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He couldn't breathe, he just couldn't breathe, but Naruto found himself liking it, liking it a lot. It felt weird; Sasuke's tongue pushing up against his, another tongue just being in his mouth was weird. But he enjoyed it, he enjoyed it a hell of a lot more then he thought he would.

Sasuke's hands were resting on Naruto's waist, squeezing while his tongue was tasting; feeling, making sure he touched every part of Naruto's mouth that he could. But he couldn't breathe either, and even though he liked it, they had to breathe soon. Sasuke pulled away from Naruto, and then looked down into clear blue eyes that were slightly fuzzy. He couldn't help but smile, Naruto looked so cute with that expression on his face. "Sasuke…" Naruto took a deep breathe, and the a smile broke out onto his normally blank face.

"I liked that." Naruto said, resting his forehead against Sasuke's and taking another deep breath. Sasuke's smile grew wider. He had always found anything sexual a real ease to cope with. Sasuke had kissed his fair share of boys and girls, and never since his first kiss, had he been nervous about kissing someone, but he had been with Naruto. He was most afraid of Naruto's rejection, Naruto's hate. He never wanted Naruto to look at him with hatred and turn a cold shoulder, Sasuke found himself wanting Naruto to always, always smile upon him, no matter what. Naruto's smile made everything better.

So Naruto's acceptation of the kiss made the world he had been carrying on his shoulders just disappear. Naruto had liked it, he had fairly enjoyed it, and Sasuke wanted to keep kissing Naruto, keep seeing that look on Naruto's face after they kissed, but there were more serious matter, Sasuke wanted Naruto with him all the time.

Sasuke wrapped his arms tighter around Naruto's thin waist, and then flopped back into a chair, bringing Naruto along with him so that Naruto was sitting in his lap. Naruto snuggled up against Sasuke, burying his head into the crook of Sasuke's neck. "Naruto, would you like to come back to Tokyo with me?" Sasuke dared to ask, and was answered with silence. Naruto was thinking. There was nothing here for him except for his parents, and Sasuke wanted Naruto to have everything, a chance in life, everything. But when Naruto replied, Sasuke was surprised. "Sasuke, I have two conditions. One, we stay here for the rest of the summer, and two, we get married."

A truck had hit Sasuke. "You… you what?"

"I want to stay here till the end of the summer, and we get married. We have to get married, I promised Dad and Daddy that I would." Naruto replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He had promised them he would get married to a very respectable woman, but Naruto was sure they wouldn't care if he got married to Sasuke. If they got married, that would prove that Sasuke loved him enough to always stay with him. But people got divorced, but still, it would show that Sasuke was at least dedicated to him, dedicated enough not to care about society, or what it would do to his company, dedicated enough to announce all his love for Naruto.

"I… Naruto," Sasuke sighed, "yes Naruto, we'll stay here till the end of the summer and get married. One of these nights, Naruto, I'm going to propose to you, in the most romantic way you could possibly think of." Naruto giggled, and then nodded his head and Naruto's blond strands tickled Sasuke's neck. "But you can't tell anyone that we're going to get married, not till I propose, you'll ruin the surprise. Promise?" Sasuke felt soft lips against his cheek and turned his head to look down at Naruto. There was love shinning in Naruto's eyes, and Sasuke leaned down and connected their lips again.

Naruto was content with his life at this point. He was reunited with his parents, had enough friends, and was currently head over heels for the owner of Uchiha Corp., Uchiha Sasuke, and for once, Sasuke loved him back. Sasuke loved him dearly, showered him with kisses and presents, and showed him all the things Naruto had missed in life, like what it had felt like to ride in a limousine. Now, that had been fucking amazing. But Naruto didn't like being away from Sasuke, but Sasuke was away, canceling meetings and making arrangements for who would take care of this and that.

Daddy had said to preoccupy his time with something else. Do something that would take his mind away from Sasuke, away from how much his heart ached, and by the way, Daddy had squealed with joy when Naruto and Sasuke had told him that they were in a relationship, and Dad had only grunted and had a 'man-to-man-I'll-kill-you-if-you-break-his-heart' talk with Sasuke.

Naruto had decided on going to the shops for a while. Get some comic books and movies to watch while he waited for Sasuke to get back from his three-day trip. Oh God, he had to stop thinking about Sasuke. He was flipping through some magazines in the bookstore, when he found a magazine on weddings. The grandest weddings celebrities were having, and nice simple ones readers had written in about. Naruto hadn't wanted to look at it, he didn't want to push the subject on Sasuke, but still, one little peek wouldn't hurt.

Glancing around, he lowered himself into a seat near by and opened the magazine a little ways in. There was a picture of a wedding dress some celebrity had gotten married in. Well, that wouldn't help Naruto at all. He planned on wearing a tuxedo to his wedding, not a dress. But there was also a picture of the chapel they had gotten married in. It was beautiful, set against a hill, with those high chapel walls and stain glass windows. It was small, but it was beautiful, and Naruto could see himself getting married in a chapel like that. Somewhere nice, but it didn't have to be big. Naruto decided he would take the magazine with him, keep it under the bed and away from wondering eyes.

Standing, he grabbed another magazine, this one something about teenagers, and made his way to the register. After an awkward conversation with the cashier about the lucky girl Naruto was marrying, and some idle chatting, Naruto left the bookstore.

I'm going to get married! Naruto had to stop himself from jumping up and down like a teenage girl.

"Sakura, I'm going away for the summer. All I want you to do is check up on my apartment once in a while." Sasuke was irritated. Sakura wouldn't stop bugging him with questions of why he was going away for the summer; it wasn't any of her damn business. He just wished the girl would nod her head and keep her nose out of his business. Didn't she have anything else to occupy her time?

"But Sasuke-kun, where and why are you going?" Sakura persisted, following Sasuke into his bedroom where there were two suitcases on the bed, half-packed. She leaned against the doorframe as Sasuke opened his closet, grabbing his shirts and just throwing them into the suitcase. Sakura sighed, coming over and taking the shirts out, this time folding them and putting them back in. "You have to fold your clothes, or you won't be able to carry all the things you need." Once you got past her pink hair, and annoying attributes, Sakura could be very sensible and a good person to have as a friend, but it was very hard to get past her pink hair and annoying attributes.

Sasuke turned to look at her as she took clothes out, folded them, and then put them back in the suitcase. She was right; Sasuke had a lot more room. He sighed, rolling his eyes before giving in. "Alright, I met someone. And I'll be in Nagasaki." Sakura stopped mid fold, looked at Sasuke, before continuing. "And does this someone have clear blue eyes and blonde hair?" He narrowed his eyes at the girl, before slowly nodding his head. Sakura smiled, zipping up the suitcases and going back out of the bedroom. "I met him once before, Sasuke-kun, I remember the way you looked at him."

Sasuke grabbed his suitcases, going out the door and stopping beside Sakura at the front door. "How could you remember, you were so upset I had someone else in the apartment." Sakura giggled, opened the door and gestured for Sasuke to leave. "Just shut up and get going. I have your cell phone number if I need you for anything, and vice versa." Sasuke nodded his head, giving the girl a quick hug, before taking his suitcases and heading for the limo that would to take him to the airport and back to Naruto.

When Sasuke arrived home at Naruto's house, he dragged his suitcases up the stairs, into their bedroom, and left them on the bed. He would unpack later, he wanted to find his Naruto and hug him, and it had been such a long time since he had. Loosening his tie, he went back downstairs and into the kitchen, finding a note left by Naruto.

Dad and Daddy,

I went to the shops for a bit. Be back later.

Love, Naruto.

That's right; Naruto wouldn't be expecting him back till tomorrow, and both Iruka and Kakashi were away at work. Sasuke sighed; he would have this whole house to himself till one of them got back.

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