Wyatt meets Christian and Aaron,

A/N: Warning there maybe scenes of Sexual Nature, Strong language and act of violence. You have been warned. So No FLAMES…thank you.

Full Summary: This is crossover between Charmed and Latter days. The boys are dumbfounded when they find Christian and Aaron, but things starts to go hectic around the manor when these two gentle man arrive at their door step, since Christian and Wyatt are like identical Twins.


"Wyatt, Watch out." Chris shouted from the passenger seat, as Wyatt turned the SUV around the corner in one sharp cut. "Never...again I'm letting you Drive." Chris complained as he rubbed his throbbing temples.

"Calm down Bro," Wyatt smiled as he stepped on the gas. "It's your idea to take the SUV, so unless we drive faster the demons we are after is going to get away."

"Next time we Orb." Chris said very irritated by Wyatt's comment.

"Glad you see my way now." Wyatt said as the car screeches around the corner nearly hitting a taxi. Chris lets out a yelp, and the taxi driver honks his horn.

"Off the gas, off the gas," Chris shouts at Wyatt

"Chris, the demon we are after," Wyatt said keeping his eyes on the road. "Is not going to be waiting around for us to come and vanquish it."

Wyatt screeches around another corner and drives down an alley. "Stop" Chris shouts as Wyatt slams on the brakes in front of a warehouse. A tribe of demon clan is there around a group of young women's tied to a Pole and they all looked like they were beaten by the demons since they were wounded in places and tear streaks on their faces and near by them is another demon tribe sitting around a fire chanting.

Wyatt and Chris climb out and approach the warehouse to hear a chanting.

"On the count of three," Wyatt says holding his fingers up. "One…Two…Three, go."

They pull open the big metal door as it screeches its way open. "Hey you, big scary demons." Chris shouts out sarcastically as the demons turn around to see the new arrival.

At once fight brakes out. All the demons form a fireballs in their hands and throw at the boys, Chris TK back to some of them while Wyatt incarnated the fireballs half way to them. Then Chris uses his Elder Power as a Electric bold shot out of his hands and vanquished three demons, while on the other hand, Wyatt is playing with the demons as he used his TK power to dangle demons in mid-way, then to bang on to each other, then making them soar through the air as they made painful contact with the walls.

As time lapse, half of the demon tribe is gone, as Wyatt grounded the demons from shimmering, so they were stuck and now he was sitting down in a chair he conjured up and playing with demons like a toys using his powers, meanwhile Chris is the only one Vanquishing the demons, using Electric bolt, freezing power, exploding power and other powers he could think of and has.

Chris knew that the only reason Wyatt playing with the demons not vanquishing them is that because Chris loves vanquishing them and Wyatt only Tags along with Chris to make sure he doesn't get hurt and have fun with demons as if they were puppies, otherwise Wyatt is into a normal boring guys stuff as every one else is.

Chris was electrocuting the demons when he felt a flash of energy wiz pass him from behind, he turned around to see a Demon going up on flames as Wyatt taunted the demon.

"Sneaking up on my brother is not a clever move." He said shaking his index finger at the vanquished demon however this also caused the demons in the mid-air to shake like a rattle.

Chris turned back and started to blow the demons up when he noticed that they been here long enough, he flicked his wrist to blow two fireballs and at the same time he looked down at his wrist to check the time.

"Damn, is that the time already?" Chris moaned figuring his fun for the day is over as it's about dinner time. "Wyatt can you finish the rest, because we don't have time anymore."

"Wyatt stood up from his chair dropping the demons in the mid-air on to the floor as they scrambled to their feet's and got knocked into each other since Wyatt was spinning them around in the air like a cartwheel.

"Oh well." Wyatt said as he put his hands out and sended an energy blast as the golden power washed over the demons incarnating at the contact. "Don't worry bro, I promise we go on demon hunt tomorrow, how does that sound." Wyatt said noticing the disappointed in Chris face.

"Great." Chris spirit once again was lifted. Chris always enjoyed his hunt with his brother and it wasn't the same without him. "Well I guess its good thing that the innocents have passed out." he said as they approached six women who all seem to be fainted.

"Okay, how about you and I heal them," Chris said as Wyatt moved in to heal the fainted women. "Then we dust them."

"Sounds simple." He said as he watched the healed women groan. "How about you dust them and orb them."

"Naa," Chris said as he finished healing a woman. "Takes a lot of time, lets heal them first then we dust them."

Once every body was healed they all looked at Wyatt and Chris as if they were going to hurt them. "Don't worry ladies; you wouldn't remember a single thing." Chris said as he blew the memory dust on them as they passed out into a trance and then Chris recited a spell that will replace them from the moment they were taken.

A time for everything,

Everything its place,

Return them to their rightful space,

Before they were taken,

After this spell has spoken

Chris shrugged at the last line as they watched the woman's disappear in golden orbs.

"Nice job," Wyatt said patting Chris back.

"Thanks," Chris grinned back as they made their out of the warehouse.

"Yeah, cause only a geek could come up with rhyme in such a short time." Wyatt said as he ran away from Chris who chased him to their car.

The guys got into their car when Wyatt looked at his watch. "Well we still got plenty of time to pick up the dessert."

"Yeah, right," Chris said as he buckled his seat belt. "We don't have even time to go to the other side of the town to get the dessert. Only way is that one of us Orb there."

"Well you don't think we can get there?" Wyatt asked as he smiled mischievously at his brother.

"Oh No, Wyatt" Chris said but before he can protest the SUV disappeared in Swirling orbs.


(Meanwhile at San Francisco Airport)

Two man standing in front of the entrance with their luggage's on their trolleys. One man waved down a Taxi which stopped in front of them as the driver got out to help these men to load their suitcases into the car.

"Where you two like to go?" said the driver looking at the two men who seemed tired.

"To a nice hotel Please." said a man with a black hair, who was wearing a red polo shirt and black jeans while the other was wearing a blue polo shirt and black jeans.

"So Aaron, what was the surprise you told me," said the man to the blonde hair man he was with. "You are going to give me?"

"Not now Christian." said Aaron smiling mischievously at his boyfriend. "I show it to you, when we get to the hotel."


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