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Chapter 13

"Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me Baby
Or leave me
Take me Baby
Or leave me"

Greg leaned forward and kissed Ryan gently in the lips, sliding his hand behind Ryan's head to hold him closer while pushing him against the wall. Ryan kissed him back, harder and fiercer, touching Greg's cheek. Pulling away, Greg smiled hazily at Ryan. "I want you," he whispered, leaning in and kissing him again.

Though Greg had said it before, Ryan's breath still hitched when he heard those words. "Well, then," he whispered throatily against Greg's lips, "what are we waiting for? Let's go over to the bed."

Smiling, Greg pulled back and cocked his head playfully. "Why?" he asked, grinning. "The bed's got all my shit all over it. Besides, I want to take you right here and right now."

Ryan raised an eyebrow. "Right here? Against the wall?" he asked, kissing Greg again, ending by biting Greg's lip gently. "Forgive me for quoting Paris Hilton, but that's hot."

Raising an eyebrow as well, Greg slid his hands under Ryan's shirt and tugged it off, a smirk curving his lips. "Really? Well, I think it's gonna get a lot hotter in here." He threw Ryan's shirt across the room, musing aloud, "I wonder why we've never done this before."

Simply smiling, Ryan pulled Greg's shirt off as well. He traced Greg's scars with his pointer finger, kissing the pinnacle of them as Greg shivered. "I love you," whispered Ryan before capturing Greg's mouth with his.

"I love you, too," mouthed Greg against Ryan's mouth, his hands heading southward. Within a few seconds, both men's pants were off, pooled on the floor, completely forgotten. Greg pushed Ryan against the wall, harder, nipping at his ear before moving down to nibble his neck.

Grinning, Ryan chuckled. "I hope you know I'm going to go into work with a hickey now. Honestly, the things I sacrifice for you—" He broke off, gasping, as Greg grasped a certain part of his anatomy.

"Act now, talk later," growled Greg, shoving Ryan into the wall, hard. "I want to fuck you, not chat with you."

Ryan ran his fingernails gown Greg's back, scraping him just hard enough to make Greg wince. "Your wish is my command."

An hour later, Greg stirred and raised his head. He and Ryan lay in one giant tangle of limbs, both exhausted from their ordeal. Looking down at Ryan, Greg began laughing quietly. Ryan opened one eye. "What's so funny?" he yawned.

"I think we may have permanently dented your wall," said Greg, grinning, as he bent to kiss Ryan's temple. "Not to mention the fact that all your neighbors probably heard you scream." He kissed Ryan again, longer this time, and deeper.

Ryan laughed and pushed him away, stretching. "You stop that, or you know what the result will be."

Grinning wickedly, Greg countered, "Maybe I want that result."

Rolling his eyes, Ryan submitted to Greg's ministrations. He smiled. "We did dent the wall, didn't we?" Looking at Greg, he, too, grinned. "I think next time, we should use my handcuffs."

"Oh, that's how you want it, hmm?" asked Greg, raising one eyebrow. "I believe we can make that accommodation." Pausing, he asked, "Where have we had sex at?"

Ryan raised both his eyebrows. "Um…the bedroom…and now against the wall of the bedroom. Why?"

Greg grinned, fiercely, wickedly and dirty. "Because I want to fuck you in every room of this house."

Grinning as well, Ryan straddled Greg. "Well, I think we can accommodate this for sure." He kissed him slowly and passionately, then stood. "I'll just go get my handcuffs, then."

Greg smiled. "Excellent," he said, lying back against the floor. "Excellent."

It was almost nine o'clock at night by the time Greg and Ryan had exhausted themselves. They lay on the couch, Ryan's head on Greg's chest and Greg's arms thrown casually around Ryan. Ryan yawned loudly and groaned. "I don't think I have ever been this sore in my life."

Cracking one eyelid, Greg smiled like a cat that got the cream. "You liked it and you know it."

Frowning, Ryan rolled his eyes and jabbed Greg in the ribs. "Greg, I'm hungry."

Greg raised an eyebrow. "Then get off your ass and go get some food."

"But I'm naked."

Looking down at himself, Greg remarked, "And I'm not?"

Ryan just looked at him pleadingly, playing up the puppy dog eyes to the max. "Please, Greg," he said, kissing him softly on the lips.

Greg groaned and shoved Ryan away from him crossly. "Oh, fine, you big baby. I'll get you your food." His eyes softened. "Besides, you know I can't resist you when you're like this."

He rolled off the couch and padded into the kitchen. Ryan yawned again and stretched contentedly, a small smile curling the corners of his mouth. Life was good. He still had Greg, and what else did he need?

Ryan propped himself up on one elbow and raised his eyebrow as Greg strolled back into the room sans food. "Greg, I thought I asked for some food."

"And it's on its way," said Greg evenly, flopping down onto the couch. "We have basically no food in this house, so I ordered us some Chinese."

Ryan smiled and snuggled up next to Greg, resting his head on Greg's chest. "I love you," said Ryan suddenly, grabbing Greg's hand and squeezing it gently. "I just thought you should know."

"I do know," said Greg seriously, turning Ryan's head so he could look at him. "And you know I love you." His brown eyes searched Ryan's. "No matter how much we fight, or anything, I still love you, forever."

Grinning gently, Ryan kissed Greg, softly and sweetly. "I know," he said. "I know." Pausing, he added, slightly embarrassed, "And thank you for forgiving me every time I screw up and do something stupid."

"Like calling me a slut?" supplied Greg, raising an eyebrow, a small smile touching his mouth.

Nodding once, sharply, Ryan avoided looking at him. "Yeah," he said, swallowing hard. "Like that." Looking up, he searched Greg's eyes. "You have forgiven me, right? 'Cause I really am sorry. I don't…I don't know what got into me."

Greg raised an eyebrow, his face serious. "Neither do I. When you get like that, you're not the same guy I fell in love with. You're like…some stranger, somebody I've never even met before" Pausing, he added softly, "You scare me."

Ryan looked at him, shock and sadness written all over his face. "Greg, I never meant to—" he started, but Greg cut him off.

"I know," he said. "I know. But it's in those moments that I doubt every reason why I came here. It's those moments that make me want to walk, to cut and run."

Nodding, Ryan said softly, "I just hope you know that if you were to leave, I don't know what I would do. I'd be…I'd be lost without you here. Every time I think about what's to come, in five years, or in fifty, I see you."

Greg squeezed his hand. "Hey," he said gently, "I don't plan on going anywhere, alright? You're stuck with me for a long time!"

Ryan leaned in and kissed Greg hungrily. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Groaning, Greg leaned back and said wearily, "I'll get it." He grabbed a pair of his boxers that had been casually thrown on the chair and put them on before heading to answer the door.

He opened it and raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Mikey!" He exclaimed. "I didn't know you worked for Ching Lee's Chinese Express."

Greg's friend Mike, the cross dresser, stood outside, grinning and wearing a skirt and polo shirt. "Well, I was between musical gigs, and I figured it's better than standing on a street corner, if you know what I mean." He gave Greg a once over and smiled widely. "My, my, Greggy, you do look good. I see you've gotten some muscle since San Fran."

"Well, you know," said Greg, grinning. "I couldn't stay a skinny, scrawny nerd forever. I had to change eventually."

Mike just grinned. "You know, with the man you are, you could get anybody. So why're you hanging around with…you know, him?"

Greg raised an eyebrow. "You mean Ryan? Mike, I love Ryan. I don't care about any other person."

"It's just a shame, that's all," said Mike, shaking his head. "The Greg Sanders I used to know wanted as many girls as he could get, and here he is, getting all domestic with a guy."

"Look," said Greg, beginning to get irritated. "This is how I want my life. And nothing you can say will change that."

Mike just grinned. "No, but maybe there's something I can do to change that."

He leaned in and kissed Greg, hard, just as Ryan walked in. Ryan stopped dead in his tracks. "Greg," he whispered, eyes blurring with tears.

Greg jumped away from Mike. "Ryan, look, it's not—" he started desperately, coming over to Ryan, but Ryan just backed away, eyes wide in hurt and horror.

"You said you weren't cheating on me and I believed you," said Ryan hollowly, the tears beginning to stream down his face as his anger grew. "I believed you!"

"Ryan," said Greg, softly, "Ryan, I swear to you, it is not what it looks like. I have never cheated on you, and I would never. Ryan, I love you!"

Ryan smiled bitterly and closed his eyes. "Bullshit," he said softly, then stronger, "Bullshit." He opened his eyes and stared at Greg, a cold fury settling over his face. "I stand with what I said at work. You are nothing more than a slut. Now pack up your clothes, pack up your shit, and get the hell out of my house, and get the hell out of Miami. Now."

Greg stared at him, mind racing through a thousand different ways to try and make this right and coming up empty. "Fine," he said quietly, swallowing hard. "Fine, I'm leaving, but I'm warning you, Ryan, this time I will not come back."

"Good," said Ryan coolly, and it was like a slap to Greg. "I don't want you here anymore."

Nodding curtly, Greg walked numbly into the bedroom and closed his suitcases. He slid his clothes back on from where they had fallen on the floor, and he walked back into the living room, crossing to the door. He looked back at Ryan, eyes swimming with a hundred different emotions. "I will still love you, Ryan," he whispered. "Forever."

With that, he left, closing the door softly behind him. Ryan sank to the floor and began to sob, holding his head in his hands. Greg was really gone.

"Guess I'm Leaving
I'm Gone!"

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