Aang awoke to the loud snores of Sokka.

He looked around, and spotted her.


She looked so beautiful when she slept.

The way her hair was when it was down, and her smooth skin.

Oh, how he wanted to be with her.

But he knew, he could never be with her. She was two years older than he, and, as much as he wanted her, he knew that she could get better.

Well, I suppose that now is as good a time to tell her as any. Aang thought.

"Katara," Aang whispered.

She shifted in her sleep, but remained sleeping

"Katara, I just wanted to tell you that…" he paused for a moment, drew a deep breath, and spat the rest out.

"That I… l…l…l…love you. There I said it. Even though you didn't hear me. I still said it."

Aang breathed a sigh of relief and went back to sleep.

Katara shifted in her sleep again. Now she was facing Aang.

"I love you, too, Aang. I love you, too." She whispered softly.


Then next morning, Aang was awoken by Katara.

"Wake up, sleepy head." She said to him in a low voice.

Aang awoke and looked at Katara, and then around him, and noticed that Sokka wasn't with them.

"Where is Sokka?" Aang asked Katara.

"He went out to get some fish for us, but here, I got you some barriers. I know you don't eat meat."

"Thanks, Katara." Aang said before going to eat his barriers with Katara watching.

"Aang," Katara said

"Yeah, Katara?" Aang replied.

"I was awake last night and I heard what you said."


"Aang, Aang, Aang, it's ok."

"No it isn't Katara. I LOVE you! And I can't have y…"

He was cut off before he could finish his sentence.

Still trying to ramble, he didn't notice at first what had stopped him from talking.

It was Katara's lips.

"Katara, no. We can't do this. As much as I love you, I can't deny you of a good man that you could have, instead of me."

"Aang, don't you get it by my kissing you? I love you, too."

"Oh, well, then."

They began kissing again and Aang soon found himself on top of Katara. His tongue going inside of her mouth. Her tongue going into his. A lifetime went by. Or at least what felt like one when they heard somebody yelling in an angry voice. Then Aang felt somebody pulling on his shirt. And he knew who it was.

"SOKKA!" Aang screamed as he quickly dodged a fist.

"IF YOU EVER," another fist, "TOUCH MY SISTER AGAIN," another fist, "I WONT MISS!" and another fist, this time actually hitting Aang, but only in the arm.

The only reason that this one missed Aang's face was because, right as the fist was going down, Sokka was hit with a giant guest of air and a water whip.

"Come on, Katara, we need to talk."

"Only after you apologize to Aang. And tell him that he and I can be kissing."


"APOLOGIZE, OR NO TALK!" Katara fired back.

"fine" Sokka whispered back.

"Aang, I am sorry that I threatened you. I just don't want my baby sister being hurt again."

There came another water whip and Sokka knew that he was in trouble.

He looked at Katara and asked. "Now, can we go on a walk and talk?"

Katara nodded.


"Katara, I'm not really upset that you two are involved, but I didn't like how I found you two."

"He and I talked "the talk", and just like I told him, you are too young for things like that," he stated.

Katara looked at him with anger and curiosity. Too young? I'm seventeen! I thing I could handle a make-out.

"Sokka, I am seventeen years old. I think that I could handle a little kissing," she said, repeating what she was thinking.

"No doubt that you probably could. But it is the things that it leads to, Katara. You both can't handle that, and you that I'm right. What if you got pregnant? Then what would you do?" Sokka argued, raising his voice a little.

Damn, he's right for once. "Sokka, I know what you're saying, and I agree," she said hesitantly. "But,"

"NO BUTS, KATARA!" he yelled before calming down again. "If you want to make out with him, fine, go ahead. But don't go to far, okay? All I'm saying is that you need to keep your mind straight." And with that, her brother walked back to camp.

Katara stayed processing everything that he had said.

He is right, completely right. But I'll show him that I can be responsible.


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