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Minerva's Note: The prologue and epilogue are told in third person and the inbetweenchapters are shown from the alternating perspectives of Nagi and Omi.



Omi was humming in his usual cheerful manner as he ambled back to the flower shop. He had just walked a short distance to deliver a dozen petunias to a customer.

Suddenly, he thought he sensed something behind him. He instinctively reached for a dart and was about to turn around when a cloth covered his nose and mouth. It smelled strange and caused Omi's vision to become hazy. Vaguely, he realised he was being pushed into a car. Then he knew no more.

My arms hurt, is the first thought that came to Omi's groggy mind several hours later. Opening his eyes, he discovered that his wrists were bound to a bar on the ceiling, suspending him in midair, of what appeared to be the efficiently furnished sitting room of a large flat. The room did not possess the cozy, lived-in aura that most similar rooms did. In fact, it was so unnaturally cold and stiff that being comfortable seemed forbidden. Perhaps it was the lack of windows and pictures adorning the walls or the absence of books and trinkets littering the coffee table. The room had all that it required and naught more.

"Mamoru!" a voice snapped, forcing Omi to cease focusing on the atmosphere of the room and look at the people inside of it instead.

Schuldich was smirking smugly. Farfarello was gliding his tongue across a blade. Nagi was staring at the eerily blank walls, seemingly bored. Crawford was regarding Omi, so it must have been him who had spoken. They were all too far away for him to kick. Weiss had speculated they were killed in the Esstet incident two weeks ago. Apparently not.

"I'm not a Takatori! I'm-"

"Bombay. Whatever." Crawford waved his hand dismissively. "It doesn't matter who you are because you and the rest of Weiss will soon be dead anyway. You all are assenting too much of a nuisance to us to live, but eliminating you is proving slightly more difficult than we'd guessed, and we haven't the time to analyze you. If you give us the information we need to destroy your teammates we'll make your death quicker and less painful."

"I'm not that weak or selfish. I won't tell you anything!" replied Omi bravely.

The smirk on Schuldich's face broadened. "I can easily get the info without your cooperation. Then we can kill you as leisurely as we want and you'll wish you had told us."

"Do it then," Omi said fiercely. Well, fierce for Omi.

"If you don't change your mind we will," assured Crawford lazily cleaning his spectacles on his shirt, more for dramatic effect than necessity, before replacing them on the bridge of his nose. "Right now we have other business to attend to."

Farfarello muttered, "I know we're all packed and ready to go be body guards for that fat Swedish man for the week, but we can't leave the kitten of Weiss here alone."

"True." Crawford thought for a moment. "Nagi, you stay here with him."

Nagi glanced at Crawford, the first movement he had made since Omi had been conscious. "What?"

"You're not deaf. You heard me."

"Why do I have to kitten-sit?"

"As the leader I must go. We'll need Schuldich to read the minds of people around our client to determine who means him harm. If Farfarello stays with him there won't be anything left to question of Bombay when we return. That leaves you."


"No 'buts,' Nagi." He, farfarello, and Schuldich grabbed their suitcases and headed towards the door. "You can't kill Bombay or torture him to the point of being unable to provide us with the erudition. Other than that feel free to punish him as you see fit if he misbehaves."

"Or if you just want to have fun," added Schuldich with a wink as the threesome departed.

Nagi slowly turned away from the exit to face Omi.

The young Weiss member braced himself for pain. He was immensely stupefied when he felt the pressure on his wrists release and he was dropped unceremoniously to the floor.

Pointing to one of the six doorways stemming out of the sitting room Nagi monotonously informed, "That's the guestroom. You sleep there. The room next to yours is the bathroom. The others are our bedrooms, so stay out if you know what's good for you. The eat-in kitchen is next to this room. Breakfast is at eight, lunch is at half passed twelve, and dinner is at six. If you're not in there when I cook I won't feed you 'cause I don't care wether you're hungry or not. The whole apartment is full of detectors of my own design; the only thing trying to escape would do is annoy me. It wouldn't help you. Any questions?"

Omi watched his archenemy warily. "Why are you being nice to me?" Well, almost nice, he thought. Reflexively, he felt to see if he still had his darts. He didn't.

Nagi smiled thinly, though there was no warmth or joy in it. "No one in Schwartz is 'nice.' The others are unnecessarily cruel, while I am just ruthless. What's wrong? Do you want to be attached to the ceiling for an entire week?"

"No," Omi quickly responded, not desiring to exert his captor's indubitably limited amount of generosity.

"I'll keep that in mind." Nagi strolled into his bedchamber without another word.

Whether Nagi's last statement was a threat of a promise of consideration Omi could not deduce.

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