Hey everyone--

OK, so this may be a bit cliche, but I wanted to write something personal from Casper's point of view. So, I thought, why not write a letter? By the way, all of the places mentioned in the letter really do (or did) exsist.

Casper McFadden

1 Cliff Drive

Friendship, Maine 04547

Miss Kathleen Harvey

University of California, San Diego

School of Medicine

9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, California 92093

December 1st, 2000

Hey Kat,

It's me. How's it going? How's med school treating you? Treating you! Get it? Nah…I can see you rolling your eyes even now!

Anyway, I'd be lying if I told you I'm not lonely without you. Your Dad's really only good for chess, I hate to tell you. He pitches like a girl when it comes to baseball! I hope you're having fun at college. I realize now that there's so much I didn't tell you when you were around. For example, did you know that I had my funeral mass at Saint Bernard's Catholic Church in Rockland, Maine, which is about ten miles away and my gravestone is at Friendship Cemetery? I went to the Friendship Village School on School Street. That was way before any of the other schools were built.

How about the time my cousin Grant and I decided to go roller skating in the halls and we ended up crashing, thanks to Grant who neglected to tell how bad a skater he was, into the wall in my parent's bedroom? If you look closely, you can still see the black skid marks. We should have tried out those skates again. I think they're still in my playroom…

My Uncles, as usual, hate my guts and yours, too, come to think of it. Don't worry, they don't make me work too hard. Just clean, cook, toil and slave. They still give your Dad a hard time, but I think it's mostly out of fun.

There's not much else to say, so I'll say this: I can't wait until you come home, Kat. I really can't.

Sincerely yours,

Casper McFadden

P.S. There's one more thing I forgot to say…I love you.