"Who the Hell is Hugh?" queried Yoji.

Omi ignored him and ran to the pile of rubble that had once been a building. "Nagi!"

"Nagi? Isn't he the small Schwartz member that was upset when he thought the girl with the evil umbrella died?" Ken asked Yoji.

Yoji barely nodded. His attention was focused on Omi, who was dragging a limp body out of the debris.

"Please, wake up, Nagi!" he practically screeched.

Aya gaited over to Yoji, Ken, and Omi. He glimpsed the motionless body Omi was cradling against his chest. Aya commented, "Then all of Schwarz is dead. I just saw the other three over there and none of them had a pulse."

"NOOO!" Omi cried, holding Nagi closer.

"Omi, what's wrong with you?" Aya demanded.

"Nagi did this to protect me. He can't be gone. He can't die. Now that he's shown how much he cares I don't want to live without him. I - I love him." His tears fell on Nagi's wan face.

"What!" the others exclaimed in shock.

"Shut up. I have a headache."

A smile lit Omi's features. "Nagi!"

"That's me," drawled Nagi, oblivious to the notion that he'd nearly perished because he had been so concerned for Omi.

The most youthful Weiss member gazed imploringly at his teammates. "He can come stay with us, can't he?"

"Absolutely not. He's an enemy," responded Aya briskly.

"But I love him and I know he loves me even if he won't say it, so I know he wouldn't hurt any of you 'cause you're important to me. He's a great assassin too. Besides, he's all alone now that Schwarz is dead."

"They all died?" interrupted Nagi. "Even Crawford?"

Sympathetically, Omi answered, "Yeah." Nagi bowed his head and took a deep shuddering breath. "You okay?"

Nagi glanced up at Omi. His eyes were dry. "You're all right, so I'll be fine."

Omi smiled warmly before continuing earnestly to the others, "He's all alone now and is too young to be out in the world by himself." Had Nagi's body not been aching in parts he had not previously realised existed he would have objected to that statement. "He wouldn't be any trouble. I'd let him sleep in my room and we'd leave the door open at all times. Plus, he's really quiet and makes spectacular food. Please!"

"Spectacular food, eh?" Yoji stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Aya, maybe you ought to give the kid a break."

Aya reluctantly sighed, "Very well, but only for a night or two."


One month later Omi and Nagi entered the flower shop.

"Hi," greeted Ken. "How was school?"

By this time Yoji and Ken could mouth the words along with Nagi, for he invariably possessed the same reply: "How do you think it was? It was crowded and loud, and I shouldn't have to go because I know more than the teachers."

Omi said pleasantly, "It was great, thanks. What happened here?"

Ken shrugged. "Nothing exciting. Yoji put neon pink leotards in my closet, so I hit him with my soccer ball repeatedly."

"I know the chibis had a more exciting day," commented Yoji with a smirk. "School let out two hours ago, yet they're just coming home now. I wonder what they were doing for those two long hours." He wriggled his eyebrows suggestively over his sunglasses.

Omi's face became crimson and he stuttered, "Um, we were...you see - er...I, uh, I, uh..."

Yoji's smirk broadened. "I, uh? Aya, I think Omi wants you!"

Coming to Omi's rescue, Nagi said crisply, "We got here before the store opened. Does it matter what we were doing?"

"Of course not," supplied Ken.

Ken treated Omi and Nagi like friends, and Nagi enjoyed that; like all of his feelings this attribute was ambiguous to others. Yoji treated them like younger brothers that he was fond of, but fond of annoying them more. Aya always considered Omi a child and occasionally considered him an idiot (Then again, he thought almost everyone was an idiot.), though he clearly cared for Omi since he frequently attempted to protect him. Aya had been displeased when his fellow Weiss members insisted that Nagi be permitted to infinitely live with them, yet he could not disagree with all three of them. He still did not like Nagi, however, he had developed a grudging respect for him since the telekinetic was the only individual that could hold his cold scrutiny with an equally emotionless expression.

Aya strolled into the room. "Quit your gossiping and make yourselves useful. We open in five minutes."

Nagi held up his hand and two aprons instantly gravitated to his palm. He donned one and handed Omi the other.


"You're welcome."

"Little Nagi remembered his manners." Yoji clapped. "We should give him a gold star."

Omi doubled over with laughter and Nagi's dark eyes twinkled with amusement, though he eschewed from grinning. They were recalling when Nagi had mentioned gold stars when he'd been 'kitten-sitting.'

Not comprehending the cause of the laughter, Ken murmured, "Has Omi taken his medication today?"

'Obviously not," chuckled Yoji, beginning to lift up the shop door. He witnessed two pairs of slender calves. He knew those legs. Throwing open the door he enthusiastically welcomed, "Aya-chan! Sakura!"

"Hi, Yoji," they returned cheerfully and meandered over to Aya through the potted plants. Aya-chan embraced him and he actually smiled at her before nodding in acknowledgement to Sakura.

Taking that as her cue, Sakura said, "Your sister and I are going out to dinner tonight. Want to come?"

Yoji reminded Aya, "Manx said we wouldn't have another mission until next week since they haven't decided what type of assignment to send Siamese on, so you can go." Siamese was Nagi's codename because he looked cute, elegant, and harmless.

"All right," concurred Aya.

Omi watched the exchange contentedly. "He loves them." He turned to Nagi. "And I love you."

"I know."

"Let's try again: I love you."

"You should."


The psychic allowed himself a minute simper. "I love you too, Omi."

Sakura beamed brightly and Aya-chan ejaculated, "Great! See you later, Ran." The duo scurried out of the store.

Without further ado Weiss opened the shop. They were obligated to endure clingy fan girls and hopefully sell a few flowers.

Minerva's Note: If you don't want to believe Schwarz died that's okay. After all, one's pulse usually needs to have stopped for over two minutes before doctors truly know that they're dead. Also, there's a way to make it appear like your heart is not beating (I forget how) and if Schwarz just had a building fall on them they'd know their bodies wouldn't be in the best condition for fighting, so faking death and seeking vengence later would be better. I enjoy this epilogue because I finally got to put a lot of Weiss in the story, but I want to know what YOU think! Please review and let me know.