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Should Have Seen It Coming


"Well look what we have here. All on her lonesome."

Hermione sighed, she knew it was coming. For the last few days he'd been looking at her, not in the 'I want to drag you away and snog you senseless' kind of way. More of 'I want to talk to you' way. And she had been avoiding him. She knew exactly what he wanted to talk about, she should have realised there was no avoiding him when he wanted to talk to you.

So steeling all that legendary Gryffindor courage, she turned to face him. "Fred."

"Hello Hermione," he said pleasantly, "How are you doing?"

"Fine," she answered warily, "What do you want?"

Looking around he noticed some third years by the fire, "A word or two," he said pulling her into a far corner.

"Alright, what did you want to talk about?"

"Oh, don't play dumb darling, it doesn't suit you."

"Fine, I'm sorry! But as a prefect it's my duty to look after the best interests of the other students, and giving them Fainting Fancies and those blasted blood things, is not in their best interests!"

"It's not like they are untested! Me and George have taken them, we just want to see how it works with other people."

"Yes, well that isn't a good reason to test them on them."

"Alright Miss Granger I promise I'll never do it again," he mocked with his hand over his heart.

"Dammit Fred! Do you really want me to tell your mother? Because I will! This is not a good idea."

"You just have to bring Mum into it," he spat, "That was bloody uncalled for saying that in front of the others yesterday."

Uncalled for?

"Oh, was little Freddy embarrased?" Hermione cooed squeezing a cheek.

"Bloody hell you just live to embarass me don't you?" he said quickly, swiping the hand away looking around to see if anyone had noticed. "Stop that," he finished walking away quickly.

"Sure thing...Freddy."


I just wanted to address something that was in a few reviews for my Fred/Hermione fics, about them seeming incomplete. I know they seem incomplete, and that is done on purpose. These aren't going to be big multi-chaptered fics, they are "missing moments" if you will between Fred & Hermione that I like to imagine could have happened in the books/movies.

So the reason they end like this is because after this Fred goes off to do whatever he and George get up to, and Hermione goes to Harry and they do their thing. I hope that clears up why they seem like that, and thanks to all who leave feedback for them, I don't always respond to them, but I love all of them!