American Dragon:
Jake Long
The Last Hunter


Dragons. The protectors of the magic community respected and feared, revered and worshiped by others. These powerful beasts as well as the entire magic community live alongside humans who are unaware of their existence. Few know the existence of Dragons and magical creatures and of those few most keep a wide berth between themselves and the nearest one. However of the few who do know of them some have dedicated their lives to the complete destruction of their kind. Three of the most prominent orders the Benjiija Monks, the Huntsclan and the Arrafed Hunters…

However after the complete destruction of the Dark Dragon there is a new #1 threat to the magic community, a human that goes by the street name of Dark Hunter. Trained extensively under all three orders, with a life-long vendetta against all Dragons he has dedicated his life to hunting down and killing every dragon on earth. He has slain over twenty dragons, more than anyone in history. Traveling to different countries to hunt them down. He is the last of the Arrafed Hunters. And his eyes are set for America…

Chapter I

Jake Long was now seventeen and viewed as the most powerful dragon in the world. He defeated the Dark Dragon when he and his minions attacked Draco Island and the Week Long War in which humans nearly discovered the existence of the magic community. It was now exactly a year and along with the entire magic community the Festival of Light was in progress. The most revered day of the year for all magic creatures it was the day that Jake Long fought the Dark Dragon by himself atop the volcano.

Jake had almost died in that battle and with the final encounter his entire personality had changed. He looked much the same, just a little taller and stronger. However his eyes betrayed him, he no longer held his childish baby eyes but now held the eyes of a man. A man who nearly lost everything including his life to save the life of those he did not know.

He sat opposite his grandfather as the two played an interesting game of Chess. In the year that had passed since Jake had tried his best to step out of his boyish and childish routine and finally accept his duties with responsibility as well as maturity. His grandfather and entire family had commended him much in the year that had passed and much had changed.

Jake closed his eyes as he tried to foresee Lao Shi's moves. Although he was a dragon and no oracle he still could allow his brain to logically and mentally see his opponent's moves before they occurred. His eyes snapped open instantly as he permitted his grandfather to make his move. The older dragon smiled smugly as his bishop stood in the eating position of Jake's king, "Check,"

Jake nodded and chewed on his lower-lip he leaned over the board to move his pawn into position, "checkmate,"

Lao-Shi looked shocked at the board in shock, "How can that be? You cannot have a king in checkmate with a simple pawn," then the older dragon looked at the board more carefully, "oh my," he muttered as he realized that no matter what move he now made his king would still be in checkmate as a rook, a bishop and a knight all stood poised for the king's move, "aaya, you are doing well young dragon, you have much wisdom,"

Jake bowed in respect, "thank you master,"

Fu Dog entered the room, "Heya Jake boy, how bout you and I do some scouting before the Evening Festival, I think your Rosie's gonna look splendid tonight,"

Jake couldn't resist a wry smile he was much more mature for his age sure, but still his true age sometimes shone forth, he laughed, "Alright Fu, a quick look around couldn't hurt, besides who could actually be causing trouble on the Festival of Light, it was this day a year ago that I finally put a stop to the Week Long War with all dark magic creatures. Trigon was powerful, but in the end I bested him." His eyes were distant and the older more mature Jake returned, "Time to do some scouting,"

With that the young dragon abandoned his human form and burst into the all-powerful form of the American Dragon, the most powerful of all dragons. His muscles were ripped, his entire dragon form pushed to the maximum in muscle capacity. Fu Dog climbed onto Jake's back and nodded enthusiastically, "wheneva you're ready Jake," With a sudden flutter of his wings the dragon flew out of the building "whoa, whoa," Fu Dog managed to sputter as he was pulled into the same speed as Jake and into the afternoon air of New York City.

Lao Shi watched as his grandson flapped his powerful wings and soared into the high skies of New York City. Four years prior when Jake had been first introduced into his heritage he was at first enthused beyond compare. As the time progressed Jake had begun to lose his enthusiasm and gain much resentment to his duties to the magic community.

The three years after that the old Chinese Dragon had taught Jake all that he knew and all that he exercised now; wisdom, power, justice, brilliance. However he still had his boyish and childish attitude when it came to his duties, never taking them seriously, being too overly confident. That had all changed in the last year of Jake's training-after his six and last battle with the Dark Dragon.

Lao Shi sighed although he was very impressed with Jake's growth, progress, maturity and newfound wisdom the price was too much to pay in his eyes. Jake no longer saw the need for all his skateboarding and all the things that teenagers his age were into. He was much more mature that his grandfather wanted him, and Lao Shi feared that this would have a very negative impact on his growth emotionally and his stability in future years.

The only reason that Jake had defeated the Dark Dragon was because he had a powerful motivating force, the death of his father. Jake's father had been one of the fifteen human casualties in the war. And was killed by the Dark Dragon himself. Almost every close friend and family member of Jake was captured, tortured or worse. Including Lao Shi. These were the factors that molded Jake's strength and character and gave him the motivation to defeat the Dark Dragon.

Lao Shi looked to the setting sun the signal of the First Roar, the start of Jake's fight with the Dark Dragon exactly one-year prior and the start of the Evening Festival.

Author's Note:

My First American Dragon Fanfic. Let me know if you think I should continue or if just to scrap. Need feedback.

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