It's been a while since it happened. A couple years have passed, and Movieland finally seems to have found peace…and a growing fanbase. I was surprised when someone made a game about our exploits…and even more surprised when they said they were going to make sequels!

But THIS is the icing on the cake: A movie ABOUT our game! It just made me so happy to hear that I could be loved by millions once again. My daughter and her boyfriend were happy too, not only because they couldn't wait to see the fans, but also because of one simple thing…

The day the movie "Viewtiful Joe" opens is also the day their wedding takes place.

I was overjoyed. An old coot like me couldn't be happier.

It was a sunny, breezy day in Movieland, where the wedding was taking place in a beautiful green pasture with a babbling brook and amber waves of grain surrounding the guests. Quite a nice setup, I thought. Life didn't get much better than this!

It DOES, however, get worse.



Sylvia's sky blue eyes opened wide at the sight of her old man. Her long shoulder-length hair blew daintily through the wind as she raced to hug him, throwing her arms around his big chest and pot-belly. He laughed, a deep, bass sound. He hugged her back, careful not to be too strong. "It's great to see you too, my heroic, grown-up baby…" "Aw, dad! Don't call me that…" Slyvia's cheeks turned bright red, and Joe laughed a little. He brushed back his fiery, wild red hair and straightened his impressive tuxedo. "Sylvia, come on! It's time to begin!" Sylvia let go of her dad, and she ran back to Joe, white dress also flowing in the wind. She kissed him on the cheek, and faced the minister.

William Blue, also known as Captain Blue, was the happiest father alive right now. His gray eyes danced with joy at the sight of his beautiful daughter in that dress, looking so much like her mother right now. In just a few short minutes, Joe and Sylvia would be married, together forever. He straightened out his own tuxedo, and waited. A gray/blond hair fell down from his head, a reminder of how old he was. 59 was pretty old, after all. But that didn't seem important. Only Sylvia and Joe were important today.

Many denizens of Movieland had come to see the wedding, and they were all silent (For the most part) as the man of God continued. Joe brushed his goatee in excitement, and Sylvia giggled occasionally.

Soon, he came to the words:

"If anyone has any reason why these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Nobody said anything…hold that. There was deep laughing…

That WASN'T coming from Captain Blue.

Then…FOOM! The minister was suddenly on fire, being burned alive! Joe rushed forward, rolling the priest on the ground so that the guy would escape deadly burns. Sylvia acted pretty quickly too, moving people away from the burning man. The minister's flames managed to be put out, and he groaned in pain. Joe stood up, and wiped his brow. "Phew…how did that happen? Who did this to you, sir?" The minister tried to say something, when suddenly his eyes widened, and he pointed at the sky. Joe and the others turned around, looking up.

There, assembled for all to see, was every single major foe that Joe had fought. From Alastor to Hulk Davidson to Bloody Rachel. They were all standing on a floating platform, and most were grinning or smiling. Only Alastor seemed to be unhappy, his eyes seemed distant, his face set like stone. Fire Leo had his gigantic claws stretched out, his paw still flaming. Obviously he had set the priest on fire. Joe's green eyes narrowed, and he pointed accusingly at them. "What are YOU all doing here? I thought you were all supposed to be DEAD!" Fire Leo simply chuckled. "Oh, please. You didn't honestly think that we wouldn't plan for defeat and then come back for revenge later, did you Joe? That we had no way of getting back after you beat us? Pathetic, Joe. And we are no longer simply Gedow and Jadow. We are now the JAGOW!"

(Crickets chirp.)

"What was that?" "The JAGOW. The Jadow-And-Gedow-Omnipotent-Warriors." "…It's alright…but couldn't you think of something more…creative?" "We WERE going to do Jadow-Gedow Alliance, but JGA is taken." "Yeah, by the Justice Guild of America…and we don't wanna get sued!" "Ya! And besides, de Justice Guild is cool! Aiy loff dem!" (Ever noticed how alike certain accents are? Like German and Russian, for example?)

To commiserate the event, Hulk Davidson began belting out some newly-made rap song, but luckily Another Joe whacked him across the face. "YOW! Don't be hating, brotha." Alastor whacked him too. "Shut up, you "perpetrator"." Sylvia faced them along with Joe and Blue, and the three struck their respective poses. "We'll just transform and beat your butts all over again!"

"Oh no. Ha ha haa. We are not here to fight, viewtiful heroes…" Frost Tiger raised a clawed paw and shot out icicles into the air. They fell down around the wedding ceremony, forming a cage. Joe and the others tried to kick through them, but to no avail. "Just transform!" "I don't think so, insects!" Dr. Cranken revealed his ugly squiddy face, and pressed a button on a remote he was holding in his tentacled left arm. A gigantic magnet pulled anything metal towards the platform, and the swag landed smack dab in the middle of the evildoers, who helped themselves to change, credit cards, cell phones…and the v-watches. Alastor fingered all three, smiling a little. "Hmm…nice design…pretty cool thing, this v-watch. Don't mind if I take them, do you?" "You pigs!" Sylvia flicked him off, and Joe began spouting off every single swear he could think off. Blue sat down on the grass, thinking.

"Now if you don't mind, we're off to your movie premiere in Avon, Connecticut. We need a human family for our latest plan…heh, heh." Fire Leo gave them a mock salute, and the villain's floating platform took off into the sky. Joe and Sylvia hugged tightly. "What are we gonna DO, Joe?" "I dunno, Sylvia…I just don't…" "I know! I'll need your help, but I think I can contact Six Majin to go after them!" "How? Don't we need the V-Watch to do that?" "No, that's only to ride in him. Just call him up with me."

The three all took a deep breath, and then shouted: "COME ON, SIX MAJIN!"

A few minutes passed…

Then suddenly the ground shook and rocked as a sonic boom echoed through the sky. Heading towards them at Mach Speed was the Six Majin, Blue's super huge gigantic, red-armored, fighting mega-robot. Joe whistled, and the Six Majin touched down, breaking the icicle barrier with a flick of its hand. The guests all rushed out to freedom. The three heroes looked at each other in worry. The bad guys were going after innocents in the USA. Could Six Majin catch up in time?

The red mega-robot streaked through the sky, heading towards the silver screen entrance to Avon, Connecticut, where a teenager and his family were all gathered to watch the Viewtiful Joe movie…