Just a few sentences that I found back on my computer a few days ago. It was the beginning of a story but well... things turned out differently. This is set just after the pilot and will focus on the changes between Emma and Brennan.


Emma awoke from her nap slightly disoriented. She was supposed to go to work but she had fallen asleep after her midday lunch. Her boss was going to kill her this time. Resigned to her fate, she opened her eyes only to find herself in a strange barren room. No personal items, a bed, a desk with a chair, a dressing-table. She wasn't in her flat.

Reality. It struck her like a hammer. She wasn't working in that boutique anymore. Her old life was gone, like everything she had ever possessed. She had made the choice to jump into the unknown. It could have been a bitter choice; a choice dictated by necessity; the changes should scare her.

But it didn't.

Strangely, she had found her steady ground and a purpose to her life. The light knocking on her door diverted her thoughts form any further introspection. The metallic door cracked opened to reveal Brennan shyly peaking in.

"Did I wake you up?"

She smiled encouragingly before gesturing for him to come in. The elemental stepped in the room, closing the door behind him. He gingerly made his way in the room till he was near the bed. The young woman sat closer to the headboard, curling her legs under her. Taking the hint he sat next to her. Silence extended for a few minutes as both mutants gazed at the empty room.


He couldn't help but grin back at her. Her smile was so radiant, so contagious. And when he was with her, he did not need to hide who he was or what he was thinking.

"I was worried. You left the kitchen so quickly."

It was her turn to smile. Since the moment they had met, he had been looking out for her, always protecting her. He was never far from her whether it was physically or psychologically. She could get used to that kind of attention really quickly, especially from someone like him. She was not ready to admit it but she had always had a thing for men like him.

"I was tired after the training Shalimar put me through. I just needed some time alone to clear my mind. This situation is almost too much for me. I don't even know how I feel anymore. And Adam expects a lot from us. I can feel it."

Her admittance meant more than he wanted to admit. No one had ever trusted him just like that; without a question. He took her hand and gently squeezed it.

"I know. Feels like sitting in a car and not being able to control a single thing. You know you're gonna crash in the next wall or in a tree. But you can't prevent it."

Blue eyes met brown ones in a silent comforting conversation. Neither was alone anymore. Her heart overflowed with emotions and she had to tell him. She couldn't keep it inside.

"I should be scared. But I know deep down inside that no matter what happens, if you stay with me nothing will go wrong."

The elemental wrapped his arms around her protectively. He had been right. Emma was one in a million and she was probably his only chance to get redemption.