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Yes Bunny head… it is over.

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Author's Note: I'm actually glad that this is ending. I never know a crossover could be so hard. So many characters and trying my best to include them all was hard. I hoped it still turned out okay though. This is the final chapter, wrapping things up. I know it can't be a win win situation for everyone because let's face it, they're not all gonna move to either Vegas or New York for their significant other, so I'm trying to make a happy ending and make it a bit real as well. Enjoy!


Life throws you curves and you learn to swerve.

They swung and they missed

Then hit the ground

Wishing on wishes

Manhattan, New York

Olivia and Elliot were snuggled together on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy. A baby slept in Olivia's arms as Elliot wrapped and unwrapped his fingers from a lock of his wife's hair. He smiled down at this girls. Both were sleeping peacefully. Their little girl had the same golden brown hair as Olivia, even though it was only fuzz at the moment. Her eyes, however, were a combination of them both. Blue green and big that melted her father's heart with the softest giggle or coo.

She would scream at night and both detectives would be up and by her side before two seconds passed. Elliot had made her crib and painted her room full of flowers, horses, and other things that little girls liked. Olivia was the picture perfect mother, raising her daughter in ways that she was never raised. Elliot thought Olivia in motherhood was beautiful. She was gorgeous before but ever since, Mandy Catalina Stabler, had come home with them, she had had a glow around her.

Work could wait tonight. No case in the world would come between the moment they were experiencing now. It was their family. A dream they had both chased and thought they had lost, only to be given a second try. Elliot desperately wanted it because it was he had grown up with, Olivia because she never had one. Nothing could tear them apart from the little bundle of blubbering goodness that Olivia had carried for nine months and a day.

Elliot gently lifted them both up and carried them upstairs. He tucked both in kissing each in turn on the forehead. A feeling told him Mandy would grow up just like her mother, strong, determined, and with a sense of right and wrong that none would ever compare with.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Catherine sat cross legged in her twin three year olds' bedroom. A boy and a girl both stared back up at her with crystal clear sapphire eyes. They were on either side of here with their little eyes wide as she told them the story of Sherlock Holmes.

Grissom watched from the doorway, his eyes filled with joy and content. He smiled at her, a smile which she returned, dazzling his senses. The twins begged him to read with them. He obeyed because he knew denying the two was impossible.

"Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent." He murmured to his twins as they unattached themselves from Catherine and unto his lap.

He was lost under two strawberry blonde heads, just as Lindsay poked her head into the doorway, chuckling at the sight of her stepfather being bombarded by her young siblings.

Catherine smiled at her eldest. In the years that had passed since Catherine almost died, Lindsay had made good for herself. She had been accepted in Julliard, majoring in dance. It was obvious her mother's talent had been passed on to her, only this time to be used in a more sophisticated way.

Grissom opened his arms and welcomed his adopted daughter as well. Somehow he managed to hold his wife, Lindsay, and two very bubbling twins as they finished the story. His clear strong voice, creating a blanket of security for the family that had taken so long to find each other.

Manhattan, New York

Casey and Greg sat in a Starbucks window booth staring out at the falling snow. She was dressed in a warm green jacket that accented her eyes and a white scarf protecting her throat from the cold. Greg has one easy going jeans with a Greenday T-shirt. They were laughing as they chatted about work, music, and random topics that had nothing to do with anything.

Greg had given up his job in Las Vegas to join Melinda's forensic team in New York. He wanted to be close to Casey because he had never felt so connected to another human being before in his life. He had always been a flirt, but Casey was the only girl to ever capture his attention and keep it.

Casey couldn't believe how things turned out. She had been beyond depressed when the CSIs started to pack up and leave. She had felt a connection with Greg and to have him out of her life so soon after he just entered had just torn her soul apart. He stayed though. She couldn't follow him because she knew Alex's choice way before Alex even knew. Now Casey was the bureau chief of the DA's office in Manhattan while Greg was the swing shift supervisor of the forensic team in Manhatten. It had all worked out. Better than Casey ever expected.

Greg took her by the hand and that shining look in his eye made her heart skip a beat. He went down on one knee as her mouth dropped open.

"Will you marry me?" he asked softly, nervously, almost as if he was afraid she would say no.

She felt tears fill her green eyes. Then unable to speak, she simply nodded as Greg's arms enveloped her and applause filled the room.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Alex Cabot made her way into her new house in the outskirts of the glittering city of Las Vegas. It had taken a lot for her to leave her job in New York, but Nick was worth it. He proposed to her the day before he had to leave for Las Vegas again, telling her that he would stay in New York or she could follow him to Vegas. After much deliberation, Alex decided to go to Las Vegas. She had heard that the DA's office there needed a boost in their wins. It was ironic because their city had the best CSI but the worst prosecutors. She left Casey in her previous position and made her way to the desert to boost the number of convicted felons.

An arm snaked around her waist and rubbed her swelling belly. She spun in Nick's arms to plant a gentle kiss on him. He smiled down at her as Antonio raced downstairs and leaped into his adopted mother's arms. Nick intercepted, catching the young boy, in fear that the weight would harm the unborn child.

Alex smiled at them both. The men in her life. She kicked off her heads and made her way into the kitchen as Nick went to help Antonio with his homework. She paused as she looked out the kitchen doorway at Nick sitting beside her young child on the couch, trying to work through math problems. She glanced down at her left ring finger as a sparkling diamond shined back at her. She smiled. It was the picture perfect family…all the family she could ever want.

Manhattan, New York

Sara thought she would be the last to give up her job for romance, but she found herself proving it wrong. Here she was a level two CSI in Melinda's forensic team. It was weird, living in the bustling city of New York, where the main concentration is corporate businesses not tourism. The crimes were just as heinous but now at night, she had someone go to home to.

Munch had been an annoyance at first. Sara could not believe how any woman could marry him, much less four. They formed a fast friendship though, when Sara realized that Munch would not let her sarcasm outdo his. They kept in touch when she returned to Vegas, keeping a long distance relationship, visiting each other during the holidays.

Finally it had been too much and choosing between her job or losing the detective had been the hardest choice of her life, but she was satisfied that she had made the right one. The CSI's from Vegas came to visit once in a while. They came to see how the two of their youngest former CSIs were doing. Sara and Greg working in the same lab again. It was nice to have a familiar face around, even if he was swing, and she was graveyard.

Strangely enough it was their arguments that kept things interesting for both of them. Their sarcastic attitudes rearing its head to make them both thing of clever comebacks. Sara laughed to herself as John entered the apartment. It was interesting enough, love, it was bound to get even more interesting.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Warrick had no regrets. He walked away from the job in New York with Melinda's phone number, but he was not sorry that it hadn't worked out. He could not leave Vegas and she could not leave New York. She had a daughter there, Warrick wasn't sure if he was ready to be a father, so after much deliberation, they had agreed it was for the best.

He learned a lot from Melinda, about flings, sparks, and chasing after what you needed not what others wanted you to do. They were still friends, close, perhaps almost even best friends, but relationship was not their thing. He grinned as the entered the Las Vegas Crime Lab, people were missing, but life went on. Right now, it was perfect. Everyone was safe, with people they loved, and doing what the loved. He sat down in the breakroom, waiting for Grissom to hand him an assignment. The work was there. The work was everything he needed until someone that he could truly connect with came into his life.

Manhattan, New York

Melinda sneaked a glance across the autopsy table, toward Fin. He winked at her. They had kept their newfound relationship under wraps for a few months now. After trying so hard with Warrick, Melinda found herself easing into a relationship with Fin. It was so easy to become intertwined with his life. He was from the same squad. They understood the same crimes. It was so perfect.

He had hit it off with her daughter and every night, Melinda knew she could count on him to hold her as she vented the things she had seen that day, knowing full well that he knew, and understood the horror that seemed to never leave her skin when she walked out of the morgue. Her former husband had never been able to understand and now to have someone like Fin, reading her mind and loving her for her emotion made Melinda realize that sometimes an end is another beginning.


Author's Note

That's it folks! I hope you guys enjoyed a sweet ending to that because I do love a sweet ending. Everyone finally settling down, being happy with life. I think that's what's supposed to happen at the end of a story that doesn't call for a sequel. Enjoy!