Okay, I HAVE to make something clear, since apparently, not everyone gets this. Tragedy does NOT mean that it is a sad fic. It means that, no matter how happy it is, it WILL have a sad ending, so don't think that this is a dark fic.

Summary: They are more than twins; they are two halves of one soul. So when Hao's life finally slipped away, so does Yoh's. After 500 years, they are reborn as twins again, but what are the circumstances this time? Why are the Asakuras after Yoh's life?

Please do not disregard my spelling and grammar mistakes; I want to correct them since I've seen some with bad grammar mistakes and the sentence end up meaning another thing. I don't want to confuse my readers. If I got any important information wrong, please inform me of that as well; that includes the Japanese.

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Warning: Character Deaths

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Withheld Determination


"Yoh-kun!" The short-haired brunette turns around as he heard his best friend calling. He gave the short blonde his lazy smile as the said blonde catches up with him.

"Manta, just in time! You want to come over for dinner today?" Yoh asked his friend.

Manta raised an eyebrow. "Sure but…why today?"

Yoh put both his hands behind his back. "Ren and Horo are coming over today, just visiting. We haven't met in a while." He explained.

The short genius looked up at his friend. "It's only been a week since the shaman fight ended, Yoh-kun, but okay, I'll come over after class."

The laidback shaman gave his friend a carefree smile. "Okay, see you then."

"Tadaima." Yoh yelled into the inn as he returned. He didn't hear 'okaeri', but instead he heard the sound of two people arguing.

"What do you mean you don't know!" came the familiar voice of the Chinese shaman.

The Ainu's voice can be heard yelling back. "I don't know means I don't know! I should say the same to you about my snowboard!"

Ren's voice rang through the whole inn as he shouted back at the ice shaman. "Why would I want to take that useless piece of junk? Now give me back my Kwan Dao!"

"I said I don't know anything about it!" was the reply.

"You want to fight!"

"With pleasure!"

They were upstairs and Yoh quickly went up there. If they fight up there and break the inn, Anna would be mad, very mad.

"Kororo, into the Ikupasui" Ren had done the same with Hou Rai Ken.


"Too late…" Yoh sighed as he finds the back part of the second floor in smithereens. "Ano…you guys…" he tried.

But the two fighting shamans had gone to the back and is having an ongoing battle in the there, Horo's ice spikes occasionally hitting the back wall of the inn, where as Ren's Golden Chuuka Zanmai (A/N: With Hou Rai Ken! O.o), if they did not land a blow on the Ainu, continually punch holes in places that the missed ice spikes did not.

Yoh was looking on helplessly when an icy voice came from behind him. "Stop them, Yoh."

He turned around to come face to face with his fiancée. "Me?" He points to himself.

"Of course," the itako replied. "Who else? Now go stop them."

"Hai…" Yoh jumped out the back, dodging the different onslaught of attacks. "Amidamaru in Harusame in Futsu no Mitama no Tsurugi!"

Yoh uses the double medium to slap both of them into the trees in the back.

"What was that for Yoh!" Horo shouted from his position under the tree.

Ren agreed with the Ainu for once. "It's got nothing to do with you."

Yoh rubbed a hand behind his head. "Well, actually…my life's at stake here." Anna then came up beside him, and deftly rewarded both the Tao and the ice shaman two hard punches, causing them to fall to the ground. "I hid your weapons because I didn't want this to happen." She explained coldly. "You three." She addressed the boys.

They stood up immediately; well, Yoh's already standing, but he stood up straight. "Yes, Anna."

"Fix this." She points behind her at the back wall of the inn, filled with holes and melting ice spikes.

"Huh? Me too?" Yoh complained.

"Yes, you too."

Manta arrived at the inn to see Yoh and group fixing the back wall of the inn. "Perfect timing," another blonde's voice caught his attention.

"Hai, Anna-san?" Manta asked as he took off his shoes.

The dominant girl points in the direction of the kitchen. "Dinner." A simple command.

"Hai, Anna-san…" Manta obediently answered and went in that direction.

Out in America, in the desert where the Patch used to be, is a figure, lying in the middle of the vast barren land, breathing deeply. It had been a week since he'd laid there, unmoving, as blood flowed freely from his body once again, as his wound from a week ago reopened.

How long has it been? How is it possible that I, the Great Asakura Hao, would be dying from such a small wound?

He laid there motionless, feeling weaker and weaker by the moment as hot red liquid escaped from the large gash on his chest.

That's not possible. I am NOT weak. That is simply impossible. How can I ever be weak?

But the pain he felt is unbearable. Not so much as weak as painful, but the blood loss made him dizzy, and he felt his life slipping away, his consciousness slowly fading. What's more, he can't heal himself, since his furyoku's all depleted from the fight. It was amazing that he even held out for this long; no food, no drink, nothing to keep him alive, yet he still is. It was probably one of the few things about being the strongest in the world that made him special.

I want a kingdom where everyone will be accepted, is that so wrong?

With that last thought, the strongest shaman in the world fades away as he lets out his last breath.

It is dinner now. Manta had finished making supper at the same time that the three finished fixing the back wall with Yoh's standard of satisfaction (a.k.a. contruction paper and tape).

It is also during dinner that Yoh suddenly collapsed. "Yoh!" all four other present went to the fallen boy.

"Shorty, did you poison the food?" Horo said accusingly, which caused Anna to punch him into the wall. "Then we all would've died you baka."

Ren went to check the brunette's pulse. "This is no time for jokes, minna. I think Yoh's dead." He announced after bending down to check his heartbeat; nothing.

The three's eyes went wide. "Call an ambulance, his family, anyone!" Anna yelled and Manta quickly went to the telephone. The blonde stomped her foot. Why does Faust have to be on a stupid honeymoon with a ghost now?

A moment later, they are all at the hospital. What was supposed to be a happy dinner was turned completely upside down. They sit in suspense waiting for the result of the doctor's analysis, hoping that there'll be good news.

The doctor came out fairly fast. And the four crowded around him. "I'm sorry," it was all he needed to say, but he continued, "it appears that he was dead even before the ambulance was called."

"How!" Anna is shrieking, completely loosing control despite her usual calm self. "How is it that he was laughing one moment, and without any sign of pain, he just collapsed dead?"

"Perhaps I can answer that." A voice came from behind and they all turned to find Kino standing there, Yohmei, Mikihisa, and teary-eyed Keiko and Tamao behind her.

Mikihisa went forward and put a hand on Anna's shoulder. "Let's get out of here first. We needn't disturb the hospital."

Yohmei went to the doctor. "Thank you for your patience. I hope that I can take my grandson's body back for burial." The doctor nodded.

They are now all sitting in the tea room of the Funbari Onsen. Manta brought in tea and they all sat down around the table. All the crying had been done now, and the teenagers waited for the blind itako to say something. Finally she did.

"This is only a hypothesis," she started, "but it is the most plausible one we have at the moment."

Yohmei aided her. "It appears that, since Yoh's soul was split from Hao's originally, when Hao, the main soul, died, so did Yoh."

Kino continued. "The soul did not die, but the body did."

"Then why is it that we did not see Yoh's soul?" The Chinese shaman asked.

"When the body died," Mikihisa explained. "It appears that the split soul went to join the main soul, since it is no longer restrained by the body."

Manta's eye grew wide. "Does that mean that Hao is one again? Yoh doesn't exist anymore?"

"Maybe yes, maybe no." Keiko said, finally recovering from her breakdown. "It is natural to say that when a soul split, it cannot come back together since they had grown into two complete identities; but they want to be as close to each other as possible."

"So where's Yoh's soul now?" Horo asked, not quite following but grasping the general idea.

Yohmei took a sip of tea before he answered. "Mostly likely in hell, where Hao's soul had gone."

"Then there's nothing we could do?" Anna finally commented.

Kino sighed. "Only time will tell."

To be continued…

A/N: So, how is it? I know that everyone hates me for killing the twins but they'll come back, five hundred years later, and so will most of Yoh's friends. Just wait for it!

I have just watched the anime, and I read the manga a long time ago, in Chinese. I will kind of mix both in the story.

Also, there will be quite a few fight scenes in this story. I'm not good at fight scenes, so please dismiss those bad parts. I planned the plot and counted them; I managed to avoid having to write about most of them, but there were still quite a few left.

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