Chapter 4

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Bulla walked down the walkway from Goten's house still in shock and repeating "I told him to go away". Miguel was following some feet away to give her some space to think. She kept walking the street until she came to the spot where Goten asked her out for the first time, she sat down on the dirt and brought her knees to her chest. Miguel stood behind her and looked out into the distance.

"Bulla what is the one thing you want right now?"

"To tell Goten that I am sorry for getting mad at him, he is the best thing that ever happened to me and he only reacted the way he did because of the rumors on the street about me" she was crying on her lap.

She stopped crying and stood, she ran to the edge of the cliff and yelled "Goten please forgive me, I am not mad at you!"

The light surrounded her again and she was gone.


Goten was sitting on his couch dozing on and off, he couldn't make himself go upstairs and go to bed. The phone rang and he jumped to it, "hello?"

"Hi Goten its Paris, listen I know it's late, but are you alright I mean you looked pretty upset earlier?"

"Paris I don't feel like talking over the phone so come over okay?"

"Sure be over in fifteen"

He hung up the phone and looked at his watch 12:57 am he was nuts having her come over now but maybe she could help him relax. Paris arrived and Goten started telling her everything from the fight to not sensing her.

"Forget about her Goten obviously she doesn't want to be with you, she probably ran off with that guy she was with"

"I doubt it Paris, Bulla is not like that"

"Goten have you not heard the rumors, she is known for cheating on her boyfriends and doing other things that are wrong"

He was not sure if he should believe her, he had heard the rumors but he didn't believe them, he couldn't believe them. Paris put her arms around his neck and put her head on his shoulders, but he pushed her off. She jumped off the couch and stood in front of him yelling " Goten forget about her she is nothing but a slut you deserve better than that piece of trailer trash, forget about her!"


Bulla noticed she was in her living room and saw the looking glass on her coffee table. Knowing she was back she ran out the door and started flying towards Goten's house.


"Get out Paris I am tired of you trying to get me back, I want you to leave!"

"Fine Goten but remember if she dumps you that I warned you, if you want me back you know where to find me!" She slammed the door behind her. Goten took a giant breath and fell into the couch he sat there for a moment before getting up and getting ready to go upstairs to bed. He just got his foot on the step when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened it he saw Bulla, she fell and grabbed his waist. "Goten please forgive me, I am so sorry, I love you I am so sorry for the way I acted, please can you forgive me?" tears streaming down her face. Goten lifted her up and stood her up. "Sorry for what? You did nothing wrong I am the one who acted like an ass; can you forgive me?"

"Oh Goten" She wrapped her arms around him, he pulled her close.

He took her hand and brought her inside and closed the door. He kissed her passionately the two went upstairs and after some time together the fell asleep.

The next morning Bulla told him where she was the days before. He believed her because he could see in her eyes that it was the truth. That night Bulla went out to dinner with her family and Goten's whole family halfway through he proposed to her. A year an a half later they got married in a beautiful church in Hawaii.


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