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He felt dizzy and the world wouldn't keep still, or talk loud enough. He couldn't hear his own thoughts, and his body felt like led. This was hell, and he could hear the faint sound of the train coming closer. Yes, that's what he was supposed to be doing, waiting for the train that would take him to where he needed to be.

His feet were poking out over the platform, and the train was coming closer and closer. If he didn't move soon, he would a Naruto-cake, but that didn't matter, as long as he got to his destination. He was waiting, and if he didn't get there soon, he would leave him behind for good. A little wobble and the train was dangerously close, but seconds before his body and train would make contact, someone pulled him back.

That's all Uzamaki Naruto could remember, or he thought he was remembering, maybe he was dreaming because his world was black and fuzzy, and he could see black eyes peering down at him.

Uchiha Sasuke had been in the right place, at the right time, like usual. He had been waiting for the train himself, and being the observant person he was, noticed the blonde boy's body dangerously close to the platform. He would move, for sure, or so he thought, but when the boy didn't move and the train came closer, it was only instinct to move forward and pull him back.

Saving another person's life hadn't been on his to-do list today, but at least watching someone get demolished by a train wasn't on there either. Looking down at the teenager in his arms, because the boy couldn't stand up by himself, he noticed the hazy and far-off look in his eyes. There was a pink flush to the boy's face and his body felt like it was on fire. He was sick, too sick, that stupid voice inside of his head kept telling Sasuke he should take the boy home and nurse him back to health, but only because it was the right thing, not because he thought the boy was cute.

"Hey, hey," he shook the boy gently, trying to get his attention, "what's your name?"

The boy closed his eyes in confusion before reopening them and grinning at Sasuke. "Uzamaki Naruto." His voice was heavy with the fever and need for sleep. He coughed hard, before closing his eyes and that was all Sasuke got from the boy.

Sighing, Sasuke shifted his pack, and then managed to get Naruto onto his back to carry him home. He was glad the boy didn't weigh much, because the trek home was a long one. People kept staring at him as he walked through the streets of Tokyo to his high-standard flat high above the streets.

When they finally did get home and inside the door of his apartment, Sasuke carefully placed Naruto on his own bed. Rolling his shoulders to relax his muscles, he moved out of the bedroom to his kitchen to get a glass of water for Naruto. He couldn't help thinking of why the boy could be so sick, and so stupid to travel while he was this sick. He got a cup and filled it up but he leaned back to look into his bedroom. Naruto still lay on the bed, and hadn't moved an inch. Probably too tired, or unconscious, Sasuke thought.

Taking the glass of water, he headed back into the bedroom. Naruto was snoring lightly, and there was a frown on his features. Sasuke couldn't help but frown himself, wondering what Naruto could be dreaming up. He didn't wish to wake the other up, so carefully he sat Naruto up, and brought the glass to his lips. Naruto's lips parted, and Sasuke tipped the water into his mouth slowly. The water came up a few times from Naruto's lack of consciousness, but Sasuke got most of the water into Naruto, and lowered him back into a comfortable position.

Sasuke sat for a moment, looking at the snoring blonde. He reached a hand out to push away a stray lock of sunshine colored head, before sighing himself. Guess he would be sleeping on the couch, again tonight. In less than twenty-four hours, he had another sleeping in his bed.


The sun hurt like a bitch, and Naruto now had a stronger dislike then he had ever had before. Rolling onto his side to avoid the rays, he realized that this wasn't his bed, and this wasn't his bedroom. It was too neat and organized, and the bed felt like it had rarely been used. A spring was digging into his side, and he rolled again hopeful that there would be no other springs, and right into the side of something, better yet, someone.

Jumping, he moved back from the corner of the bed, and fell off the bed. Now he had two other things to add to his hate list, headaches and corners of beds. Rubbing the back of his head, he looked up through blue eyes to see black ones meeting his own. They were vaguely familiar, but still, they sent a shiver down his spine. "Ummm… hi!" And oh shit, even talking hurt his head now.

"Are you alright?" Someone asked, and Naruto guessed it was the owner of the black eyes. His voice had a straight edge to it, not too loud and not too quiet either, and he talked as if he owned the place. Oh wait, he did. The other came around the side of the bed and placed a hand on Naruto's arm. "Here, let me help you up." And with that, Naruto found himself back on the bed, a wet cloth on his head, and snuggled deep under a pile of blankets.

"Where am I?" Naruto dared to ask, as the other straightened the blankets and made sure Naruto was comfortable. "At my house." The spiked, black-haired man replied, heading towards the door.

"And who are you?"

"Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke replied, before closing the door behind him, leaving Naruto to think.


When Sasuke returned, he found Naruto fast asleep, half of the blankets on the floor and his shirt ridden up to expose a bellybutton. Sasuke was tempted to lean down and kiss the cute bellybutton, but shook it away and placed the soup he had prepared for Naruto on the bedside table. "Hey, Naruto." Sasuke shook Naruto to wake him, and after a few minutes, pale lashes fluttered and he was greeted with pretty blue eyes. "Numeh?"

He's pretty when he's just woken up. Sasuke thought, before mentally slapping himself. Don't think like that. You are just being a friendly citizen, and nothing more.

"I brought you some chicken soup," Sasuke said, gesturing towards the soup bowl, "it's supposed to help you get better, or something."

Naruto nodded his head, pushing himself up almost to fall back down, but Sasuke caught him. "You're not strong enough yet to sit up by yourself. I'll help you eat."

Sasuke managed to get onto the bed, and behind Naruto. He pulled Naruto back against his chest, and Naruto squeaked. "I-it's alright, I can eat by myself."

"No you can't, dobe."

"What did you just call me?"


"Well fuck you, teme."

And with that, a spoonful of chicken was stuffed into Naruto's mouth.


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