The Huntsclan Academy's halls were quiet as Adren Karr, landed softly at the entrance. He was exhausted beyond compared, his body was torn on the inside out, his entire being was broken.

Reverting to human form, he almost collapse as he propped himself up against the wall, being greeted by the cross-armed Huntsman, Huntsboy and thirty or more Huntsclan members. Adren was annoyed, he couldn't deal with these ones, he was too tired.

"I don't have the time or the patience to deal with your incompetence Huntsman," said Adren, waving his hand dismissively.

"You'd better have respect for the Huntsmaster," said the Huntsboy with a sneer.

Adren managed a small laugh, then his eyes filled with rage, "I will not be taken for granted," he released his dragon form, and allowed his bladed tail to run forth.

"Are you sure you want to test me?" breathed the Dark Hunter.

"Of course," said the Huntsman, "I have no fear of-,"

Adren was tired of keeping his gift a secret, his bladed tail flashed in an instant, piercing through the Huntsman's neck with a sickening gargle. Blood spew forth, bathing the Huntsboy.

"I'm tired of being your bevevolent leader, submit to me, or I'm going to slaughter you all," muttered Adren, as he roared.

He was tired of the facade, tired of the hunt, tired of the games. It was time that he took up the place that was his, took up the mantle that he was born to wear. He touched his face, still feeling the scar that the American Dragon had left behind.

"I'll rule this pitiful world," declared Adren, as the Huntsclan members all dropped before him in pledged loyalty, "or destroy it in the process,"




"Some wounds are skin deep, while others never fade..."