled Kitsune onto the train with Harry and Hermoine close behind.


On the train Kitsune was suddenly pushed from behind. She turned around and saw a boy with blonde hair and cold eyes. He made a rude remarked before he laughed at her with his groupies.

Kitsune felt angry. Her eyes turned red.

"Noroi kuusou no jutsu!" She yelled, glowing with a red aura. She sent a ball of crackling black energy at him plowing him into the floor (AN: Kyah! Go Kitsune!).

The boysfriends looked scared.

"Noroi kuusou no jutsu! Noroi kuusou no jutsu!" Kitsune yelled again whacking the other two boys over.

"Kitsune-chan, are you okay!" Yelled Ron, running up the corridor.

"RON-SAMA!" Kitsune cried and clang to Rons shirt. "They were mean!"

Kitsune's boyfriend hugged her tightly "It's okay! When we get to Hogwarts I'll tell professor MCgonagall about it." he wiped the tears from her eyes as they changed back to gold.

"Arigato..." Kitsune whimpered.


"Sumi masen, Hermoine-san!" exclaimed Kitsune as the train continued down the track towards Hogwarts. The brown haired girl looked at her.


"Ah... Watashi... ano... I can fix your hair!" said Kitsune excitedly. "I fixed Ron-sama's hair already!"

"My hair?" asked Hermoine curiously. "But I like my hair..."

"You... like?" Kitsune looked her up and down. "OK!" Kitsune pressed a finger to the other girl's head and instantly her hair straightened out, becoming a glossy black.

Hermoine's eyes widened and she looked at it. "My hair!"

Harry smiled "Hay, that looks good on you!"

The girl blushed. "You... think so?"

Harry nodded.

Hermoine blushed redder. Kitsune smiled brightly.


When the train pulled into the station the four of them got off. Kitsune looked around eagerly.

"Now what?" she asked Ron clinging to his arm.

"We need to find Prof. Dumbledore"


"Severus, once again I must politely decline your offer to become-"

There was a knock at the door and Dumbledore lowered his glasses, "Come in. AH, Mr Weasley and, my my who is this?"

"Professor this is-"

"Wai! Oji-chan!"

Severus fell to the ground as a pink haired girl tackled him. "Kitsune?"

Dumbledore stood up in surprise "Severus do you know this girl?"

Snape looked shocked "Why yes. This is my niece"


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