Cataracta's Notes: Okay, so my second Naruto fic to date. As such, please don't expect perfect timelines or any such thing. Also, please note that some of the characters may or may not be OOC. If they are, I'm terribly sorry, but when these ideas hit me, I write them or they multiply in my head. For all who want to know, this is very drabble-ish. Enjoy!

Clouds That Pass

"On flying and why Naruto thinks he can do so without wings. Naruto X Hinata"

Naruto has always been a firm believer in believing…or something like that. He has always believed that if you tried hard enough, if you trained hard enough, if you wanted something with your heart and soul and mind and body, you could have or be anything. Naruto has always been a believer.

He finds it interesting that Hinata has always been a believer, too. But Hinata is a different believer than Naruto. She is a believer that listens to the cruel words that are thrown at her, the voices that tell her she's worthless and pathetic and a disgrace. Hinata listens to the negativity and believes it, so she's a believer as well.

But Naruto thinks Hinata is changing, or that she already has. When she walks through Konoha now she does so with a smile. When she battles opponents faster or stronger than her, she does so with a grim determination that even Neji admires. When Hinata wakes up every morning, she believes that the day is going to be all right, because she's wants it to be with all her heart and soul and mind and body.

Naruto believes that Hinata and he are two very different ninja, but he thinks that they are very much the same, too. They are both firm believers that anything is possible, that with enough hard work and maybe enough sweat, too, they can be or do anything they want.

Naruto had believed in Hinata when she fought Neji, and Hinata has always believed in Naruto whenever he does anything. So Naruto thinks that if he shows up at her door wearing his trademark smile and relaxing in his favorite pose, Hinata will believe that he really wants to be something more to her than just her fellow believer.

So he does, and he finds that Hinata does believe him. He also finds that she has a strange fondness for plain soba, that her favorite color is orange and that she likes to sit and watch the clouds that pass when the sun is shining. Naruto thinks that Hinata is most beautiful when she is sitting and watching the clouds, so while she watches the clouds, he watches her.

Naruto thinks he could fly with those clouds if Hinata believed he could.

.:seeing is believing only if you believe what you see:.

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