Cut my Life into Pieces

Chapter 1 Party Revealings

Author's note: I do not own Fruitsbasket of its characters. This story contains violence and profanity.

Everything surrounding him was blurry. He was beginning to see double-vision. Stumbling through the party, he tripped going up the stairs. Getting up, he slowly made his way clumsily towards the bathroom.

His silky silver hair was hanging in his face aand his lavender eyes were glazed over and he colapsed by the toilet after closing the door.

Being a raver was no way to live. He wasn't sure why he had screwed his life up like this. Maybe it was because...

There was a knock at the door. He didn't even have the energy to tell the person to go away. The door opened and he looked up to see a black and white haired teenager.

"" He whispered. His head slumped to the side as he wasn't able to hold it up any longer.

"Jesus Christ Yuki, what the hell happened to you?" Haru kneeled down next to his drugged up cousin. "I saw you come in here and you didn't look so good."

"Haru...what're you doing here?" Yuki spoke slowly.

"Uh...anyways, we need to get you home...who is there right now?" Haru looked concerned at his cousin who looked ready to throw up.

"Shigure went out with Ayame and Hatori and Honda-san is spending the night with friends." Yuki colapsed on Haru, his head laying in Haru's lap.

"Umm, what about Kyo?" Haru expected the rat to start yelling at the mention of the cat.

"Kyo..." Yuki whispered. Tears welled up in his eyes. "Kyo...hates me..."

"Kyo doesn't hate you...he just doesn't like you at all." Hare didn't think he was helping much. "Besides, since when do you care what Kyo thinks?"

"Heh..." Yuki gave a weak smile. "I've always cared what Kyo thinks."

Haru stared for a moment at his cousin before it dawned on him.

" do you feel about Kyo?" Haru brushed Yuki's bangs out of his eyes.

"Haru...I him." He smiled weakly again before falling into complete darkness.

"Yuki..." Haru whispered, looking down at his unconcious cousin. "Out of all the people in the would you could've fallen for...why Kyo?"

He pulled the rat up and left the party, carrying him.

At Shigure's house, all was silent. The house was dark and seemed as though no one was home. Haru layed Yuki down on the couch. Kyo should've been here, he thought to himself.

"Hey...where the hell have you been Yuki!" Haru turned around to see an orange haired teen.

" quiet." He whispered.

"Haru...what the hell are you doing here?" Kyo looked slightly startled.

"Yuki...what's wrong with him?" Kyo stared at the rat. "Not that I actually care."

"He was at a party. Probably shared some drugs with someone." Haru shrugged. "He'll be ok later when it's out of his system."

"Kyo, can you do me a favor and watch over Yuki?" Haru brushed Yuki's hair out of his face.

"What! You want me to take care of that damn rat!" Kyo hissed.

"Kyo...stop getting all pissed for 5 seconds and just try to think of Yuki not as the rat but as Yuki." Haru sighed. He wondered what Kyo would say if he knew that Yuki didn't hate him. In fact, Yuki loved Kyo which made it all the more interesting. Kyo looked as though he couldn't say a word.

"Yuki hates me and I hate him, so that's how it is!" Kyo screamed.

"Not entirely true." Haru said plainly. "Yuki doesn't really hate you and I'd bet he'd give his life to save you..."

"Why would he do that! The damn rat!" Kyo turned and left. Haru watched him the orange haired cat leave.

"Heh. I have a feeling things are going to get a lot worse..." He got up to leave and looked at Yuki. "Before they get better."

With that last thought, he left the house.

Author's note: Read and Review please. I love Haru. He's awesome. In this story he seems to be the wise one, I didn't do that on purpose.