Disclaimer: Watsuki owns Rurouni Kenshin and all related characters (including Sano). Khrysalis owns this lovely character, Shino.

This is my OC Exchange Project for Khrysalis's Shino from her fanfic Sandalwood and Spring Wind. This is also a piece written for the 30 Romances challenge on LiveJournal.

I have almost all thirty chapters of this collection written.The chapters vary in size--some no more than three lines, some three paragraphs. It just so happens that this first one is exactly one hundred words, including the title.


Affaire de Coeur

He made off with your heart as easily as a sparrow makes off with a worm after a day of rain. You didn't realize how much you were willing to give until he gave everything to you.

You never needed to ask yourself if you trusted him, loved him, needed him, you simply knew. And when you wondered how that was, you could not find an answer. It was not his goodness, his charm or the way he protected you. It simply was.

Your mind had no business questioning it; it was an affair of the heart.

I was going to post all thirty moments as the same chapter, but I finally realized that would be a bit much to take all in one sitting. So I am posting them alphabetically, a few a day.

Please tell me what you think.