Title: Fallin' In Love Again

Author: Ebony-Jayne

Notes: SVU has just come back on in New Zealand and I suddenly felt compelled to write a sequel to Fallin' In Love. Olivia and Mollie welcome 14-month-old Henry into their home. Will this time around be smooth sailing or will it be fraught with problems like it was with Mollie?

You will need to have read Fallin' In Love to understand this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the show or the storylines on the show. I do, however, own the characters that I make up so please don't steal them. Any resemblance to anyone or anyplace is a coincidence.


Chapter One: Henry

"You fostered and later adopted a little girl a few years ago right?" Sandra Lawrence asked Olivia Benson.

"Yes I did," Olivia grimaced a little at the memory of her first few weeks with her daughter Mollie. The tantrums…the biting…

"She had a lot of trouble settling in didn't she?" Sandra asked.

"That's gotta be the understatement of the year," Olivia told her.

"But you stuck with it and it turned out well," Sandra led Olivia into a small room where a social worker was playing with the little boy she was about to take home with her. "I think it's wonderful that you did. Congratulations Ms. Benson. I hope all goes well for you, Mollie and Henry."

"Thank you," Olivia smiled. She held her arms out to the little boy and he toddled over and let her pick him up. She had been coming in everyday for weeks to let Henry get to know her. Now she could finally take him with her. "Say bye bye to Sandra and Laura," she told the little boy. The two women waved at the little boy.

"Ba," the little boy raised his hand and waved back. Olivia smiled as she grabbed the small bag of his possessions and carried him away.


Olivia had decided that morning that she was going to surprise Mollie by picking her up early from school. They were playing T-ball in the playground when she arrived.

"Mommy!" Mollie spotted Olivia immediately and ran over. "Hi Henry," she said excitedly.

"Ba," Henry lurched forward in Olivia's arms, holding his little ones out to Mollie. She grinned as Olivia handed him over. Olivia couldn't help but smile. Henry was a bit too big for Mollie and she was struggling a bit to lift him.

"I talked to your teacher Mollie and she said she doesn't mind if I take you home early today, because it's a special day," Olivia told Mollie, ruffling her dark curly hair.

"Cool!" Mollie grinned. "Can we go to the Precinct so that Elliot and Allie and Fin and Munch and Uncle Don and Casey can meet Henry?" she asked.

"Of course," Olivia told her. "How about I hold onto Henry while you grab all of your stuff and then we'll go?" Olivia suggested.

"Ok," Mollie gave Henry back and ran off to get her things. Ten minutes later Olivia walked slowly behind Mollie and Henry smiling at the sight of them walking together, hand in hand.


"I'm going to carry Henry into the squad room, Ok Mom?" Mollie verified for about the hundredth time as they rode the elevator up to the right floor.

"Yes Mollie," Olivia answered patiently. As the elevator doors opened Olivia handed Henry over to Mollie and led them into the squad room.

"Hi guys!" Mollie announced their presence.

"Hiya Mollie," Allie Monroe answered. "Oh this must be Henry!" she grinned. "Hey cutie," she leaned over to his eye level.

"Oooh," Henry pointed to the gold crucifix pendant secured around Allie's neck. He grabbed it and rolled it between his fleshy little fingers before trying to stuff it in his mouth.

"No," Allie scolded gently. "Yuck," she wrinkled her nose which Henry promptly copied.

Soon the other Detectives all came over to say hello. They were closely followed by Cragen and Casey. There were hugs all around and Elliot lifted Mollie up into his arms despite Olivia's protesting that she was too old to be carried.


They stayed at the precinct for an hour or so before Henry started to get tired and Olivia decided they best be getting home so that he could have a sleep. Mollie ran around and hugged everybody goodbye as she usually did and then followed Olivia out to the car. Olivia wasn't really surprised when both kids fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home. They'd had a lot of excitement for one day. As she glanced at the two of them in the rearview mirror she couldn't help the huge grin that crept across her face.

"My kids," she said softly, trying it on. She'd never really thought that she would ever say that in her life. But now she could. "My kids," she repeated a little louder. She couldn't wipe the smile off her face all of the way home. In her mind she dared to hope that this time around would be easier.


Apologies for the slightly rocky start but I was a bit stuck for how to begin this. Hopefully my brain will play nice and the next chapter will start to form the story a bit more. Reviews make me very happy y'know (;-p) This chapter will quite possibly get reworked later on once I get into the story a bit more so…

Henry is loosely based on a little boy named Hunter that I look after quite regularly. He is the cutest little boy ever and I thought he was perfect to base the character on. Thanks for reading!