Title: Cuffs
Author: Ultra-Geek
Rating: T or K +
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"I hope you two are happy." Charles growled. Scott and Logan sat before him, both determinedly not looking at the telepath. "You have managed to turn an otherwise peaceful school into a war zone! Children live here! You are supposed to be setting a good example! What do you have to say for yourselves?"

Logan smirked, looking up at the ceiling. "Nice hair, Chuck." Next to him, Scott let out a snort that he 'cleverly' covered with a coughing fit. Charles felt his anger rising towards a dangerous level. "You ok there, Wheels? 'Because you're turning a very nice shade of red…"

Charles was spared the duty of responding by Marie charging through the door. "Bobby and Kitty hog-tied Jubes!" She burst out. Scott and Logan exchanged looks.

"They what?" Scott raised an eyebrow, looking very much like the Professor for a moment.

"How'd you two get here?" Marie asked, confused. Then, realization dawned. "They caught you, didn't they? HA! They did!"

"Yeah, yeah," Logan rolled his eyes. "Yuk it up, kid, yuk it up…"

"What, pray tell," Charles rubbed his temples, "Did you say that Mr. Drake and Ms. Pride did to Jubilee?"

Marie remembered why she was there. "They hog-tied her and hung her from a tree! They were going to do the same thing to me, but I came here to warn you that they were working for them!" She jabbed a gloved finger at Scott and Logan.

"You had the students doing the dirty work for you?" Jean walked into the room, followed by Storm.

"Define 'dirty work'" Scott air-quoted with his fingers.

"You gave the muffin to Rogue," Storm held up one finger, "To give to me."

"And, seeing as Ms. Pride was helping you, I suppose she was responsible for the music." Charles added.

"So that means that the kids were doing all of the work." Jean finished.

"Well, not all of the work." Logan protested. "We glued the wig on!"

"Congratulations." Charles said dryly.

"Hello?!" Marie jumped in again. "Does anyone care that Jubes is currently hanging from a tree?"

"What?" Storm looked thoroughly confused.

"Never mind, I'll explain later!" Charles looked at his watch. "Rogue, go with Jean and show her where Ms. Lee is, and get her down. Storm, go find Kitty Pride and Bobby Drake and see that they get appropriate punishment for hog-tying her to the tree. Good Lord, we only have half an hour until the board of Education gets here!"

"Yeah…" Scott said slowly. "…About that…"


"They're not exactly coming."

"Elaborate, please."

"Well, we sort of had Bobby Drake call and tell Ms. Monroe that the board was coming." Scott pointed over to Logan. "It was his idea, you know! I swear!"

Charles was seriously considering breaking his code of ethics and making Scott think he was a beagle, and causing Logan to scream like a five year old girl every time he extended his claws. "Get out of my sight!"

"Chuck, just let me say something," Logan cut in. "You're breaking your promise."

"What do you mean?"

"Simple. You said that if we got along, then these damned handcuffs would be gone."

"I have yet to see you get along."

"Technically, by waging a war, we did." Scott was looking increasingly smug at Logan's plan. True, he hadn't thought of it that way before now, but the Professor didn't know that. Or did he?

Living with a psychic could be mental hell sometimes.

"…well, I suppose that's true…" The Professor rubbed his temples again. "But I really shouldn't, you know."

"That's fine," Logan stood, causing Scott to get pulled up too. "We'll just go on our business. What was the next one, again? Laxatives in pudding, wasn't it?"

"You win." Charles shuddered inwardly at the thought of a school full of children clamoring at once for a bathroom…oh the mess! He pulled a key from a drawer, and the two mutants stuck their wrists out towards him. Sighing, he put the key in the lock.

Click. Click.

Scott and Logan rubbed their wrists. "Thank you," Scott said.

"We'll be going now." Logan and Scott went out the door, both turning right. Logan raised an eyebrow at the younger man. "You know that you don't have to follow me around anymore, right?"


Xavier noticed the change, even if it was a small one. In Danger Room sessions, one of the first things Scott would direct the others to do would be to divide Magneto's attention in as many ways as possible. Logan spent less time as the 'living magnet'.

Logan didn't make quite as many moves on Jean, and stopped encouraging students to not do their math homework.

Jubilee was found hanging from a small dog-wood tree, her back just barely touching the ground. She was yowling "I DEMAND THAT I BE CUT DOWN AT ONCE!! WHERE IS ROGUE?!?!?! I'M GOING TO KILL HER!!! WHEN I SAY RUN, I MEAN SAVE MY ASS THEN WE BOTH RUN!!!..."

Bobby and Kitty were given a couple weeks detention and the dreaded bathroom duty. It consisted of cleaning toilets, scrubbing the bathroom floors, and washing down showers. But it was worth it, because when the lists for those who would be recruited as X-men. Their names were the top ones.

Jubilee's wasn't anywhere on it. Some said it was because of her immature outlook. Others said that it was because she made Logan's life hell. But in the end, she knew, and it was because she had stood in Scott and Logan's way.

Storm walked through the mansion's halls, enjoying the quiet. It was the first time in days that she could breathe freely, without the fear of a pie flying out of a door and hitting her.

Maybe, She thought to herself, maybe they've finally learned how to get along.

Her musings were interrupted by Logan sprinting by, holding what appeared to be a wrench, a hammer, and several 2x4s. A few seconds later, before Storm had the chance to process that strange sight, there were several loud bangs, what sounded like a floor caving in, and a crash. This was followed by Scott screaming out his revenge by yelling: "LOOOOOGGGANNNN!"

Then again, maybe not…