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Author's Note: I'd intended to add this a long time ago, but it continually slipped my mind until now. Anyways, for those who still care, here's a list of who is whose reincarnation.

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By tfa1

Who's Who List of Reincarnations

Chapter 1:
Zephyr Locke, a.k.a. Nimbus – Sephiroth
Smith the robotic cat – Cait Sith

Chapter 2:
Taefis Locke – Tifa Lockhart and Aeris Gainsborough
Zang Locke – Master Zangan
Bart "the Wall" Rockslide – Barret Wallace

Chapter 3:
Captain Sid Highflier – Cid Highwind
Emperor Cloud Strife – Cloud Strife

Chapter 5:
Jenova – Jenova (I had intended to make it clear that the Emperor's mural of Jenova-SYTHESIS was actually the Calamity in disguise, but I never got around to it. Well, now you know!)
Professor Joseph – Professor Hojo (Joseph - Joe - Hojo – it was ambiguous but I'm sure you must have all known who he was.)

Chapter 7:
Doctor Bugen – Bugenhagen
Bugen's Cat – Seto (I sort of… forgot about him after Nanaki entered the picture. For future reference I've decided to name him Otis.)

Chapter 10:
Imperial Guard Scorpion – Shinra Guard Scorpion

Chapter 12:
Imperial Guard Zax – Zack

Chapter 13:
Professor Ghast – Professor Gast

Chapter 15:
Bishop Vincent Valentine – Vincent Valentine
Father Sufur – Rufus Shinra
Brother Red – Reno
Brother Rudy – Rude
Brother Tson – Tseng
Sister Elle – Elena

Chapter 17:
Mr. Shang – President Shinra
Crimson – Scarlet
Dagger – Heidegger
The Palm – Palmer
Doctor Reed – Reeve Tuesti

Chapter 19:
Lady Yuffie VII – Yuffie Kisaragi
Sir/General/Minister Goh – Godo Kisaragi
Imperial Commander Jessica "Wedgie" Biggs – Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse
Lucy Moon, Attorney at Law – Doctor Lucrecia Crescent

Chapter 20:
Barmaid Sierra – Shera

Chapter 21:
Chief Nanaki – Nanaki, a.k.a. Red XIII

Chapter 22:
Dynamite Leone – Dyne
Marie Rockslide, formerly Marie Leone – Marlene Wallace

Chapter 31:
Lifeform H-N/A – Lifeform Hojo NA, final form of the Hojo battle

Chapter 32:
Imperial General Donna Corn – Don Corneo