Chapter 1

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"You whore I knew you were cheating on me!"

""No I wasn't Goten, please believe me"

"Then why was he here Bulla tell me now!"

"We are friends and I wanted him to come over because I haven't seen him in a while"

"Yeah friends with benefits I bet"

"You ass get the hell away from me! I want you to leave and don't come back!"

"Fine princess fucker I am leaving!"

Bulla grabbed a lamp in the living room and threw it at Goten as he was leaving. He closed the door making the lamp miss. Bulla stormed off into the kitchen and called her parents.

"Hey mom are you busy?

"Not really, Hun, what up?"

"Good I'm coming over"

She hung up the phone and grabbed her car keys and purse then left for her parent's house.


Bulla is 21 and living in her own place. She was dating Goten for three years now she loved so much but he seems jealous or over protective of her whenever another guy was at the house unless it was Trunks. Bulla wasn't sure if she could find another guy like Goten, he never hurt her and he was really sweet and only cared for her.


When she got there her mom was outside with a worried, motherly look on her face. They said hello and walked into the kitchen to talk. Bulla quickly started telling her mom that she had invited an old friend from school over because she hadn't seem him for a while, they were talking in the living room when Goten came over. He started thinking that the guy was over because she was cheating on him. The guy knew something bad was going to happen so he left. After she finished she started to cry, Bulma walked over and started rubbing her back. Bulla left to go back home after dinner, she would have slept over bust she felt odd staying.

Two days later Bulla called Goten's house but got his machine. She couldn't get him out of her mind; everything she did made her think pf him. Pan called her asking if she had seen him, Bulla got really nervous when she heard that.

Oh Goten where did you go?

She was going to look for him but then she decided not too

why should I, I have done nothing wrong he is the one who acted like a jerk, besides I don't care he is a big boy and can take care of himself.

The next day Bulma called her asking if she could come over and help go through some stuff in the basement. While going thru a box she noticed a mirror, when she looked at it she noticed she didn't see her reflection but moving pictures.

"Hey mom what's this?"

Bulma turned around and walked towards her, then she bent down leaning on Bulla's shoulder.

"Oh that's a looking glass, it can show you your future if ask it right, it can also show you other things"

"Can I bring it home with me tonight?"

"Sure I haven't used it in years anyway"

That night Bulla was sitting in her bedroom looking at it. It only had one button and she pushed it started glowing and a light surrounded her, Bulla closed her eyes because it was blinded her. When the light was gone, so was she.



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