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"hell no, let us take care of this JACK ANGEL GET DOWN HERE NOW" he screamed.

"you know I have a better shot than all you guys so just gimme a damn gun and lets go"

Bobby gave in and threw her a gun, Jack and Angel ran down the stairs. Taylor looked back at them "GET DOWN"

By now the house was getting constantly pelted with bullets, "TAYLOR COME ON" Bobby yelled over the noise as he opened the door already shooting.

Taylor was right she did have the best shot, she killed two of the seven guys before even having to reload. She turned around and saw a guy coming up behind Jack, "Hey get the FUCK away from him" she said calmly shooting him in the forehead, don't worry Jack ducked when he spied Taylor pointing a gun at him.

"thanks, I deffinately don't want to almost die again"

"no problem come on, bobby has the last one"

"Look man I aint telling ya nothing" the bum yelled back at Bobby.


"yea" she jogged over to him.

"you see her, she pretty right" the guy nodded and smirked at Taylor, "if you tell us who sent you, she'll blow ya"

"Nathan, Nathan Thomas"

"alright Taylor do your thing" Bobby said walking away Jack and Angel following him, they got a few feet away when the heard the gun shot.

Taylor walked up to them and took the lead of the group, "yea blow him, blow his fuckin brains out"

"that's our girl" Bobby smirked.

"I need a drink after that, you guys up for Johnny's" Jack questioned putting his coat on.

"I second that" Taylor replied grabbing her coat.

They all piled in Bobby's car and began the ten minute drive to the bar.

"so who the hell is Nathan Thomas" Taylor questioned shifting her body to face Jack.

"I have never heard of him" Jack replied.

"yea me either" Bobby answered as well.

The rest of the ride was silent.

"Hey Johnny G what up man" Angel yelled walking into the bar.

"Not a whole lot boys oh and who is that Taylor Bertoni by oh my damn girl you grew up"

"Thanks Johnny" Taylor smirked.

"So Johnny a round of drinks for the degenerates of Detroit please" Bobby requested leading the four of them to a table in the back.

A few minutes late Johnny brought the drinks over along with the bottle of whiskey that they came from.

"so Johnny take a seat" Angel directed pulling out Taylor's seat.

"what are you doing" Taylor yelped as Angel pulled her from the seat and threw her onto Jack's lap.

"don't worry Jackie-poo aint gonna bite ya, he don't have enough guts. Now then Johnny sit"

"so what do you know about Nathan Thomas" Bobby questioned.

"Rick Thomas's boy, real screw up almost as bad as your bunch. I don't know much else usually hangs around at that strip joint on fifth and main"

"Thanks Johnny" Taylor said as he got up and walked back to the bar.

"alright gents, and lady we ride tomorrow night, but now we drink" bobby held his glass up in the air "to the best blow job Taylor has ever given"

Taylor smacked her forehead, "oh God"

A couple hours later they were all pretty much shot to hell. Taylor was still sitting in Jack's lap and dancing around like a drunken fool which at the time she was.

"god damn Taylor stop moving around so much your bony ass is digging into my thighs"

"Excuse me but my ass is not bony, does this look like a bony ass to you" she replied standing up and sticking her ass in his general direction. "and if I wanna dance, I'm gonna dance" she added stepping up onto their table, "Hey Johnny crank it up"

"no please don't" Jack mumbled.

Taylor began dancing around like a funky chicken on crack. "alright hit it Tay" Bobby yelled out laughing himself silly.

"oh man just like old times" Angel chuckled.

"cmon guys get her down people are startin to stare" Jack tried to rationalize.

"What Fairy you worried that someone else is gonna fantasize about her now"

"shut up Bobby"

"uh oh boys" Bobby began pointing up at Taylor who was immediately descending to the ground, Jack held out his arms and caught her. "ha, going going gone"

"now can we leave" Jack pleaded.

"yea" Angel answered.

They got home a little while later, Jack carried Taylor up the stairs and to his room.

"Jack why are we in your room" she asked groggily

"cause if you try and die on me or something I want to be here" he replied moving a strand of hair out of her face.

"ok well good night Jackie O, love you" she mumbled.

Jack awoke the next morning, Taylor was gone, he panicked a bit at first until he heard noise downstairs. A little while later Jack ,Bobby and Angel headed downstairs.

"Morning boys" Taylor smiled.

"your awfully chipper" Angel declared.

"you drank more than all of us combined, why are you not lying on the floor dead"

"thanks Bobby I'm sure that could be arranged if you like" Taylor countered back.

"seriously though how are you not sicker than a dog" Jack asked.

"I don't know, I mean I haven't drank that much in forever but I've never had a hangover or anything, very lucky I am"

"yes you are" Bobby replied rubbing his temples.

"so whats on the agenda for today, just wait around to go to the strip club" Taylor asked.

"pretty much" Angel answered.

"alright well I'll be upstairs if you guys need me" she called on her way upstairs.

Jack soon followed.

"Hey Tay you in here" he called knocking on the door to his bedroom.

"yea come in"

"what are you doing"

"taking a nap, I'm beat and you know that we'll be up all night with this stupid shit" she sighed.

"about that, maybe you shouldn't go it could get dangerous"

Taylor rolled over to face Jack who was now laying next to her, "you know very well that I can take care of myself, besides I want to do that walk thingy that we do"

Jack's brows furrowed, "what walk thingy"

"ya know when we walk in a V and I'm at the front, I love that its so action movieish"

"you are crazy"

"yea well what can I say I'm just one bad ass motha fucka"

"yea right, what time is it" Jack asked.

Taylor rolled over and grabbed her cell phone off the floor, "its 5"

"how did it get so late"

"well Jack its not like we woke up bright and early"

"true, so I guess we should get ready for tonight Bobby said he wanted to leave at 6"

"I don't want to , can't I stay in my pajamas" Taylor whined as Jack pulled her up off the bed.

"nope sorry Bobby said you have to look hot in case we need you to blow another guy" he replied shoving her down the hallway.

"no he didn't you're lying" she said pushing back.

"who's lying" Bobby questioned coming up the stairs chomping on an apple.

" Jackie-O, he said that you said that I have to look all hot and crap tonight"

"no I said that, if we get into trouble or some shit a hot girl always comes in handy so get to it toots" Bobby smiled walking by and slapping her ass.

Jack stood there smiling like an idiot "told ya"

"yea yea shut up"

45 minutes later Taylor knocked on Jack's door.

"come in"

She opened the door and walked in, "so is this hot enough" she questioned doing a little turn.

Jack inspected her intently, tight dark jeans, the same brown boots pulled up over her jeans and an extremely low cut red short sleeve shirt.

"I'd say so"

"thanks" she smiled, "ok lets head out" she continued running down the stairs Jack following close behind.

They arrived at the club around an hour and a half later because Bobby and Angel just insisted that they needed a food run.

They walked up to the front door Taylor went to enter when two large arms stopped her.

"sorry lady and gents we are full for the night"

"man don't you like money" Jack questioned.

Taylor smiled sweetly and lifted up the front of her shirt revealing well things that you don't usually reveal to people you've never met, "boys in now" the guards stood back jaws dropped and let the foursome enter.

"told ya a hot girl comes in handy" Bobby said looking at Angel.

Angel and Jack just nodded their heads in shock.

They quickly scanned the area for any sign of someone they recognized, they decided to split up so as not to look too obvious.

Taylor was walking around nonchalantly when she felt a hand grab her ass, "look buddy I'm kinda busy you really don't want to be doing that" she felt him lean in to her ear and his other hand drift up her frontside,

"and why not hunny"

"because darling if you come near me again I'll bite it off"

"oh I don't think you know who I am, I'm Nathan Thomas I own this whole damn town" he replied.

"well that's all I needed to hear" Taylor said turning quickly and pulling her gun up to his face.

Jack looked up and saw the commotion arising, " BOBBY, we got a live one" he called to his brother making his way over to Taylor.

"look buddy, I told ya not to touch me, I'm already pissed at you cause you tried to get me and my family killed, and then you come on to me with your two inch cock, so just answer me this one question and I wont kill you"

Nathan pulled out his own gun

"I highly suggest you drop that and just answer the lady's question" Bobby hissed behind him.

"Mercer is that yo…" Nathan asked turning around only to be faced with three more barrels in his face.

"Look guys there is no reason for this, I had a deal goin with Sweet he owed me a lot of money and when you guys killed him I was out about 500,000 dollars"

By now they had taken their little party outside behind the club.

"so how bout you guys just take care of my little bill and we forget this whole thing"

"yea uh how about no" Taylor said before pulling her trigger sending Nathan straight to the ground.

"god I missed this girl" Angel exclaimed hugging her.

"I think I need a cigarette" Taylor replied.

Jack handed her one, "light" Bobby smiled.

"you guys know just how to take care of a girl" she smiled inhaling her first drag in years.

"smoking kills ya know" Jack whispered in her ear as they walked to Bobby's car.

Taylor ignored his comment, "yea well so do looks and kid you sure have those"

Bobby snorted and Angel just rolled his eyes, "I do don't I" Jack replied.

"you sure do bring out the best in people Taylor" Bobby said as he slammed the car door shut.

There was a still quiet that engulfed the house when they returned home, they all dispersed to their rooms except for Taylor who headed to the bathroom.

She stripped down quickly and climbed into the shower letting the steaming water beat down on her aching back a few minutes into her shower there was a knock at the door.


"its me can I come in" she heard Jack's voice and her shoulder's that were once tense suddenly eased.


He walked in and sat on the floor with his back to the cabinet under the sink.

"ya know after one of these things I come up here and hop in the shower and just think to myself I'm so going to hell" Jack said to no one in particular.

Taylor laid down in the tub and pulled the curtain back just enough so that Jack could see her face, he jumped a little when he looked up and saw her smiling at him.

"sorry guess I beat ya to it" she said leaning her head back.

"guess so"



"I missed you" she said quietly looking him directly in the eyses

"really" he smiled.

"yea really, towel?" she asked.

Jack grabbed her towel and handed it to her, "thank you"

The water shut off and Taylor emerged wrapped in her towel, "goodnight Taylor"

Taylor smiled, "night Jackie-O".

About an hour later Taylor was aimlessly pacing the hall out of sheer boredom and insomnia, she passed Jack's room and noticed the light from his lamp streaming out from under the door she knocked softly before opening the door.

Jack was laying in bed only in his boxers he looked up and saw Taylor leaning against the doorway in similar attire black panties and a white tshirt.

" I know that look whats wrong" he questioned moving over so she could fit on the bed with him.

"I don't know, have you ever just had a feeling that something is just so right it makes you sick to your stomach"

Jack looked at her "no I cant say that I have"

She laid down across his stomach with her feet on the wall, "well never have it , it sucks"

"besides we definitely just killed somebody, whats so perfect"

"I don't know but everytime I'm in this house with you guys it just feels right no matter the circumstances"

"I know what you mean" he replied resting his hand on her stomach.



"did you know that I was adopted"

"shit you never told me that"

"yea just a few weeks before I met you, my mom died a cancer never really got to know her my dad was an alchi didn't have a job so she worked non stop just so that she could take care of us, she just had no idea, I had a brother a real one my dad killed him and as he was laying on the kitchen floor the life draining out of him he told me no matter what always take care of yourself cause you're the only one you can count on, pretty typical fuck up story I feel bad now because I kinda proved him wrong cause I know I can count on you and trust you"

"why didn't you ever tell us"

"bobby knew"

"why didn't you tell me"

"I don't know the more people know about you the closer they get and the closer they get the more they can hurt you, but it didn't really work that way with you, cause I'm the one that bailed out you were always there waiting and I never even gave it a chance"

"you know your not making sense right"

"yea you'll get it soon"

"girl you are some kind of crazy"