I was walking back for Hogsmeade

In the snow and feeling frisky

I was far from sober, you see

I'd been drinking firewhisky

A pureblood goddess from the year below

Saw me stumbling by

She helped me up and as I took her arm

Something caught my eye

Her lips were red and swollen

From the bitter icy cold

They longed for me to kiss them

And the alcohol made me bold

I asked her to take a walk with me

And gladly she agreed

I put my arm around her for warmth

And away from the castle we did proceed

She threw a snowball and it hit my chest

Which escalated into a war

Minutes later we collapsed in the snow

Giggling, exhausted and sore

She looked so cute in her hat and scarf

Panting and smiling at me

I moved a bit closer and leant over her

Her beauty was all I could see

She tilted her chin as I stroked her cold cheek

Her lips were full and pouted

I took a deep breath and lowered my head

'Just kiss her!' my brain shouted

I shut my eyes as she did hers

Her arms snaked around my neck

I held her close as she pulled me down

Into a soft peck

I stared into her deep brown eyes

Before continuing

Our lips brushed together once again

I'll never forget the feeling

My stomach churned as her experienced mouth

Moved gracefully over mine

She tasted sweet like strawberry jam

And from the trees I could smell pine

Bravely I decided to open my mouth

And quickly she responded

I was now fully on top of her

And her hands had definitely wandered

As her hands ran under my coat

And she let out a sensual sigh

I flicked my tongue inside her mouth

And explored her inner thigh

As time went on our breathing quickened

And rose in the air like mist

I moved my mouth down to her neck

To skin I hadn't kissed

A blanket of snow had covered us

But we were oblivious to the chill

She asked if I was excited

Or in my pocket was that a quill?

I hushed her with yet more sweet embrace

And her fingers caressed though my hair

I discovered her curves as best as I could

Though all the clothes she'd decided to wear

By now I was steaming and ready to go

And it seemed she was feeling the same

Even though we were outdoors it was a secluded spot

And honestly, just kissing seemed tame

T was far too cold to fully undress

So I simply pushed up her skirt

She was wearing skimpy underwear

So I could see her bum (which was pert)

Then I reached down and unzipped my pants

And pulled out my quivering manhood

I had a moment of nerves but then I calmed down

I knew this was going to be good

I lowered my hips and inserted myself

Into her forbidden cave of desire

Then I gave my first thrust and bit back a scream

My body was burning with fire

Pleasure I had never known

Washed over me with abandon

She thrust her hips back up to me

Our bodies were working in tandem

As this was my first it didn't last long

And I came with euphoric excitement

She pulled down her skirt and kissed my hot lips

While I mused on the place I'd been sent

I asked for an encore but she had to go

She said we would meet again soon

I held her in my arms for a little while

As we talked by the light of the moon

I learned her name and she learned mine

But her beautiful smile caved in

When she told me she was Gryffindor

And I revealed I was Slytherin

From there we lost all contact

And I feel like the biggest ninny

Because the girl I gave my cherry to

Well Draco………. It was Ginny!