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"Just think about it, this is the last time we're going to be using these rooms. The last time we shag here." I said with a soft sigh. It was the last weekend of the term and thus the last weekend we had together at the castle. Yes, I know that Draco and I are moving in together but still, I grew to like this little room of mine. So many secrets, so much debauchery went down here, not to mention- this is basically the place where Draco and I fell in love and if only for this reason alone, this room would always be precious to me.

"Not necessarily… It depends on how many shags we can squeeze in before I have to report back to the dorms." Draco rolled his head on my shoulder, every bit the little sex kitten that he is. I smiled and lent a soft kiss on top of his blond head, wrapping my arms more firmly around him. We were currently sitting on the sofa in front of the fire in my office. Draco insisted that we have a bit of a lie down as he put it, before we head to the bedroom.

"Is that so? Then why are we sitting here glaring at the fire?" I teased and he stretched over me, long limbs relaxed and languid,

"Can't I have a romantic moment with my boyfriend in front of the fire?" I bit back a frustrated sigh, I know exactly where he's heading with this cuddling and normally I wouldn't mind, because he is very snug-able but not when he's rubbing against me like this! But I decided to play his little game, because I feel nostalgic and generous and mostly because I know that I will be rewarded ten times over in the end- so I can indulge in a bit romanticizing. "Want to see what Blaise and Pansy got me for my birthday?"

"You mean the mystery box you brought in but won't let me see?" I asked and he nodded with a smile,

"Uh-huh." With that non-committal response the little blond sex kitten wiggled his way out of my arms and made his way to the bedroom, wiggling his little pert arse on the way, beckoning me to follow and knowing full well that I cannot resist that body, ever. When I got to the bedroom he was seated comfortably on the bed, legs crossed and the big white box in front him, and eyes shining with anticipation. I lowered myself to the bed on the other side of the box, facing him and schooling my feature to mild amusement. Draco gave me a piercing look before lifting the top off the box with a flourish and I peered inside, all the while feeling his eyes on me, waiting for my intake on the box's contents. I had to blink a couple of times, just to make sure that what I'm seeing is what I'm really seeing but there it was… best friends with kinky ideas- they're the best!

"Holly shit…" I breathed out, this is something that I haven't seen since those infamous days with Charlie, but I'm not going to think about that! Instead I gingerly reached for the box, brimming with sex toys and started to pull them out one by one, "Someone must really like you!" I told Draco and he shrugged, fighting a blush,

"I don't even know what half of these things are!" He complained and wriggled his fingers together a little. He was nervous, a box full of sex toys in front of him and he's nervous… I don't blame him really, the first time I was introduced to these sort of things (and much worse) my head was so full of sex I didn't really care what each item was as long as it got me to cum hard but that was me and this Draco, whose notions about sex go hand in hand with love and caring and some of the items in this box almost defy that.

"Hmm, let me see…" I picked the items and placed them carelessly on the bed, "Cuffs, very nice touch with the silver fur, a lovely variety of dildos nicely sized and shaped, any reason they're all blue?" I lifted my eyes to Draco and was slightly startled to see his cheeks flush crimson,

"Blaise and Pansy's idea of funny." He mumbled and I smiled, something tells me there's an interesting story behind this little fact and I just bet it had something to do with deep throating lessons… "What's this?" I looked up to see what Draco was holding, "It says 'anal beads' on the tag… Does that go," I nodded with a serious face and watched as the realisation dawned on him, "Oh, ew, yuck!"

"They're actually quite fun," I said in a 'matter-of-fact' voice, they are fun, I should know… "Hmm, very nice collection of butt plugs and cock rings… hey, a paddle!" I cried joyfully and smacked the wooden surface to my hand, a solid sound that was sure to cause just the right amount of pain in the right pair of hands. "What's that?" I asked as Draco lifted his index finger which had a pair of chained clamps attached to it, and a puzzled look on his face, which really was too cute for words…

"I don't know but I don't think it's supposed to go on your finger…" He complained and freed his finger before putting it in his mouth and sucking on it lightly to sooth the pain,

"Hardly, they actually go on you nipples." I explained and took the clamps from him. He's worse than a little kid in a chocolate factory, I swear…

"Ouch." Was Draco's very accurate and observant take of the thing, and I had to agree, though not all pain is bad, but I don't think that Draco is quite ready for this, besides,

"You don't really need them, not with that little beauty you've got here." I said and flicked my finger on his chest, where I knew that little ring lie under his shirt. Draco slapped my hand away and lifted his nose in dignity. He browsed through what looked like a collection of coloured, fragrant and flavoured tubes of lubricant and lifted a bottle, peering at the label,

"Sensual massage oil." He read out loud and I looked up and smiled,

"Oh, this one is actually brilliant," I said as I took the bottle from him and studied the label myself, yes, just as I thought, "It's laced with an enhancing potion to make your skin more sensitive." I explained as Draco dumped all the toys unceremoniously back in their box and cleared the bed, "So, which one of those delicious torturing devices would you like to sample first?" I drawled with a smile,

"Actually, I have another idea…" A little pang of disappointment crossed me but was soon replaced with curiosity,

"What's that?" Draco gave me a sultry little smile before he shoved the box to the floor, where it landed with a resounding thud and turned to face the wall flicking his wand. The next moment I was facing a big mirror that covered nearly the entire wall. I could see both Draco and I reflected in it, seating separately on the bed fully clothed- now what could possibly be wrong with that picture… "Draco, what the hell?"

"It's called a ref-lec-ting charm; it works pretty much like a muggle mi-rror." Draco explained slowly, as if talking to a child and I fought the urge to smack him upside the head, or better, paddle his arse. Instead I crossed my arms over my chest and gave him a bored look down my nose,

"Are you done?" He pretended to think about for several seconds,

"… Yes."

"Good!" I took another look at the mirror, catching Draco's eyes looking at me through the reflections and scooted closer to him, wrapping my arms around him and whispering softly in his ear, "Are you sure about this?" He shrugged,

"Well, I figured that if I'm going to see myself fuck on that film thing, I might as well know what I look like…" I bit my lip to stop from laughing, because Draco was obviously taking this rather seriously, and the last thing I wanted was to antagonise him,

"Oh, you mean the world wide blockbuster 'The naughty professor'?" Not very original, I know but he doesn't so I can pretend that I came up with it.

"No!" He cried and cringed in my arms, "Gods, don't call it that! It's a terrible name. Besides, it reminds me too much of Snape and Lupin!" Now I couldn't hold back laughter, my poor Draco, his godfather gave a bit of a shock two and a half weeks ago…

"Did they really snog in front of you?" I never said I didn't help to cement that little trauma… I mean how often can you say that you saw the only shagable Hogwarts staff members nearly snog in front of you?

"No, but there was so much tension in the air the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end!"

"Horny buggers." I held him close, wrapping myself all around him- arms, legs and heart. "So what do you want to call our epic stardom then?"

"Hmm, how about… 'Mount your brooms boys!'." He said with a blinding smile and I tossed my head back laughing,

"'Mount your brooms boys!' I like that! It's very fitting." I told him and he smirked with pride, little sexy minx that he is, and that went straight to my cock. I think the time for talk is finally over! "So, how do you want me?"

"Naked!" He replied with another wide grin and before he had time to tackle me and my clothes I flicked my wand and banished them all- no time for messing about…

"Hey, that was really cool; you'll have to teach me that little spell." Draco chirped and I growled deep in my throat- this is not the time for bloody charms class!

"Later!" I think it was the thought of all those delicious sex toys lying just feet away from us, or it could be just Draco's body that brings out my most primal alpha male, but right now I just wanted to be inside him, watch his face through that mirror and hearing the most amazing little noises he makes in the heat of passion.

Draco relinquished all control to me after setting the stage ready and I was happy to take over. I directed him towards the mirror, just like back in the winter holidays, only this time its Draco's call and I'm happy to follow.

Draco was kneeling in front of the mirror, chest rising and falling rapidly and pale flesh heated to a healthy pink glow. He truly looked ethereal but his head was bent down, refusing to look at himself. I knelt behind him, taking everything in, from the soft blond strands that were just brushing his shoulders down the ivory paleness of his back, the groove of his spine portraying shadows in the darkened room and it seemed almost like he was a statue- one of the Greek or Roman marble status that you see in museums. Down, down to the delicate swell of his bum, the twin globes of his arse cheeks flexing a little, almost coy- my prize hidden just inside.

The long columns of his legs spreading out, and his calves meeting again, to form a triangle. I took it all in, almost breathless in awe. Never in all the time we've been together did I get the chance to just admire his form this angle. I knew Draco was anxious and slightly nervous but I just couldn't bring myself to hurry, even though I know he was expecting it. I reached out my hand slowly, watching it move closer to his back and slightly trembling and I wanted to smack my own forehead- for Merlin's sake, we've been shagging for the better part of the school year, we're moving in together for the love of Zeus and I'm feeling like it's the first time I've ever been around a naked body.

The tips of my fingers were brushing lightly across his shoulder blades and Draco leaned into the touch sighing softly. I rested my hand flat on his hack, splaying my fingers, and for a moment I was simply caught in the sight of my tanned, callus fingers on his perfect skin, before moving my hand down along his spine. I could feel a tremor running down the curves of Draco's spine, and he placed his hands on the headboard and leaned back a little,

"Ollie, please…" He breathed out and I was tossed back into reality, suddenly feeling the heaviness of my erection and hearing the neediness in Draco's voice. I shook my head to clear it a little before I could remember the words and the power to summon the tube of lubricant from the bedside table. I opened the tube and coated my fingers liberally with the sleek substance, before placing me left hand on Draco's hip while bringing my right to his perfect arse.

I worked first one and then two and three fingers inside him, all the while watching his reaction via the mirror. His head was still bent, fringe hiding his eyes from me but I could see that little devilish pink tongue of his darting out to moisten his lips over and over again, a clear sign he was enjoying himself. His hands on the headboard clenched tight every time my finger brushed his prostate and I could see the tension going all the way to his shoulders, flexing the strong muscles of his back. Gods, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, it made me feel like Pygmalion must have when he saw his lovely Galatea come to life.

"Please…" The whispered word was barely audible but in the near silence of the room it vibrated loudly,

"Tell me, tell me what to do." I coerced him to speak more, to tell me what he wanted- I love hearing his hoarse voice when in the throes of passion,

"I'm ready, please Ollie, take me…" Well, how can one resist such a lovely plea? I withdrew my fingers with a wet sound and coated myself instead. As I aligned myself behind him I looked down watching the way the pre-come was oozing liberally from my slit and spreading down his cleft, it was just too much for me to take and I placed both my hands on Draco's hips, pushing myself forward in one smooth motion that elicited a shared groan from both of us. Once I was fully sheathed inside him I lifted my head again. This time I could see the grey eyes wide open, watching me through the mirror. I think Draco was more shocked by his own appearance than anything else, but I'll be damned if he wasn't the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Eyes still locked on one another I started to move slowly, driving myself out a couple of inches and then back inside, slowly and steadily- feeling his silken muscles clenching around me, sucking me back in every time I pulled out.

"Faster…" The begged word dropped from Draco's lips without either of us noticing, and I complied, because seeing him like that was just too much for me to keep this torturous slow pace for long.

"Touch yourself." I instructed him and he prayed the fingers of his right hand from the headboard, knuckles white with the force they were wrapped around the dark wood, and brought it to his own leaking cock, slim and delicate fingers circling the hot pulsating flesh strongly. While he was concentrating on his cock his eyes slipped from mine and his head bent again, "Look up, lovely, look how gorgeous you are…" I told him and watched the way his cheeks flushed red and he turned his head to the crook of my neck, hiding his face. He wasn't even aware that he was looking at the mirror before; he was so consumed in watching me…

I took my hand off his hip and put it around his fingers that were pumping him, and together we pumped his cock, while I directed the pace, coordinating it with the ever increasing pace of my thrusts into his body. The rhythm turned somewhat erratic, our breaths coming out in gasps and whimpers and sobs and I looked at myself on the mirror, all flushed, every visible muscle clenched tight in effort to keep going, while Draco's body was shaking with the force of our coupling and his head was still hidden, leaving a lovely sight of his slender neck, flushed and veined.

"Look, please…" I gasped out and Draco's head snapped blinking in confusion before he caught sight of both our faces in the glass, the perfect picture of debauchery. I loved seeing his face when we made love, and I knew for a fact that Draco would claim he looked terrible, but he doesn't- never did. Through the hand that was wrapped around his cock I could feel that he's close, very close and speeded the tempo until I felt his essence spilling all over our locked fingers. As always, the sudden clutch of his inner muscles against my over-sensitised cock sent me right over the edge and I gave a heartfelt bellow, tossing my head back while I emptied myself inside him. I leaned against his back, completely exhausted and sated, until Draco loudly complained that he can't hold us both so we flopped on the bed, facing each other and caressing each other softly,

"How do you feel?" Draco's voice was soft and full of concern and it made me feel like such a moron because never in all my sexual history has anyone cared enough to ask me how I was, but in the same time it made my heart swell,

"I feel like the biggest man in the world!" I smiled brightly at Draco, whose eyes took on a little shifty glint,

"Well, not that I have much base for comparison but from what my arse tells me, which is- ouch, I'd say you're doing quite well…"

"You're a real brat, you know that?" I pocked him in the ribs and he squirmed away from me, laughing,

"Yes, and you love it!" Oh, yes I do. Draco managed to catch my wayward finger and brought it to his mouth, sucking on it lightly, tongue curling around the digit, making me gulp and hoping he'd take this idea a little more south, but before I had time to throw a subtle innuendo he popped my finger out of his mouth and snuggled closer to me, flopping around so that his little sweet arse was pressed against my crotch, rubbing up deliciously and sighing contently, "Just think about it, in a couple of days we're out of here and moving to our little cottage… We could do this every day, all day!" He exclaimed happily and I groaned inwardly at the injustice of it all, because quite frankly right now I wouldn't at all mind staying at home all day and indulging Draco's every sexual whim…

"I bet the head of the Magpies would just love this… I wonder if 'being shagged out' is an acceptable excuse for being tardy to trainings." I joked,

"I'm getting you all 'shagged out'?" He asked with an innocent smile that I disregard for a second and can only blame it on the fact that he did indeed shagged me out for the moment,

"Yes, you do." Draco turned around in my arms and pushed me back on the bed, straddling me,

"I knew it! You're an oldie who can't keep up with me!" He cried gleefully and raised his arms in the air triumphantly. I gasped out in mock-indignation and rolled him off me, attacking his ribs again with my fingers, while he writhed under me, tears of mirth spilling from his eyes and his breath whizzing with lack of oxygen,

Oldie, am I? I'll just show him oldie, mister cocky seventeen!



I made my way to the Great Hall, my elegant tardiness timed to the minute, and this time I was not about to be late! (It probably helped that I didn't have Oliver to distract me from my mission of the day…), stopping in front of the doors to the Great Hall and taking a deep breath, turning my head from side to side to relax my neck muscles somewhat. It's the End of Year Ball which signals the end of my Hogwarts time and I'll be damned if I'm not going to take this opportunity to leave with a bang! This time round I decided I wasn't going to take anyone, not only because it won't be fair on the poor girl but mainly because of my devious plan… This plan is so secretive, so cunning I didn't even tell Pansy about it.

After I was mentally and physically ready I pushed the heavy oak doors open and was immediately surrounded by loud music and the bubbling noise of conversation. I sauntered inside, full aware of the way my appearance shocked them all and letting the narcissist in me take front stage.

Here they all are- unknowing flock that moves around the hall in awkwardness and stiff motions. There she is, my bestest friend in the world, an almost biological extension of Stephen Cornfoot, dancing so close it's hard to resist the urge to tell them to get a bloody room.

Michael, my dear friend Michael, with his precious little boyfriend… Gods I should have befriended him years ago, then maybe he'll pick up better taste in men, but then again I know Blaise since we were five years old and he still managed to end up with the Irish menace…

Oh and here are my favourites, the notorious Granger and Boot. Maybe Potter does have his uses after all, if only to keep Michael from beginning a murder spry, not that I would mind seeing him taking out his wrath on the 'Royal couple' and off the Head Boy and Head Girl but I like the lad and I don't really fancy having to go visit him in Azkaban.

I held my head high and made my way toward the only person in the room that deserved my attention, my eyes focused solely on Oliver while I could feel the eyes of everyone else in the hall fixed on me. I couldn't blame them really, I looked gorgeous and I fucking knew it. Hell, that was actually part of my plan, and I did spend the last forty five minutes preparing myself. I wore tight black leather trousers that I nicked from Oliver's wardrobe- well, borrowed is more likely, and adjusted them to my own size (no real point of wearing tight leather pants if they don't fit like a glove, right?), and had on a silk shirt in soft pearl grey to match my eyes whose cut was like something you'd find in the 19th century with puffed up sleeves, only the way I wore it, it showed quite a large expanse of my chest. My hair was styled to frame my face in a way that made me look almost androgynous (I found out this style quite accidentally last year and figured today was the perfect opportunity to use it), and topped the whole thing with dragon hide black boots that came all the way up to my knees.

I walked towards the table that was laden with drinks and food, where Oliver stood, clutching a punch cup. His eyes were locked with mine and he had that predatory glint in them, the one that just burst to tell the world that I was his and they can all go fuck themselves. He lowered his head a little, nostrils flaring and I just knew that he'd jump me if he wasn't scared of what Dumbledore would say (actually I think that he's more afraid that McGonagall will hex him…), but I couldn't care less what the old coot had to say- as of this morning I was no longer a student in Hogwarts and Oliver was no longer a teacher. And as of midnight tonight I would no longer be a Malfoy, so I figured I better go out with a style! Malfoy style!

"May I have this dance?" I asked quietly as I reached him, feeling hundreds of eyes on my back, and refusing to blush and turn tail. One thing my Malfoy education taught me is that Malfoys are never embarrassed of what they are, so I guess this is a little twisted tribute to what I was and what I could have become. Oliver bit his lip and placed his cup on the table before taking my proffered hand, letting me lead the way to the centre of the dance floor.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, while he wrapped his around my waist and was started swaying to the music, completely oblivious to the fact that people were still staring at us. All I could see was Oliver's eyes boring into me, the little golden sparks in their midst shining bright.

"Mmm, you look fucking amazing in leather…" He drawled sexily and I just loved the way the words rolled off his tongue in that low pitched sound that was travelling down my spine,

"I know."

"I didn't know you own leather pants," Oliver complained with a small pout, "How come I didn't see those before?" I licked my lips somewhat nervously, good question…

"Actually, you have… They're yours." I confessed softly and drew him to a kiss, just in case he got mad that I went through his wardrobe. Oliver's hands travelled down from my hips to rest on my arse, his palms resting there almost flat, giving me a little secret squeeze,

"Really? Funny, I don't recognize them."

"That's because I modified them to fit my size," I explained with a devious little smile, "It's not my fault that you have a big arse!" He really doesn't… Oliver's mouth dropped in mock-indignation and this time he gave me bum a firm squeeze, making me jolt a little,

"Oh, I'll show you big arse!" He threatened jokingly, "Mine isn't big, it's your arse that is non-existent!" He intoned with his nose held high, which made me want to laugh and kiss that cute nose, which I did, of course,

"And yet you love pounding it every chance you get…" Oliver pulled closer to him and I felt the laughter bubbling under the surface and vibrating his muscles,

"Cheeky little brat." I gave Oliver the widest grin I could and he returned it, spinning me around the room with ease and grace, while the rest of the hall was still watching, though I could see from the corner of my eye that most of the couples resumed their dancing around us. "Not that I mind, of course, but what brought this on?" Oliver asked softly after a little while, I shrugged and focused my eyes on the little white flower in the button loop of his dress robes,

"Well, I figured that since you're no longer a teacher and I'm no longer a student we might as well come out big time!" I explained cheerfully, "You don't mind do you?" Shit, I probably should have asked him if he's cool with this before I decided to out him in front of the entire school…

"Considering the fact that about 95 of the Wizarding World knows I'm queer, I'd have to say… No." I smiled broadly with relief,

"Good." We spun together for the rest of the song and then I pulled out of Oliver's arms, taking his hand in mine and pulling him towards the refreshments table, "Come on, I want to introduce you to my family." We made it to the table where Snape stood holding his punch cup and looking like he'd rather die instead of being here, which I can't really blame him for- all this cheeriness must give an ulcer. Next to him stood professor Lupin, looking extremely relaxed and amused, swaying slowly to the music, just the opposite of Snape.

I stopped in front of my godfather and took a deep breath, it's not like it's a secret really but I still like to make the introductions formal, yet another trait my dear parents crammed into my personality before they gave up on me for good. "Severus, this is Oliver Wood, my boyfriend. Oliver, this is Severus Snape, my godfather." I was really hoping that Oliver wouldn't make fun of me, and more than that- that Snape wouldn't! But Oliver didn't even flicker a smirk when he reached forward to shake Snape's hand, Lupin watched the exchange with bright eyes before swallowing the rest of his punch and saying dryly,

"Don't mind me, I'm just the bit of fluff at his side." Snape nearly rolled his eyes at that and then sighed deep in surrender,

"Mr. Wood, this is my…" The word caught in his throat and Lupin rolled his eyes and shook his head,

"Save it Snape," He snapped, "You might pop a vein if you're not careful." I turned my eyes away lest I burst out laughing. Snape is really lucky that Lupin is probably the most patient person in the universe otherwise he'll have one hell of a time trying to appease his lover at each turn simply because he's such a sourpuss.

"Er, it really is an honour sir. Draco speaks very highly of you." Oliver, sweet Oliver was desperately trying to smooth things over,

"I'm sure he does." Snape remarked dryly in his famous Snape drawl and I gaped at him, I do speak very highly of him, the little bugger!

"Isn't he simply a treat?" Lupin chirped happily, "I'd probably snog him full on if it wasn't for the fact that we both are staying in the castle next year, and unfortunately so do most of those kids…" His voice was sarcastic yet full of humour and I nodded mutely, knowing that if I'd open my mouth I'd probably burst in laughter and I just have a feeling Snape isn't going to like it so much.

"Are you quite through?" Snape asked in an angry voice,

"What if I'm not? Are you going to punish me? Make me drop on my knees naked in front of you, while you stand above me with a whip and make me worship your…" Snape's eyes grew comically wide at his lover's words, but before either Oliver or myself had a chance to even drop our jaws to the floor Snape's hand darted to catch the werewolf's arm and he cried out,

"OUT! Now!" As he started pulling Lupin towards the door, Lupin had the audacity to wink at us with a broad smile and call out,

"If you'll excuse us…" Before Snape nearly yanked his arm off in his rush to leave the Great Hall. Oliver and I watched them leave, knowing full well that they were heading down the dungeons for a shag. The only question was- will Lupin get punished… Merlin, I really don't want to know!

"Well, no wonder you're traumatised…" Oliver said in a soft voice, his fingers entwining with mine,

"Yeah, and he offered me to come and live with them if it didn't work out between us…" I mumbled, eyes still glued to the door when I felt Oliver's arms around me again. He spun me so that I was facing him, leaning in for a soft kiss,

"If that ever happens, which I doubt, I hope you know any extra strong silencing charms." I sniggered and started to pull him towards the doors as well. I wanted his hands and lips on me, working my skin and reminding me why I love him so much, but I think the rest of Hogwarts population has had enough shock from us for the moment… We made it as far as three yards before I was nearly tackled to the floor by Pansy,

"That was so bloody sexy!" She cried out and hugged me so tight I felt my lungs were about to burst, "Good on you, love." She whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. I returned the hug and kissed her back, just knowing that no matter what I'd do she'll always be there for me is more important to me than she's ever likely to know.

Following Pansy came Blaise and Michael and Vince and Greg (even if they were a little confused about the fact that apparently I was gay… I knew I forgot to tell them something…) to congratulate me on my 'coming out party' (as Blaise said, nearly chocking with mirth at his own lame joke). It took a good while before we managed to shake them all off because from some reason the Head Girl decided to join the congratulations, which made Michael twitch in barely concealed rage and Potter to nearly double up with laughter.

When I finally managed to pray myself and my boyfriend from the circle of well-wishers we made our way out of the Hall with the clear intent to head for Oliver's rooms only to change course when we saw Dumbledore and McGonagall conversing on top of the grand staircase, and ended up in a secluded corner of the grounds, near the lake. Oliver, ever so chivalrously transfigured his outer robes to a big blanket for us to sit on. I immediately snuggled close to him and sighed in content- life was good, at last!

"I'm so glad I'm finally leaving this place!" I cried out loudly,

"Oh, I don't know…" Oliver said in a sober voice, "I used to think the same when I was your age but coming back here this year made me re-appreciate this place."

"Yes, but that's because you're a sappy Gryffindor." I told him and he chuckled, moving to lie back and pulling me down with him for a proper cuddle,

"Did I tell you how good you look in those leathers?" He whispered into my hair, placing little angle kisses on the side of my face,

"Yes, you did, but it never hurts to hear it again." I purred and he rolled us over so that I was pinned under his weight,

"You look fucking fabulous, just like the stuff my dreams are made of." I nearly bit my tongue in the effort not to blurt out something like- You mean spunk? Because he's the thing my dreams are made of and so far he's managed to fulfil nearly all of them and right now I was feeling like I might burst out of sheer joy just because he's looking at me the way he does right now.

"Well, I'm a big believer in living up one's dreams…"


(The End)

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