-Several hours later outside the mansion-

Xavier's private limousine drove onto the grounds of the estate. It came up the driveway and parked in front of the mansion. The driver's side door opened and Ororo elegantly left the car and gently closed the door. A few seconds later the passenger's side door abruptly opened and Evan came out looking even more intimidating than usual.

Aunt and nephew walked side-by-side towards the mansion and walked through the front door. Once in the entryway, a delighted Charles Xavier greeted them.

He rolled up to them, "Evan it is good to see you again my boy."

Evan let a small smile slip, "Hi Professor. How have things been going for you and the others?"

Xavier smiled, "Well generally speaking the other students and faculty seem to be fine..." he trailed off at the end of his sentence.

Evan peeked an eyebrow in interest, "But?"

Xavier sighed, "Bobby seems to be going through a situation that you yourself have dealt with in the past."

Evan nodded completely understanding the situation in question, "So you want me to try and talk to him before he goes out and does something stupid."

Xavier looked into the younger man's eyes, "I'd advise you to use an extreme amount of caution. Bobby is…"

Evan snorted, "A jerk?"

Xavier shook his head, "He has been through a great trauma, and coupled with his new mutation… It's left him some what agitated and arrogant."

Evan smirked, "Just like dealing with Maximoff." He started walking towards the stairs, "I won't be staying for dinner. I need to pick up supplies for the Morlocks."

As he ventured up the stairs Xavier looked to Ororo, "Evan has grown into a strong young man."

-A few minutes later in Bobby and Sam's room-

Bobby had fallen asleep with Jubilation in his arms. She was still tightly wrapped in her comforter. Both teens lie in Bobby's entirely oblivious to the outside world, like nothing else in the world mattered at all. It seemed as if they were just content to be in each other's company. But as any of us know, the most perfect moments in our lives are always interrupted and cut short.

A knock at the door startled both teens into consciousness. Bobby slowly got out of bed and glared at the door. He steadily made his way to the distraction and placed his hand on the knob. He calmed himself down before he swung open the door to reveal Evan, the long lost member of the X-Men.

Evan looked around the room, as if just being there was a huge inconvenience to the young bone covered mutant. He finally settled his eyes on Bobby, "So I hear you're completely made of ice now."

Bobby looked Evan up and down. His bone armor reduced in size but still covered his chest and shoulders, he also had knee guards that stretched down to his ankles and his bone helmet had been reduced in size to appear more like a crown, "What's up with the new head piece? Sewer people make you king or something?"

Evan began grinding his teeth, "Same old Bobby, always making jokes when he feels inferior."

Bobby chuckled, "You know I've read Dr. McCoy's file on you, and you shouldn't be making inferior jokes, especially to me."

Evan glared at the icy teenager, "Yeah?" He produced a spike on his forearm and it began glowing with an extreme heat. He held it close enough to Bobby so that he could feel the heat radiating off of it, "What did it have to say?"

Bobby smirked, "Well for one it said that you're prone to anger and impulsive." He looked at the glowing spike and blew an artic breath on it, which caused it to immediately freeze over, "It also said that at best you're a beta level mutant."

Evan completely lost his composure and flung three spikes at him, "I'm more than powerful enough to handle you," The projectiles punctured Bobby's chest and remained there. Jubilation just cocked her head to the side and wondered what her boyfriend was up to.

"Owe," Bobby said with a smirk. He shifted his icy body and allowed the spikes to fall to the ground. He lifted his hand and Evan watched as the moisture in the air gathered into his hand and began to turn into an artic vapor. Bobby smiled, "You know what a beta's power means to an omega?"

Evan's eyes widened in shock, "No…" he was immediately cut off as Jubilation sent a flurry of fireworks at him. Sending him flying back into the wall rendering him unconscious.

Bobby turned to face her. She smirked, "Nothing."

Bobby's eyes were wide in shock, "Jubes, why did you do that?"

She smiled and looked up to the man that she loved, "I only finished what you were about to do." the way she looked at him rendered him speechless. He could only see the cold in her eyes.

He had obviously influenced her in a short amount of time; he didn't want to be like this anymore. He wanted to be the old Bobby, the funny Bobby, and the carefree Bobby. She had stuck by his side when everyone else wanted to question his ethics. She comforted him while others merely avoided him. She had been the one positive aspect in his new life and he didn't want to have such a negative impact on her.

He shuddered, for once in his life feeling cold, "Jubes I'm sorry." He reached out to her and touched her arm. He shook his head and raised his body temperature until he shifted into a watery form and then finally into water vapor. He took one last look at Jubilation and allowed himself to slip through the ventilation system.

Logan ran through the door, "Dammit I'm too late." He looked at Jubilation and noticed how sad she was, "What happened?"

Jubilation met the Canadian's eyes with her own; "He left me here."

Logan looked at the unconscious Spyke and looked back at the young girl, "Did you do this?"

Jubilation pulled her knees close to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, "I thought it was what he wanted."

Logan shook his head, "Sparky, he's in a tough place right now. Just give him time."

-A few hours later-

Soon after the events took place everyone in the mansion had been informed. Evan had departed the mansion in order to gather his supplies. The X-Men had been dispatched into the city to gather groceries for the mansion's occupants. The New Mutants had been sent down to the Danger Room as to try and focus their feelings on something else besides Bobby, Jubilation had of course been excused from the activities and she sat in the living quietly crying.

Xavier wheeled himself into living room and looked towards the young girl, "Jubilation?"

She whipped away a few stray tears and looked in his general direction, "Yes Professor?"

Xavier placed his hands in his laps, "I found Bobby. I wanted to tell you first, before everyone bombards him with questions and accusations. He's in the backyard at the edge of the estate."

She got up and ran towards the back of the mansion, tears streaming from her eyes.

-Several second later-

Jubilation pushed herself and didn't stop until she got to the gazebo. She stopped and rested for a moment to catch her breath. She saw Bobby standing at the edge of the cliff with his arms full extended, parallel to the ground.

She took a step forward, "Tell me why you left? Please will you do that?"

He looked up to the sky; "I didn't know you'd do that for me."

She smiled, "I'd do anything for you."

He shook his head, "That's the problem; I don't think you should be around me anymore."

More tears began to flow from her eyes, "But you need me and… I need you."

He finally turned around, arms dropped down to his sides, "You're like my guardian angel Jubes. I want you to be pure again, to be warm… I can't be warm anymore."

She took another step forward, "I don't care about that!"

He smiled, "But I do. I'm going to leave for a while."

She was stricken with a sorrow that wrapped itself around her heart, "I just want to be with you. I want to wake up every morning and find you lying next to me."

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, "Maybe in another life, you'll find me there." He leapt off the edge of the cliff. She ran to the edge and watched as he plummeted to the water below. He fell with an incredible speed, and just as quickly as he leapt, he was gone.

Swallowed by the current, only a vague promise to be with the one he loved echoing through her mind, "Then I'll wait for that life."