Summary: Maddie worries about Danny constantly, but he never shows any sign of talking to her. Luckily, Vlad gives her an opportunity to connect with Danny in a Mother/Son, Father/Daughter community service. Everything's perfect until the Wisconsin Ghost shows up, kidnaps Danny, and sends the volunteers to the Ghost Zone... Maddie's POV.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer goes for the rest of the chapters in this story. I DO NOT OWN DANNY PHANTOM! (trust me, I checked...)

I KNOW! I KNOW! I started a new story...don't remind me! I'm still trying to get over it myself. But Terrible Twos is almost complete and I was half way done with this chapter anyway...Not much of an excuse huh? Ah well, enjoy the story! It's Mother/Son, Father/Daughter stuff. And as always, BIG thanks to Epona Harper for betaing...


They say stay close to your friends, but closer to your enemies. There has to be a limit as to how close you can actually get to them. I mean, some people can't even get within five feet of their enemies and yet here I am, a smart, sensible woman, not only trapped with the greatest enemy in Amity Park, but I'm also stuck behind enemy lines.

Perhaps I should explain. My name is Madeline Fenton, or Maddie for short. I am one of the two world renowned ghost hunters in Amity Park. The second one being my husband, Jack. I think my two children, Jazz and Danny, are getting into it, too… no matter how much Jazz says she despises it. My profession and motherly instinct is what got me into this mess. Is it really too wrong to worry about your 14-year-old son? Maybe that's where the story really begins…

"MOM!" Jazz yelled from the top of the stairs, "Hurry up we don't want to be late!"

"I'm coming Jazz! I'm coming!" I shouted from the lab in our basement. I was working hard on a new ghost hunting weapon and really didn't want to be torn away, but my 16-year-old daughter would kill me if I didn't attend her Award Ceremony.

Every year, Casper High School gives out an award to the "Brightest and Most Spirited Student in Casper' as her teacher, Mr. Lancer, had put it. Jazz had been nominated for this along with four other students. She took the opportunity very seriously, and everything had to be perfect.

Rushing up the stairs, I abandoned my weapon and headed for my room to get ready.

"Please don't wear your jumpsuit Mom!" Jazz called after me, "Get dressed up nice! Dad that goes for you too!" She turned in the kitchen and yelled that last statement to my husband who was snacking on some fudge he had left in the kitchen.

Slamming my door shut, I made no attempt to waste a second. I slid open the closet door and (after pushing aside all of my green-blue jumpsuits) grabbed my nicest dress from the closet. It was honestly the only 'dress' I owned and was only worn once to my sister's wedding.

As I was clipping on my earrings a thought occurred to me. I hadn't seen Danny in a while now, and here Jazz was, barking out orders to us when there was no way my youngest child was anywhere more prepared. Slightly cracking open the door, I peeked down the stairs to see Jazz still yelling at Jack. Apparently Danny was the last thing on her mind.

"Jazz," I called from atop the stairs. "Where's Danny?" Jazz froze and looked up at me. Her expression never changed and for a split second I wished I could read minds. Finally she smiled and said:

"H-He's not up there with you? In his room?" Frowning, I turned the corner and vanished from my daughter's view. Jazz came running up the stairs and threw herself in between me and Danny's door.

"Jazz!" I yelled, a little shocked and somewhat annoyed at how my daughter wouldn't let me in. "Move…"

"I-I can't!" She shouted. I raised an eyebrow at her. "I-I mean, I can… but what if Danny's… changing! It's not polite to just… walk in on someone."

Oh, she was good. But she was hiding something, so slightly pushing her aside, I knocked on the door.

No answer.

"Danny," I called through the cracks. "Danny sweetie, are you in there?" I thought I heard a moan. I could've sworn I did! That's what made me open the door, despite Jazz's pleas.

Danny's room was a mess. Anyone could've told you that. He had clothes thrown everywhere, his bed was no where near made, and his widow and closet door were wide open. Everything was in Danny's room…everything but Danny.

"Jazz…" I said, trying to keep my anger low, "Where's your brother?"

"Uh…" She couldn't lie now. I beamed a deathly glare to my daughter. She wasn't stupid, and she knew I wasn't either. No matter what came out of her mouth, it was going to be a lie. Walking out of Danny's room I headed for hers.

"Danny?" I asked when I opened the door. Jazz didn't follow me. Instead, she stayed in Danny's room.

"Mom!" She shouted. "I found him!" I exited out of Jazz's room to see Danny and her standing in the hallway.

"Danny?" I asked somewhat surprised, "Where were you?"

"Uh…bathroom?" He stated. It was more of a question than an answer. Shrugging it off, I hugged him and kissed him on his cheek.

"Don't do that again, okay! You really worried me!"

"Sorry Mom," he looked at the ground guiltily and then flinched.

"Are you okay?" I asked. He quickly pulled away and put on a forced smile.

"Yeah! Of course! Why wouldn't I…" He bit his lower lip, again as if to stop pain. "Be…" It was then that I noticed he was clutching his side.

"Danny what's wrong with your chest?" I asked, Danny's eyes widened and his hand fell to his side.

"NOTHING!" He shouted quickly and tried not to flinch again. He slowly started to back up into his room, "I uh… have to get ready for Jazz's… thing." And with that, he slammed his door shut.


"Mom? Are you okay? Hello…Mom? Mom!"

"Huh? I'm sorry, what honey?" I turned to see my oldest daughter giving me nervous glances. I couldn't really blame her. I hadn't said a word since the incident this morning, and Danny hadn't either. Jazz had been bugging me the entire ride to the school and into the auditorium. Yet, she didn't pester Danny once.

"Are you okay?" My daughter repeated. I sighed and smiled.

"Yes, Jazz, I'm okay…just like I was okay at home, and in the car, and on the way here." She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Sorry for caring…" She said playfully. The lights dimmed in the room and the curtains opened up to reveal the stage. Our conversation was going to have to wait.

"Thank you for coming to Casper High's biggest event of the year!" Principle Ishiyama said as the spot light shown on her. "I would like to ask our four nominees to please come to the stage." I smiled as Jazz stood up and walked down the aisle. My eyes fell on Danny who was fast asleep in his chair.

"Danny…" I started, and shook him slightly. He pulled away and continued snoozing.

"Jack, Danny fell asl—" My husband was snoring in his chair as well. I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes at the two men beside me. My attention fell back on Jazz who was talking to the other honor students.

Apart from Jazz, I only knew one other person up on the stage, and that was Tucker. I wonder if Danny knew that Tucker was here. I was about to wake him up and ask him, but then two new figures walked on the stage. And I recognized both of them.

One was the mayor of Amity Park. He was smiling and taking pictures with the students. And the other…

"Vladdy!" Apparently Jack had woken up from his nap. "What's he doing here?" He did have a good point though. What was Vlad Masters doing at a high school assembly?

"Hello people of Amity Park!" My collage friend said at the stand. I know he saved Danny during the ghost invasion, but I still didn't particularly like him. "Most of you are probably wondering what a billionaire like myself is doing in your small town. Well, I would love to answer your question. Recently, ghost attacks have been destroying public property, and the mayor has requested a fund raiser in an attempt to…rebuild."

Wow, I didn't think Vlad actually cared about Amity in any way, shape, or form. This was something new.

"The mayor and I would like to announce our Mother/Son; Father/Daughter community service program." My mood brightened at that. The last mother/son thing I went to turned out to be a complete disaster…but I did bond with Danny…

Maybe it will be different this time…especially with Vlad being in charge and not that DALV industry.

"Together, we shall restore Amity Park," Vlad finished. "One family at a time…" Everyone applauded and Vlad stepped down off the stage. The mayor took his place.

"Thank you, Mr. Masters, for the wonderful opportunity to rebuild our community." I rolled my eyes at the mayor's new campaign slogan. That man will honestly do anything to stay in his current position. "And now, the honor students of Casper High." I zoned out the rest of the assembly, only listening to Jazz and Tucker's speeches.

Another chance at bonding with Danny? I smiled as I glanced over at my slumbering son. It was going to be perfect this time! Nothing was going to get in the way. Just me, Danny, and whoever signs up for the program!

No planes, no problems…and no ghosts!

It was going to be perfect.


I know a lot of people write Maddie and Danny getting stuck somewhere, and having to work together. Yes, I do want to do something like that, but I can't stand coping people. It drives me insane! So, it's going to be different! It's not just going to be Maddie and Danny in the Ghost Zone with Vlad...I can promise you that!

Until next time!