Title: implications

Pairings: Larxene/Namine? Axel/Roxas

Warnings: impliedAkuRoku buttsecks

Rating: T for the exact reason above

Disclaimer: I can't think of anything witty. My wit and me are feeling lazy these days.



"This is boring. Why did you invite me over, anyway?"

Larxene sat across the room, staring at the petite blond, whose slim fingers brushed against her sketchbook. Namine looked up, smiling, and said calmly, "You asked me to draw you. I'm almost done so be patient, okay?"

Larxene rolled her eyes. Namine was innocent and calm to the point where she couldn't stand the fact she couldn't argue. "Can I see?"

Namine nodded. Larxene dragged her feet over to the bed and yanked the sketched from Namine's hand. She blinked. Then scowled.

Larxene pointed to her drawn figure and asked, "What's this?"

Namine cocked her head in confusion. "You're body?"

"I meant my chest! My tits are not that small!"

Defeated Larxene plopped down on the sheets and her face lit up- yes, she was actually grinning-as a wonderful idea popped into her already sadist and evil mind. Namine noticed this and she backed away a few inches, clutching her sketchbook to her chest, as if it were going to be anal raped.

"Y'know, you should draw yaoi," Larxene suggested, almost feeling a large squee coming on.

Namine's lower lip stuck out. "I'm sorry. I'm afraid I don't know what that is."

"You don't know what yaoi is? Do you even know what sex is?"

Namine shook her head.

Oh dear god.


Larxene was not going to explain anything.

"Could you please tell me what those words mean?"

Damn it.

"Uh…you remember that one time you walked in on Axel and Roxas…?"

Namine nodded.

"…. Remember how they got really upset with you?"

Namine nodded again, this time impatiently.

"Let me get to the point…"

A few minutes later, Larxene struggled to keep a straight face while Namine's eyes widened in horror.

"Th-that's why he was on all fours? Th-that's why they were making funny noises!"

"Yes," Larxene replied, simply, cracking a grin.


Yeah. My friend didn't know what anal sex was, even when she watched BrokeBack Mountain. I had to explain to her what they were doing in the tent. She thought they were hugging.