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Part V

Emma looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was paler and her eyes looked more tired than usual. It had been seven days since their last walk outside Sanctuary. Seven long, silent and lonely days. There had been no shouting that night; only the insect noises and the howling of the wind. Their talk had been quiet and they had avoided looking at each other as if watching the other could have changed something. That night had replayed endlessly in her mind, while she was cooking, training or even sleeping.

"Why, Emma?"

There was no anger in his voice, nothing like what she had expected, just a slight trace of disappointment. The psionic looked at the tree tops contrasting on the midnight black sky as if she could anchor her mind to them and find an answer. Why? That question had plagued her from the moment she had taken that first breath after her death. The autumn wind blew past her and she wrapped her arms around her in a vain attempt to protect herself from the cold.

"I honestly don't know, Brennan. I could say he hypnotised me but that would be like overlooking my role in this. I have no excuses."

The need to hold her, the illusion he could protect her like before was nearly overwhelming. But he could not. It was a gesture that held too much meaning now. It would force him to acknowledge that part of him he had ignored for so long. She had sliced through his defences with surgical precision leaving his darkest fears and instincts exposed.

"You kissed him, Emma. Though it hurts, it's not what matters the most. I'll get over it."

Reflexively her arms tightened around herself. She knew what was coming; she had always felt it, that part of darkness, hidden beneath. And she was the one who had indirectly awakened the beast.

"My death triggered it the same way it happened when your mother died."

It was more a statement than a question and he knew that he didn't need to answer. She had sensed it long ago. A sigh escaped his lips. He would never blame her but he would always be more guarded around her now. No other words were exchanged. Both knew that they had to keep their distances.

There was a soft knock on her door and she gave a last quick glance at her mirror before opening her door. Tonight she would go out with Shal and put that story behind her. As she left the building with her friend, she felt his eyes never leaving her back. The distance was not a long term solution. They would have to come up with something eventually.