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Here's another 100 word drabble of mine. I thought this one was so cute I just couldn't resist!



"You do it!" Sirius said fiercely.

"I'm not touching that thing! You do it!" James said, just as fiercely, and shoved it as his friend.

"For the last time, there's no way in hell I'm doing it!" Sirius snapped, and shoved it back at him.

"But…it's disgusting!" James protested.

"Well…if you find it disgusting, wouldn't that mean I'll find it disgusting as well?" Sirius pointed out.

James paused. "Yes, but…" he started.

"Oh, for God's sake, James! Harry's your son! You change his damn diaper!" he exploded.

"I hate you," James muttered.

Behind them, baby Harry just blinked innocently.


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