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Timeline: This happens about two days after "Shadow from the Past."

White Conscience: Part 1

By White Tiger


He was slightly aware of the rain pounding on his armor, but it meant nothing to him. The coldness inside of him outlasted the cold weather out here. He watched the woman in the room across the street, her pale figure motionless on the hospital bed. He cursed everything in the world at that moment. Zedd for causing this. Zordon for bringing him back into this whole mess.

Himself for not being able to protect her.

He heard a slight buzzing sound through the rain, and a few seconds later felt someone's hand on his shoulder. "Go away," he growled. He didn't want company now.

He wanted vengeance.

"C'mon, Tommy. It's time to go," the Blue Ranger said from behind him. "I'll take over watch."

Thinking over his options, Tommy finally gave in. He hadn't slept or eaten a decent meal in days, fatigue was beginning to catch up to him, and he wasn't even sure if the cafeteria breakfast he had eaten that morning in the hospital had even been meant for human consumption.

"Fine," he mumbled. "I'll go. You'll be relieved at midnight."

"Midnight. Gotcha," Billy confirmed as Tommy teleported out. 'I just hope I can last that long,' he thought sadly. Tommy had been pulling shifts as often as he could, despite his obvious decline in physical health. This situation brought out the worst in him. It brought out the worst in everybody.

Billy had to admit, things were going to Hell in a handcart. And there was nothing he could do about it.

One Chance...

Adam wiped his face off with the towel, hating the situation the team was in. "This totally sucks!" he complained to no one in particular.

"What? The fact that Kimberly's been hospitalized and we can't do a thing about it? Or the fact that Tommy's been turned into a total zombie and won't be able to even think clearly, much less fight, if and when we get called into battle?" Rocky called from across the dojo.

"Both," Adam replied grimly. "I mean, before it was always just a simple routine. Go to school, have a crisis, fight the monster of the day that exploited that crisis, destroy it, and still try to get back home in time for dinner and homework."

"Yeah, I know," Rocky said quietly. "Zedd's really gone off the deep end this time. He must really want us dead."

"He's always wanted us dead, Rocky," Adam retorted. "It's just that that was always a secondary goal. Taking over the world was his first focus. Now it's like he's going to take us out first by any means he can think of."

"A good theory, but there's a problem with it," Rocky stated. "Zedd's only been sending Robowarriors down for the past couple of days. No monster, no spell, no messing with natural events, no nothing. He's not taking advantage of our problems now. It doesn't make sense!"

As if to refute the Red Ranger's declaration, a familiar six-toned beep sounded from his communicator. Bringing the wrist device up to his lips, Rocky pressed the button that would allow him to talk to whoever sent the signal. "Red Ranger here, what's up?"

"Rocky," Zordon rumbled over the speaker. "Another squad of Robowarriors is attacking in the downtown district near the hospital. You must morph there immediately."

The two best friends looked at each other, sharing the same thought. 'Zedd's gone too far this time.' "We're on it, Zordon," Adam assured his mentor as the two summoned their morphers.

"Red Dragon, ENERGIZE!" Rocky called.

"Black Lion, ENERGIZE!" Adam yelled. The two disappeared in colored flashes of light.


Aisha backed off, trying to catch her breath. This batch of Robowarriors seemed tougher to handle than the last. They wouldn't go down without leaving at least one or two more marks on her suit from their lasers. "We could really use a little help right about now!" she screamed to Billy, who was fighting off his own group with his Power Lance.

"Somebody call for the cavalry?"

Looking up, the Yellow Ranger spotted reinforcements. Rocky and Adam had just teleported onto the scene, ready to fight. "Well, are you boys gonna just stand there and watch or do you wanna join in?" she called up to them.

The two male Rangers took a moment to share a quick glance before turning back to Aisha. "Hell, yeah!" they screamed together. Both of them summoned their Power Weapons and joined the fray.

"Why. Won't. You. Stupid. Tin. Cans. Back. Off!" Adam yelled, emphasizing each word with a mighty slash from his Power Ax. The weapon had been incredibly heavy the last time he had used it, but anger was one of the most powerful strength enhancers. And at this point, Adam was extremely ticked.

Rocky was no better off. He hacked and slashed at the robots like a blender from Hell, and he showed no signs of tiring. His Power Sword was a blur of fiery red and metallic silver as it sliced and diced through enough metal and wires to build an entire aircraft carrier. But no matter how hard he fought, there just seemed to be no end to the waves of machines. "Don't these guys ever give up?!" the Red Ranger exclaimed.

Just then, the strangest thing happened. All of the Robowarriors froze for a split second, then disappeared straight into thin air.

Breathing heavily for a few minutes, the four Rangers took in their surroundings. Several buildings had been pockmarked with laser blasts, but there was no other visible damage. Some civilians had taken a few bruises, but once again there was no serious damage.

"Okay, would somebody mind telling me why Zedd's going through all this trouble?" Billy queried. "After all, why waste the time and resources sending down a bunch of foot soldiers to attack and not even do anything serious?"

"You got me, Blue," Adam said quietly. "You got me."


Up on the moon, a figure watched the short battle with surprisingly minor interest. Shrouded in darkness, he tapped four metallic fingers against his throne, signaling his impatience. The battle was of no concern to him. It was merely something to keep the Rangers on their toes. 'Such a shame that the White Ranger couldn't make it today,' the figure mused. He had studied the Ranger as he watched his beloved in the hospital. The sight nearly made him sick. If he could only send a squad of Robowarriors to dispose of that pesky fool...

...but no. It was a waste and he knew it. The White Ranger would tear them to shreds in minutes, if not seconds. Waiting was a better idea. He monitored the man's decline in both physical health and emotional stability. In another few hours, his fighter would be ready. 'So sad that poor Tommy couldn't complete his mission the last time. He should have learned the lesson long ago.

'Never give your enemies a chance.'


It was happening again. He saw the armor, the blood, everything. He saw his claws pierce his opponent's heart, ripping the organ out. But he saw it from a distance, as if through someone else's eyes. Then something changed. The dream became different. The heart evaporated, burning up and disappearing like dust. The man stood up again, ready to attack!

Tommy bolted upright, sweating like a waterfall. It was another dream, just like the one he had had before Damien's attack. Shaking his head, Tommy ran his hands through his long brown hair. "Man, all this dream shit is really starting to get on my nerves!" he mumbled. Swinging his feet around, Tommy got up from the cot he had been sleeping on in one of the sleeping quarters of the Command Center. Checking the nearby chronometer, he read the numbers 11:00. "Damn," Tommy muttered as he started moving towards the main chamber.

"Is there a reason for this nocturnal journey, White Ranger?" Zordon asked from his dimensional tube.

Tommy stumbled in surprise. He hadn't expected his mentor to be 'awake' at such a late hour. "Not really, Zordon. Just thought I'd get a good workout before going to relieve Billy of his watch."

"For some reason I sense that you are lying to me, Tommy," the interdimensional being scolded. "Please tell me what is going on."

Slightly miffed, Tommy decided to go ahead and tell Zordon what had been happening to him. "It all started the night you gave us our Powers. I started having these really weird dreams, like a premonition of sorts. They showed me someone else wearing the Green Ranger armor. I never saw his face or anything, that was always the part where I woke up. But before that, I saw the other Rangers. Not the team we've got now, but the first one, with Jason and Zack and Trini. Then some voice started telling me who they were and what kind of personality traits they possessed." At this, Tommy paused to ponder something. "Come to think of it, that voice was the exact same one that helped me out during the fight!"

"Would you care to elaborate on this statement?" Zordon asked.

Tapping two fingers to the side of his head, Tommy continued. "It was even weirder than the dreams. Damien had been ready to kill me, and he had the strength to do it too. I was too tired to do much of anything except delay him while I tried to come up with something. Then, everything seemed to slow down. The voice from my dream came out of nowhere and told me...I can't really remember what it said, but I know it started this really freaky process.

"I started to drain Damien's energy. His armor turned gray, mine was replaced, and all of my injuries had been healed. Later I figured out that I had drained the life right out of him. And, well, that's the whole story."

Zordon paused, thinking over all of the information his lead Ranger had given him. 'Should I really tell him?' the ancient wizard thought. 'Would he understand? Could he handle the tests?' Looking down at the young man before him, Zordon made up his mind.

"Tommy, there is something I need to tell you."


Billy groaned wearily as his head bobbed up and down for what had to be the hundredth time in an hour. He was tired from the fight earlier, and just sitting around monitoring Kimberly all day had otherwise proven to be very uneventful. With a thought, Billy brought up the chronometer on his helmet display. "11:00. This is going to be one long hour," the Blue Ranger mumbled.

"Designate: William Cranston, Blue Ranger. Prepare for termination."

Whirling around, Billy spotted a squad of about fifty Robowarriors standing there, blasters ready. He groaned in disgust. In a flash of deep blue, the Power Lance appeared in his hands. "Guess I stand corrected," he mumbled under his breath.

"Destroy him!" one of the mechanicals ordered. The Robowarriors fanned out, trying to surround the Blue Ranger. But he was no fool. Billy instantly began twirling his Lance in long and complicated patterns, something Jason had taught him to when they began as Rangers. Each spin and twirl sliced through a Robowarrior at some vital point or another. Several laser blasts flew, but they were deflected by the Lance as it kept spinning faster and faster. Just as he was about finished with the group before him, a shower of sparks sprung from his back and sent him sprawling forward. "What the...?!" he yelled in surprise. Another squad of Robowarriors had just teleported to the fight.

Standing back up, Billy whipped his Lance around in a few circles to loosen up his muscles. "This is gonna be one long night."



"What's going on?" Tommy asked as he moved to the view screen.

"Billy is in trouble. Robowarriors have begun attacking him near the hospital," Zordon said from his tube. "The situation appears very grave."

Tommy froze at the mention of the hospital. "Kim," he whispered.

"I'll contact the other Rangers. Go help him, Tommy," Zordon ordered. But the White Ranger was already gone.


"You bolt brains are really starting to get on my nerves!" Billy yelled as he slashed through several more robots. "Don't you ever quit?!"

"No, but neither do I!" a voice shot from out of the darkness. In a flash of white, Tommy appeared on the scene and began tearing through the Robowarriors. "Did you scrap heads miss me?" he yelled sarcastically at the machines.

The Blue Ranger stood there in amazement. Apparently Tommy's fatigue had no effect on his anger. 'So much for him being a zombie in our next fight,' he thought, captivated by the White Ranger's blurred movements as he clawed, slashed and shredded through hundreds of steel figures. His growls of rage echoed through the night as he flew through the Robowarriors with the viciousness of a meat grinder.

"Robowarriors, halt!" a voice commanded. The mechanicals stopped dead in their tracks as a flash heralded the arrival of another fighter.

Tommy's eyes nearly popped out of his skull when he saw who it was.



"Okay, Zordon. We're on our way," Rocky answered sleepily. Cutting the line with the Command Center, he tried to shake Adam awake. "C'mon, Bro, it's time to go to work again." The Black Ranger merely mumbled something in his sleep and rolled over.

"The man said to get up, sleepy head!" Aisha exclaimed with a whack to Adam's head with a pillow.

"Ow!!" the Black Ranger exclaimed, bolting upright. "Geez, some houseguest you are," he moaned playfully.

"Can it," Rocky interrupted. "We've got a situation at the hospital." He summoned his morpher. "Red Dragon, ENERGIZE!"

"Black Lion, ENERGIZE!"

"Yellow Griffin, ENERGIZE!" Aisha finished the cry as the three teleported off to join the battle.


The three Rangers arrived to find a very odd scene. Everything on the street was frozen. Billy, the Robowarriors, Tommy, everything. But something else really caught everyone off guard.

"Damien!?" Rocky exclaimed. "He should be dead!"

"You fools thought that your little pet tiger could defeat me?" he mused. "It takes more than that to destroy a member of Lord Zedd's army!"

"We'll see about that," Tommy interrupted. "I don't know how you were able to get here, but I'm sending you back...in pieces."

With no more words wasted, the two leaped at each other. Tommy clawed brutally at the weaponless Green Ranger, but he dodged every attempt with unbelievable speed and countered with a mighty uppercut to Tommy's jaw. If it weren't for his helmet, the White Ranger would have blacked out. He backed up a few steps to regain his balance, but Damien followed him with a whirling tornado kick that sent him crashing to the ground.

"C'mon guys!" Rocky ordered. "Let's help him out!"

"Wait!" Billy shouted. "We can't let those Robowarriors loose!"

"Billy's right," Adam stated. "We need to take care of them first. Tommy can handle himself." The four Rangers agreed and began heading towards the mass of machines.


Damien stumbled back, his ribs aching from the bone-crushing kick Tommy had delivered. It was his turn to be on the defensive once again as the White Ranger came rushing at him with Power Claws extended. With a thought, Damien summoned a ball of lightning in his hands. "Take this, you weakling!" he screamed. The lightning flew forward and struck Tommy full in the chest, sending him careening backwards.

But Tommy had learned a new trick as well.

Rolling with the momentum of the blast, Tommy back flipped and slammed his feet against the wall he had formerly been on a collision course with. The near 50 miles per hour impact almost broke his legs, but it also created a springboard effect like no other. The White Ranger went flying back to Damien at an insane speed, ready to kill.

'What does it take to kill this fool?!' the Green Ranger thought savagely. He focused his Powers into the Dragon Shield, making it glow with energy. 'Perhaps this will help rid me of that nuisance.' He fired a diamond-shaped beam of electricity straight into Tommy.

The next and only thing Tommy knew was blinding pain. His vision was blurred with a sickening green light, and his armor sparked and flickered as the White Powers tried to compensate for the strain they were being put under. In the end they failed, and Tommy was once again launched backwards to a building.

The wall didn't stop his trip. He ended up crashing straight through it and into an apartment. Thanking whoever lived there that they decided to stay out that night, he tumbled through several tables and chairs. A small metallic cylinder followed his entrance, and Tommy slowly got up to see what it was. He saw an LED counter on a display screen counting down....






"Oh shit."


Rocky leaped up just in time to avoid becoming a barbecue. Whipping out his Blade Blaster, he returned fire to the Robowarriors and slashed through the group of four that was waiting for him upon landing.

"Hey Rocky! Did you see what just happened to Tommy?" Adam called over his helmet-comm.

"Yeah," Rocky gasped back. "That looked like it really hurt. And I didn't like the looks of that thing Damien tossed up after him." Seconds later, and explosion shattered the building Tommy had been thrown to, sending a shockwave across the entire block.

"What the..?!" Rocky exclaimed. The Robowarriors had frozen and were sparking at the joints. They fell apart a half second later.

"Would somebody mind telling me what's going on?" Aisha asked, worried.

"I think that explosive device must have..." Before Billy could finish his sentence, a barrage of earsplitting static came in over the helmet communication systems. The four Rangers screamed in pain as their eardrums protested the sensory overload. Before anything else could happen, they disappeared in four flashes of colored light.


"Ooh," Tommy moaned. "Just when you think you've been blown up in every possible way..." His entire body ached. His legs, his back, his arms, his head. "Even my armor hurts," he complained to himself. Finally opening his eyes, Tommy saw that his helmet was useless. Static filled the visor where technical readouts should be, and there was an annoying screeching coming from his comm system, but it still wasn't anything compared to the ringing in his ears.

Taking a look around to make sure no one was watching, Tommy slammed his Power Claws through the visor, coming within inches of his own face. With a shattering like that of broken glass the visor fell to the ground in shards.

"Why can't you just die?!" Damien ranted from several yards away. He fired several blasts of lightning from his hands in Tommy's general direction, but the White Ranger was still alert enough to flip away. He dodged the final blast with a flip that took him onto the hood of a parked car.

"I thought you'd have learned by now, Rookie," Tommy mocked with a hint of distaste. "After all, Hell hath no fury like an extremely pissed off boyfriend."

Tommy launched himself off the car, his Claws directed for Damien's stomach and spinning like a tornado. The Green Ranger was too slow and ended up with the White Ranger's deadly weapons embedded in his armor. They spun around and around, cutting through layers of armor and flesh on each rotation. Screaming in a mix of pain, panic, and anger, Damien slammed his fist straight through Tommy's helmet. The White Ranger dropped like a stone, almost paralyzed by the crushing blow to his face. Tommy pressed a hand in through the remnants of his helmet, trying to stop the blood flowing from his nose. His glove was nearly soaked crimson by the time he could see straight enough to fight.

But when he looked up, Damien was gone.


A bright flash of white heralded Tommy's entrance to the Command Center. His nose had stopped bleeding, and he had no doubt that it was almost broken, but that did nothing to cool his insane edge. "Would somebody mind telling me how the hell Damien is still alive?!" he shouted.

"Tommy, please calm yourself," Zordon counseled. "I believe that I can offer an explanation. Lord Zedd has been draining energy from the moon's core and is using it to power some sort of device in his palace. It might be some sort of regeneration chamber that could have brought Damien back to life."

The White Ranger swore violently under his breath. Then, turning to Billy with a look of worry in his eyes he asked, "What happened out there? After the explosion you guys just...left."

Billy and Adam looked at each other, then back at Tommy. "There was more to that bomb than what we realized," Billy said quietly.

"It gave off some sort of shockwave," Adam picked up. "Some kind of electromagnetic pulse. It took out all our mechanical systems, as well as those within a three block radius." He paused. "Including the hospital."

Tommy paled considerably. "Is she...?"

"No. Not yet, anyway. They hooked her up to life support as soon as they could, but things don't look good." Adam couldn't help but let a tear come out of the corner of his eye. He felt Aisha holding his hand, trying to give him the strength he needed to give the news. "The records say that...that she might not...make it through the night."

The White Ranger just stood there for what had to be nearly three minutes of pure silence. "And they say there's nothing they can do?" he asked in a choked up voice. The Blue Ranger nodded his head. "What about me?"

"What about you?" Aisha asked sorrowfully.

Tommy didn't say a word to her, but walked up to Billy. "What if I tried doing what Zordon did me when he brought back the Green Ranger Powers?"

Billy shook his head slightly. "Negative. That would be to dangerous. You could end up permanently injured or even killed."

Something inside of Tommy snapped. "Then what do you want me to do, Genius?!" he yelled in the blond man's face. "Just stand around here so you can come up with some stupid plan while Kimberly's life hangs in the balance?! To hell with it! I'm going!" In another flash of white, he was gone.

"Tommy, wait! Dammit!"

"Please remain calm, Billy," Zordon said tranquilly. "I have faith that Tommy knows what he is doing. There is nothing you can do to stop him."

Rocky only stood there, shaking his head.

"We're screwed."


The sight of her nearly broke his heart. She was so frail, so weak with all the machinery hooked up to her. Her skin was pail, and the heart monitor nearby beeped at almost a crawling rate. She was, for all purposes, practically dead.

Tommy caressed her cheek with his hand. Almost seven years ago, she would have instinctively leaned into his touch. Such an intimate gesture was lost between them now, and would be forever if he didn't do something.

Summoning his morpher, Tommy slid the Power Coin out of its compartment and placed it on Kimberly's forehead. Leaning over, he kissed her delicately on the lips. "Goodbye, Princess," he whispered. "I love you."

He activated the morpher. Pain surged through him as it tapped into his life force, the only other power supply without his Coin. It eventually locked onto that, too, and the Coin began glowing white as it began energizing. The glow spread around Kimberly's body as Tommy began to tremble from weakness. White turned to pink as Kimberly's own Powers intertwined with the White Powers. Tommy had to restrain himself from screaming, the pain was so great.

Then, in a bright flash, he was gone.

To Be Continued....