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White Conscience Part 2

By White Tiger



That was the only word she could think of to describe her surroundings. Everything was pure black. She waited to see if her eyes would adjust to it. They didn't, much to her dismay.

'Where am I?' she wondered. There wasn't a single place on Earth that was this dark. Even a moonless midnight in the middle of nowhere was lighter than this. Then, a strange thought struck her. 'Am I even on Earth?'

'Am I even....alive?'

The last thought scared her more than anything. Death wasn't exactly a foreign concept to her. She had certainly faced it more than once, and feared it each time, but that had never stopped her. It had, in fact, made her stronger. However, if she was already dead, how could she fight Death?

No, Kimberly, you are not dead.

The voice scared her. She tried to scream, but found that her throat would not respond. She tried asking several questions, but each attempt was useless as her vocal chords refused to work.

Just relax. I'm coming to help you.

Something about the voice was familiar. Too familiar. But the entity the voice belonged to remained a mystery to her. She only felt a deep sense of overwhelming calm wash over her. She felt that she could trust this voice.

That's when things got ugly.

A brilliant flash of light illuminated the darkness, instantly blinding her. Fire washed over her body, burning through her from the inside. Her entire world seemed to shatter, torn apart by the excruciating pain that exploded from her head. She shut her eyes and tried to scream again, with the same maddening results as before. Surely this pain would overcome her, the fire destroy her...

Kimberly Hart bolted upright in the hospital bed, her sweat streaked body trembling from the torture it had just undergone. The heart monitor nearby was going haywire, almost flat lining. She shook her head slightly, trying to rid herself of the memory of the pain.

As she did so, a small golden coin fell from her forehead. Staring, Kimberly picked it up and studied it. Her face paled even more than it was when she saw the design on the coin. A tear slowly fell from her eye as she realized who's it was.


The Nightmare Continues...

"C'mon, Kimberly. You need to eat something." Billy tried, in vain, to coax his childhood friend into taking in some nourishment. She had adamantly refused any attempt at comfort for the past twenty-four hours since she had found out what Tommy had done to save her life.

"I said I'm not hungry," the Pink Ranger mumbled, almost to herself. She was actually half-starved, but had decided not to show it. All she wanted was to be left alone. Why couldn't anybody understand that? Just a little time to sort things out and absorb what had happened, and she'd be as good as new. Couldn't they see that?

"What is wrong with you, Kimberly?" Billy asked, slightly annoyed. "I told you, Tommy will be fine. We just need a little time to get the energy we need to bring him back. There's no need for you to torture yourself like..."

"Like what?!" Kimberly exploded. "Like what Tommy did is all my fault?! Well, guess what, Brainiac?! IT ISN'T! And I don't need a scientist to tell me that! I'm perfectly fine! I just want to be left alone! Why can't any of you see that?!"

"Look, Kim, I know you're upset but..."

"Just shut the hell up!!" the petite girl snapped. "I've had enough of you messing around in my life!" With that, she jumped out of her chair and bolted out the door.


Rocky and Adam sat back in their chairs, both letting out a long sigh. They were bored, to say the least. After nearly being killed twice in a few days, three straight hours of paperwork for their karate school was rather tedious. The silence replaced the explosions they had been forced to get used to again. After a while, Adam stood up.

"I just can't take this!" he exclaimed. "We're just sitting around waiting for Zedd to attack! And now that Kimberly's gone half psycho and Tommy's disappeared to who knows where, he's got us right where he wants us!"

Rocky stood up as well, stretching some of the muscles in his sore back. "I know. The whole situation stinks like hell. Especially with Damien still alive. How could things get any worse?"

Before the Black Ranger could answer his friend's question, the door to their dojo flew open and a voice called out "Rocky! Adam! You in here?" The two jogged out of their office to see who had come in. They were surprised to see Kimberly standing there, looking extremely tense.

"What is it, Kim?" Adam asked. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she replied, even though her stature betrayed her. "I was walking down the street and had this sudden urge to do some martial arts. So, naturally, I thought I'd come here."

Now the guys knew something was up. Kimberly had never been interested in karate, except enough to keep her balanced with the team on the battlefield. Even then Tommy had to practically beg her to be taught. The fact that she had willingly come on her own to practice was something that set off an alarm in both Rangers' minds.

"Um, okay," Rocky said slowly. "You wanna use the equipment or do you feel like sparring with somebody?"

"Spar." Her answer was almost instantaneous.

"I'll do it," Adam volunteered. "You get back to those papers." Rocky nodded and went back into the office as the Pink and Black Rangers stepped onto the practice mats. "No holding back?"

Kimberly only glared at him. She struck out with a lightning fast kick that Adam barely managed to block. 'I guess that means "No".'

For the next several minutes they traded blows. Adam could hardly keep up with all the kicks and punches that his petite opponent was throwing his way. She was like a cloud that had been waiting for the right moment before releasing a thunderstorm. He groaned as she nailed him in the solar plexus with a tornado kick the likes of which Adam had never seen her perform. Surprised that nothing was bleeding, he fell to the ground with a shout, landing on his back. Kimberly slammed her palm into his chest, signaling the end of the match.

Both were sweating like waterfalls, and nothing but the heavy sound of Adam's rapid breathing could be heard. Kimberly barely made a noise. But that wasn't what really surprised the Black Ranger. It was Kimberly's eyes.

They were glowing white.


'Revenge,' he thought darkly. 'I must have my revenge.' He felt himself faltering, the transfer taking its toll on him. 'No matter. Soon I will have the ultimate weapon the likes of which those Rangers can not face. Without their precious White Ranger, they are lost weaklings.' The whirr that had surrounded him for several hours finally died down, signaling that the transfer was finished. A figure stepped from the chamber. "Go," he rasped. "Destroy."

The figure's eyes glowed red under the visor of his helmet. He nodded, and a wickedly curved sword appeared in his hand. Soon after, he teleported out.


"Kim," Adam gasped. "Are you okay?"

"What are you talking about?" Kimberly asked. She felt fine, just...stronger. And faster. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all,' she thought grimly.

"Your eyes, Kim. Your eyes are...glowing."

Kimberly said nothing, but reached into the back pocket of her shorts. She pulled out a small compact mirror and flicked it open. Taking a quick look, she gasped. "What the hell?!" she exclaimed softly.

Then, without warning, she doubled over with a groan of pain. Adam was immediately at her side. "What's happening, Kim?" he asked worriedly.

The white glow in her eyes became brighter. "I...I don't...know," she gasped.


He woke up to a headache that would have taken out a mountain. 'What hit me?' he wondered. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw that wherever he was, it was white. Pure white. What really gave him a start was that there were no floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, doors, or any other object that indicated a room. He tried to call out, but no words came from his lips. 'What's going on here?'

*Ah, so you have arrived*

He whirled around, trying to shout out a threat to the voice that came into his head. He wanted so badly to yell at the moment.

*It won't do you any good* the voice said again. *Words have no use here. Only thoughts are registered*

'Okay, can you hear me now?' he asked impatiently.

*Loud and clear, my friend*

'Fine then. First question: Who are you and where the hell am I?'

*Please, I must ask you to calm down. All questions will be answered in time. I can sense that you have many. First off, you are in the spirit world. Prematurely, I might add. To answer the other question, I am afraid that you will have to pass the tests*

'What tests?' he thought at the new entity. 'What are you talking about?'

*You must prove that you are truly Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger of the Revelation Powers*

'Revelation Powers?' Tommy wondered. 'I'm guessing he means the new one's Zordon gave us.'

*Precisely* Tommy tried to jump back, but found that he had no physical body with which to do so. He also calmed down after remembering that thoughts were the only way of communication here, so thinking of something would be just like saying it out loud back home.

'Okay,' Tommy thought slowly. 'What tests are you talking about, and why do I need to pass them to know who you are?' The entity said nothing, but the White Ranger felt a deep sense of dread come over him.

*Oh my. This is bad. This is very, very bad*

'What is it? What's going on?' Tommy didn't have the ability to do much in this world, but he decided that gathering information on what was happening could prove very useful.

*There is a deep imbalance in the UniForce*

'The what?' Tommy asked, confused.

*The UniForce. It is the connection of the life forces of all living things. Someone is tampering with it greatly*

'How? Is there anything I can do to help?' The young man may not have known much about this...whatever it was...but he could sense that his assistance might be needed.

*I'm afraid that there is nothing you can do at the moment but sit and watch* the entity rumbled in Tommy's head. *Still, perhaps it may be a good idea to let you see what is happening* With that, several images flowed into the White Ranger's mind, almost like he was watching a movie. As he saw everything happen, he couldn't help but think of two words that he had already uttered once to express his feelings.

'Oh, shit.'


"Well? What's the prognosis?"

Billy shook his head. "This doesn't make sense. It just...doesn't. Things like this don't happen. It shouldn't be possible."

"What shouldn't be possible?" Kimberly asked from the scanning bed.

"When Rocky and Adam teleported you here, the Command Center's systems automatically scanned you for anything that could be a problem in your body. It didn't find anything, but..."

"But what?" the Pink Ranger asked impatiently.

"The computer found something that was a little too right with your body. Apparently Tommy's little 'stunt' had more side effects than we imagined." Receiving only a stare in reply, the genius continued. "You've absorbed nearly everything about him. Your body is twice as strong, fast, and enduring. You've also apparently inherited his martial arts talent, which explains why you nailed Adam on the mats." He noticed that the Black Ranger winced slightly at the thought.

Before anything else could happen, the alarms screeched as the Command Center's scanners detected a disturbance. "What's going on?" Aisha asked as the Rangers automatically assembled around the view screen. What they saw didn't shock or surprise them, but it certainly flared several tempers.

"Damien," Kimberly growled.

"I'm afraid that he has recovered from his last battle," Zordon stated. "You must go and stop him."

"We're on it, Zordon," Rocky said as he summoned his morpher.

"Wait," Kimberly ordered. "I know how Damien thinks. He won't go down without a fight."

"Like kickin' his ass last time was any easier?" the Red Ranger asked sarcastically.

Kimberly glared. "He's no fool. He'll have learned from the mistakes he made last time. My bet is he found some way to get stronger. We should bring along some backup."

"What do you have in mind?" Adam asked her.

"The Sword of Power."

"Kimberly," Billy said softly. "We need all the Rangers together to summon the Sword."

She turned at him with vengeance in her eyes. "We are all the Rangers."

Shrugging, everyone gathered into a circle, thrusting their arms into the center. "Sword of Power!" they called. The Sword appeared in Kimberly's hands as they all teleported off to battle.


The five Rangers appeared on the battle scene, fully morphed and with Kimberly wielding the Sword of Power. They stood as Damien approached, fully armored and swinging a sword of his own. Several Robowarriors appeared behind him. "Take out the metal heads!" the Pink Ranger ordered. "I'll take care of the Green Ranger."

Everyone spread out in a now familiar pattern. They summoned their weapons and began waylaying the mechanicals. Kimberly and Damien stood, staring each other down.

"I always knew the day would come," Damien growled, "when I would be forced to kill you. And now I have the means to do so." He charged, faster than normal, towards his opponent.

Kimberly ran forward and flipped over him. She instantly twirled and slashed the Green Ranger across the back. Every one of her senses became enhanced as she got caught up in the rush of battle. The two Rangers slashed and parried with a more frightening ferocity than both previous battles between the White and Green Rangers combined. The Pink Ranger's frame seemed somewhat enhanced, and she used everything she had. Blocking a wide blow from Damien, she spun in a tornado kick that sent him reeling. She then followed up with one of her favorite moves: a forward crescent kick right to the facemask. The Green Ranger backed off for a couple of minutes, which allowed Kimberly to catch her breath.

"Ready to die yet, you son of a bitch?" she gasped.

"Oh, I've only just begun to have my fun!" he snickered. He launched a bolt of lightning from his palm, striking the Pink Ranger right in the chest. "Lord Zedd has made me more powerful than before! You will never defeat me!" His hands glowed green, and several more lightning bolts lashed out at Kimberly, striking her several times a piece. She screamed and writhed in pain as her armor was scorched. Smirking under his helmet, Damien stopped the attack.

"Is...that....the best....you've...got?" Kimberly choked out as she slowly rose to her feet.

"Not by far, my dear."

The Pink Ranger glared at him, even though he could not see it. "Well...I'm still...standing....So...bring...it....ON!"

The green glow around Damien's hands became even brighter. He formed a large ball of crackling energy between his palms. "Then you shall die." With that, he hurled the ball at Kimberly.

The energy struck her full force, but she stood her ground, held by some unseen power. Her screams echoed across the buildings, and all the action around them halted to watch. Her body began to glow a hot pink, the Sword of Power vibrating in her hand.

Then things really got strange.

Her armor began to flicker, like a TV image that was filled with static. Another figure seemed to appear in her place, but flickered out just as quick as it appeared. The Sword of Power glowed even brighter, almost as if it was absorbing the power that had been thrown at it. Then she was blown back in a cloud of smoke.


Tommy watched as his beloved was hurled back against a wall. 'Kimberly! NO!!' Before he could think anything else, a burning pain shot through his body. 'AAAAAAARRRRGGHHHH!!!!!' he mentally screamed. In a flash of white brighter than his surroundings, Tommy's essence disappeared from the spirit world.


The Rangers watched in silence as Kimberly lay on the street, scorched, unmoving. Everyone was thinking the exact same thing. 'It can't be.'

But that wasn't all that caught their attention. The cloud of smoke that she had been thrown from wasn't dissipating like normal. Instead, it only grew thicker. Then, it seemed to collapse in on itself, creating a figure. In a few minutes, the cloud became solid. Standing there, fully morphed, was the White Ranger.

Everybody was silent for a full two minutes as Tommy looked around. He spotted Damien, and unleashed his Power Claws with a growl.

"Ding ding! Round 2!" Rocky shouted.

As if on cue, the Green and White Rangers charged at each other. Wasting no words, they began to attack each other like crazed madmen.

"This could get ugly," Rocky mumbled.


'Ooooh. How the hell am I still alive?' Kimberly couldn't help but wonder from her position on the ground. She painfully turned her head around to see Damien battling with someone else. 'Please, don't let that be any one of the other Rangers,' she thought desperately. As her vision cleared, she soon saw through the rain that was beginning to fall who it really was. 'Tommy? How did he...?' She lightly shook her head, trying to clear it. 'Never mind that, now. I've gotta help him...' At the slightest movement, however, pain sent her falling back down. 'Dammit! How am I supposed to help like this?!'

*You must stay calm*

"What?" Kimberly gasped weakly.

*Relax. Let the Power flow through you. Let it flow like the wind*

As if by magic, she felt a slight breeze against her skin, through her armor. It cooled her body, forcing her tightened muscles to relax themselves. As the gentle wind blew itself across her, Kimberly felt herself grow stronger. The gust picked up, and before long she could feel the wind rushing against her. She stood up quickly and ran to where Tommy and Damien were fighting, interrupting their battle with a loud "Hi-yaa!" and a powerful kick to the Green Ranger's chest. "Tommy!" she cried, tossing the Sword of Power to her boyfriend.

He caught it with all the ease of years of practice just in time to block Damien's next strike. The other Rangers and Robowarriors had formed a large circle around the combatants, creating an arena-style battle.

With the added strength of the White Ranger, Kimberly found that fighting Damien was a lot easier. She summoned her Power Bow and used its sharp pointed ends as a close range weapon. Together they struck, parried, and counter struck, but the Green Ranger was still too tough for them to take down. He dodged a neck swipe from Tommy, punching the White Ranger in the stomach and whirling around to block a slash from Kimberly. Just as Tommy recovered, Damien kicked him in the stomach again and spun to drive his sword through the man's back. Kimberly couldn't stop him, but she threw him off guard and made him strike Tommy in the shoulder instead. With the rain beginning to pour, Damien tossed a lightning bolt straight into Kimberly's helmet, forcing her back. With a cry of rage, Tommy surged forward. The Sword of Power gleamed in his hand as he slashed and tore at the Green Ranger.

But Damien persisted still.

Moving faster than the eye could see, he grabbed Tommy's wrist with one hand and his neck with the other. In a feat of fathomless strength, he lifted the White Ranger into the air. "Are you ready to finally die?" he taunted.

Then, the wind began to pick up. The rain, instead of falling straight down, began to curve towards him. It pounded against his visor, clouding his vision. He couldn't see where the White Ranger's head was!

"What is happening?" he shouted.

"I will not let you do this!" a voice screamed.

Tossing his prey down the ground, Damien turned to see that is was Kimberly who made the statement. "And who's going to stop me? You?" he scoffed.

The rain stopped twisting toward him. Kimberly stared. "I don't have to," she said simply.

Caught unawares, Damien whirled back to Tommy, but he was too late. The White Ranger thrust the Sword into Damien's stomach. "You have something that belongs to me," he hissed as he withdrew the blade. He quickly ripped the morpher from Damien's belt, instantly demorphing the Green Ranger, who fell to the ground in a heap.

"You'll....never....win..." the man whispered.

Kimberly walked over slowly to stand beside Tommy. She hoped he would finish things once and for all.

Instead, he handed the Sword to her.

"This is your demon, Kim," he whispered. "And it's time for you to defeat it."

Nodding in understanding, she raised the sword high. "Face it, you bastard. It's over."

In one quick swipe, she decapitated him.



A couple of days afterward, Tommy and Kimberly met up at the park, wanting to talk alone.

"Why did you do what you did?" Kimberly asked him slowly.

Tommy hesitated. "I was...just...afraid of losing you, I guess."

"Then why couldn't you wait for Billy to come up with something?"

He shook his head. "It's about something that happened a long time ago."

"I'm listening," she assured him as she sat down under a tree.

"Well, okay. But the details are pretty ugly..." he warned. Looking into his girlfriend's eyes, he saw her give a look that said she wouldn't take no for an answer. He sighed. "It all happened in the Countdown. Jason and I were at the city limits, fighting for our lives. As you can probably guess, things weren't going very well. We didn't even have anything to morph with like Adam said he had done when he helped out the Astro Rangers." Tommy paused, thinking of what to say next. "That's when Zedd showed up. He stood there, taunting us. Jase and I wanted so bad to go over there and wipe the smirk off of what face he had under that mask. But, he had something else up his sleeve." His eyes began to moisten, but he continued. "He brought out our families. Somehow, he had kidnapped them, started using them as hostages. His goons got hold of us, made us watch as he executed them...one by one..." Tears were starting to flow, and Kimberly put an arm around him for encouragement. "He...he killed them! Every one of them. That's why I couldn't wait. I didn't want to lose anyone else..." At this point Tommy lost all control. He broke down and started crying in his hands.

"Shhh, it's gonna be okay," Kimberly said, as if she were comforting a child. "You haven't lost me. I'm right here." She lifted his head, forcing her to look at him. "You'll never lose me again, Tommy. I love you, and I will sacrifice anything to be with you. We will be together. No matter what."

The two embraced, both crying tears of pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow. Their arms wrapped around each other in a bond that would never be broken.

Not by man.

Not by machine.

Not by hate.

They were together. Now....

And forever.