Title: 'Cuffs
Author: Ultra-Geek
Rating: K+ or T
Summery: Logan and Scott's rivalry has come to a head in an all out prank war. Fortunately, Xavier has come up with a solution.
Disclaimer: Yeah…I don't own anything.
Timeline: Somewhere after X2, Jean's alive. Haven't seen X3, so…yeah.

It was war.

That was the only way to describe it. A childish, idiotic, and horribly amusing war. That is, unless you got caught in the crossfire.

It had started innocently enough. All it took was a slip of glue into a certain mutant's shampoo, and the rest as they say, is history. Some would say that the conspirator was insane. Others would counter with that he had to be very brave to attempt such a thing. They all agreed on one fact though. Scott Summers obviously had a death wish.

That was a breakfast that no one would forget.

It was normal, until a roar of rage echoed through the mansion. Everyone in the room had frozen, wondering what had ticked off the Wolverine. Scott was later reported to be stifling laughter in his pancakes. After a few minutes of complete silence, everyone went back to eating while Storm looked at the laughing Summers. "What did you do?" She had asked. Scott had shrugged with a non-committal grunt.

Then the real 'fun' started. Logan walked into the cafeteria. As he passed tables, students immediately stopped their chit chat. They all gasped at the sight of the man. He was bee lining towards the staff table. Scott got a slightly fearful look and said "If you'll excuse me." He then jumped out of his seat and walked as fast as he could. Looking behind him, he saw Logan in pursuit. He decided the hell with it, and ran for his life with a completely bald Wolverine chasing him.

It was quiet for the next few days, but everyone knew it was only the calm before the storm. Logan wouldn't take that lying down. A few nights later he was spotted sneaking down into the garage where Cyclops kept his cars. The next day when students arrived for shop class in the same garage, they were met with a livid Mr. Summers.

It appeared that someone had snuck down and painted the garage walls pink. And not just pale pink, either. It was oh-god-my-eyes-are-melting bright pink. That's when people knew. This was war, and only one thing was certain. This was going to be entertaining.

The pranks slowly started picking up pace. The next morning while Logan was showering, Scott ran in and threw all his clothes in a bag and walked out. As if on second thought, he ran into the bathroom and grabbed all the towels.

"SUMMERS!" Logan roared, watching the younger man sprint out of the bathroom. Logan, seeing as he wasn't exactly known for being overly-modest, jumped out of the shower and out the door. What he didn't expect was for Storm and Jean waiting outside with cameras, popcorn, and appreciative whistles.

So once again, the ball was passed to Logan's court. What would the prank be? When would it happen? No one knew. That same afternoon however, was when it happened. When Scott opened the door to his classroom, a bucket full of who-knows-what landed right on his head. The laughter of his students met his ears. Scott turned and watched Logan walk by. Turning back to his class and wiping some of the goop off of his glasses, he told the students. "Take this as a free period. Class dismissed."

The next morning it became clear what Scott's revenge was. Logan came down to breakfast covered from head to toe in magnets and head held high. He sat, and ate his cheerios without a sound. However, when Scott got up and went to the bathroom, Logan pulled an un-opened bottle of Tabasco sauce out of his pocket. He grabbed a glass of tomato juice and dumped the entire bottle's contents into it.

When Scott came back, the first thing he did was take a big swig of tomato juice. Everybody watched until he swallowed. "What?" Ok, Logan thought. Either his tongue is damaged or Cyke has an un-natural immunity to spicy sauces. A few seconds later, Logan got his answer when Ororoe jumped up screaming and fanning her mouth.

The rest of the day, Logan was seen with a little black rain cloud following him around. So, he decided on a more direct approach. The next day when Scott and Jean were taking a walk around the school grounds hand in hand, Logan made his move. Walking across the yard, he grabbed Jean and dipped her down into a passionate kiss. Releasing her, he looked at Scott and mock-saluted him.

Scott was rewarded when he saw a magnet still stuck to the back of Logan's neck.

But, that is when the prank went horribly wrong. Scott had rigged up a mechanism in one of the school's hallways. There was a tripwire that lay along the length of the floor. Anyone who stepped on it would instantly get a pie in the face. It was all in all, a way to complicated way to get back at Logan. Squatting behind a wall, Scott waited to see his creation at work. Finally, he heard someone coming down the hall.

"What are you doing?" Someone whispered, squatting down and peeking out the wall.

"Shh!" Scott whispered back. "It's revenge on Logan in action."

"Oh." whispered the other person. "This oughta be good. I feel bad for whoever's coming though."

"You mean Logan."

"No." Logan whispered back. "Not me."

Scott looked and saw that his hallway-visitor was in fact a grinning Canadian. A few seconds later, Jean rounded the corner pushing Charles' wheelchair. "NOOOOOOO!" Scott yelled, jumping out from his hiding spot, desperate to stop the madness.

It was too late however, and the trip wire was pulled, and a pie flew into Charles' face.

Everyone froze, and Logan's guffaws were the only thing heard. Charles took a finger and wiped some of the pie off of his face. Sticking it in his mouth, he said "At least it's not cocoanut."

Thinking that he'd gotten off easy, Scott turned to walk away. "But I'd like a word in my office with the two of you. Now." Xavier turned and wheeled away, leaving Jean, Scott, and Logan in the hall. Logan walked out from his hiding place.

Still wiping tears of laughter from his eyes, Logan said "Ok! I've got a good one! Two Psychics walking down the hall…"

Groaning, Scott made his way down the hall with Logan following behind, still laughing.