Thunder Emperor

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" Talking "

" Thinking "

" Kyuubi talking "

It was thunder storm that day . A mob was hitting a 5 year old blond kid in the east part of Konoha

" You demon should die " said the villagers " You killed our family "

The 5 year old blond scream and bolt of lightning coming from him and it strike all the villagers . The surrounding is changed . A lot of dead bodies surround the 5 year old blond . The Hokage and few jounins come to the place and was shocked to the surrounding . The Hokage have a talk with 5 year old blond in Hokage tower

" I-i'm going to be punished ?" said Naruto

" No , Naruto you're not since your only defending yourself " said Hokage " But, how do you kill those villagers ? "

" I don't really remember , I scream then A bolt of lightning coming from me and strike the villagers " said Naruto

" I see " said Hokage " It seems you have a very rare bloodline limit from the hidden cloud "

" What's a bloodline limit ? " asked Naruto

" A blood line limit is ability passed down genetically through a specificclan that cannot be imitated or duplicated by any method " said Hokage

" Old man Hokage you said I have bloodline limit , tell me about my bloodline limit " said Naruto

" As I were saying you have blood line limit comes from hidden cloud.Your bloodline limit is very rare.You can make lightning and control it at your own will . This bloodline limit was gone after the Shinobi war between each nations ." said Hokage

" So I am the last who can use it " said Naruto

" Yes Naruto , it seems to be that way" said Hokage " I want you to train and master your blood line limit "

" Okay old man Hokage " said Naruto

After that day, Naruto begin to train his blood line limit in night and day .

- Seven years later -

Naruto was at Hokage office

" Hey old man Hokage " said Naruto

" Oh , Naruto is there anything I can help?" said Hokage

" Yeah old man , I need money to buy ramen and clothes " said Naruto

" Okay here you go " said Hokage , he gives five thousand ryou to Naruto

" Thanks old man " said Naruto

He take the money from Hokage and went to the ramen stand to eat ramen. After finish eating , Naruto go to the woods and begin his training . He do his usual training like practised his blood line limit , tree walking , water walking with weights .

- Next day -

In Hokage office

" Old man I don't want to become a Genin again " said Naruto " I'm already Tokubetsu Jounin "

" That's true Naruto , howefer you never make friends with anyone your age " said Hokage

" I don't care about making friends of my age . I already strong enough myself " said Naruto

" What ever you say Naruto I will put you in New genin teams. " said Hokage

" Fine , but I don't want to take the Genin exam again and you must triple my allowance every month old man " said Naruto

" Very well , you don't have to take the Genin exam . I will put you in team in team seven " said Hokage

" Who is my instructor ?" asked Naruto

" Your instructor will be Hatake Kakashi " said Hokage

" A pervert is going to be my instructor, oh what a day " said Naruto

Naruto exited the Hokage office and went to Jounin waiting room

" Hey , Raitei seems you have a bad day " said Genma

" Oh I have a bad day alright , that damn old man force me to become genin again because of stupid reason " said Naruto

" Hahahaha , sucks to be you " laughed Raido

" So who's the instructor ? " asked Genma

" A pervert , name Hatake Kakashi " said Naruto

" Well that's gonna be an Interesting team , A sharingan user and Raitei of Konoha in one team " said said Raido

"Yeah , at least old man triple my allowence " said Naruto

" Well good luck becoming a Genin , Raitei " laughed Genma

" Thank's that help me a lot " Joked Naruto " and don't called me by my nickname again "

Naruto goes to Ninja Academy , room 307 where his team mates supposed to wait his Jounin Instructor . He entered room, he saw a pink haired and a raven haired boy

" Are you in our team seven also ? " asked the pink haired girl

" Yeah I am " said Naruto

Suddenly a silver haired Jounin comes in to the room

" Your late " shouted the pink haired girl

" I'm sorry I crossed a black cat and...

" Liar " shouted the pink haired girl

" Well, lets go to the roof " said The Jounin

- On the roof -

" All right first is Introduction tell me about you guys " said Jounin

" What do you want to know sensei ? " asked pink haired girl

" Your name like , dislike , and Dream " said The Jounin

" Why don't you go first sensei " said pink haired girl

" My name is Hatake Kakashi , I don't plan to say what my likes and dislikes are. And my dreams huh? Well... I have a lot of hobbies."

" All we learned just his name " said pink haired girl

" Your next pinky " said Kakashi

" I'm not pinky , I am Haruno sakura I like... " She looked at Raven haired boy with blush , " I dislike Ino Pig " , " My dream is ..." she looked at him with another blush

' She only interested in love affairs than becoming Shinobi ' thought Kakashi

" You with black Hair "

" My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I like a very few things while I dislike a lot of things. I have a dream , but it's more called as an ambition to kill a certain man " said Sasuke

'Sasuke's so cool!' Sakura thought as she started blushing again.

" All right last one "

" My name is Uzumaki Naruto I like Ramen and Learning jutsu I dislike pervert and people who called me by my nickname , as for my dream I don't have one " said Naruto

' Nickname what does he mean by that ' thought Sasuke

Kakashi nodded " Tomorrow we are going to do survival training " said kakashi

" But sensei don't we already do that at the Academy " said Sakura

" This one is diffirent " said Kakashi

" Get to the point already "

" Alright. But promise me that you won't be shocked. Okay. Among all of the graduates , only nine will become genins "

" What ? " shouted Sakura " Then what is the exam we do at the Academy ? "

" That is to test you have quality as a Genin , pinky " said Naruto

" What did you say !" said Sakura Angry

" All right you two break it off , what did Naruto said is true , and If you fail this survival test you will be going back to the Academy " said Kakashi

" Meet me at the forest at 5 a.m.and don't eat breakfast " said Kakashi disappeared

" Sasuke-kun do you want to go out with me ? " asked Sakura

" No " said Sasuke as he leaved the place

" What about you Naruto ? " asked Sakura , she turned to another team mate

"Sure , I got nothing to do right now , Why don't we go to my Ichiraku my treat " said Naruto

" Ok let's go " said Sakura

Both of them go to Ichiraku ramen Stand

" Oh , its you Naruto what will you have ? "

" Beef ramen " said Naruto " Just order what you want Haruno-san "

" Ok , I will have miso ramen then " said Sakura

" Comin right up "

" Naruto , Can I ask you something ? "

"Sure , what do you want to know , Haruno-san ."

" What do you mean by your nickname ? "

" Oh that , pepole usually called me Raitei than my name "

" Why they called you that Naruto ? "

" Because I have a bloodline limit that can make lightning at my will " said Naruto

" Wanna see ? " said Naruto

Sakura nodded , Naruto make a ball of lightning in his right hand . Sakura is shocked seeing this .While eating ramen they talked about themselves and the survival test tomorrow . Sakura couldn't believe her sensei was a pervert . After finish eating they go into their homes .

- The Forest -

It was seven in the morning . Naruto know this pervert will come late at least two hours late , so he come to the forest at six fifty inthe morning

" You're late " shouted Sakura

" I'm sorry , you see there is death granny...

" Liar " shouted Sakura

" All right the test is to catch one of these bells before twelveo'clock " said Kakashi

" But sensei there is only two bells " said Sakura

" That's why one of you here will be sent back to the Academy " said Kakashi " The one who doesn't get any bells will be tied to a stump and doesn't get lunch "

" All right , lets begin come attack me with killer intent " said Kakashi

Sasuke , Sakura , and Naruto nodded . Sasuke and Sakura disappeared . They hide in a branch and under busses .But Naruto didn't

" Are you strange one ? " said Kakashi

" It doesn't matter , pervert " said Naruto

He slammed his right hand and sent electricity into the Ground to attack Kakashi . Kakashi doesn't know what he do , then he wants to move but he cannot move

" Why I cannot move "said Kakashi

Naruto smirked " That's because I sent electricity to the ground , It paralyse your body for ten minutes "

Sakura comes out from hiding and take the two bells from Kakashi

" Naruto got it " said Sakura , she give one to Naruto

" Good " said Naruto " Sasuke come out , its already over "

Sasuke comes out from his hiding place and went to them

" Now , Sakura and Naruto got the bells but Sasuke here didn't " said Kakashi

" He got a bell sensei " said Naruto as he threw his bell to Sasuke

" Why did you give Sasuke your bell Naruto ? " asked Kakashi

" Because I always take care of my comrades first than my own self " said Naruto

Kakashi smiled " You all pass " " Tomorrow we will begin mission as team seven "

They nodded and walked seperate ways

In Hokage mission brifieng

Team seven was sick enough doing D rank missions so , they demanded a higher mission from theHokage

" Iruka sensei we need higher mission here " demanded Sakura

" But you just a New genin team " said Iruka

" Very well I will give you higher mission , How about a B rank mission ? " said Hokage

" But Hokage sama " said Iruka

" I already decided Iruka , will you take it ? " said Hokage

" We'l take it " said Sakura

" What's the mission ? " asked Naruto

" Your mission is to escort a bridge builder to wave countryand kill a syndicate named Gatohwith another team " said Hokage " Tazuna come in "

A drunken old man comes in to the room

" So this is one of the team , who will protect me , They look like a bunch of idiots " said Tazuna

" Be careful what you are saying old man " said Naruto as he moves behind him and lit a bit of lightning in his finger , he throw it to Tazuna's hair

" Aaaaaah , my hair is on fire " said Tazuna as he rolled on the ground to make the fire gone

Kakashi shook his head " Naruto you shouldn't do that you know "

" Serves him right for calling us idiots " laughed Naruto

" All right team seven pack your stuff and go to west where we will going with another team " said Kakashi

They nodded and go into homes to pack their stuff . They head into west gate .

- West gate -

Team seven met team eight at west gate

" Hey " said Dog boy " Who are you? we never seen you before "

" You will know me eventuallydog boy. I don't have to introduce myself " said Naruto

" What did you say " said Dog boy

Dog boy wants to attack Naruto , but was stopped by his team mates who is wearing glasses . Kakashi comes , he was scolded by another Jounin for being late . They headed to Wave country . In their way , there was an attack by demon brothers . The demon brothers chained the jounins , then they attack the genins with claws . Naruto makes two ball of lightning and throw it to Demon brothers . The demon brothers take the attack and fainted eventually . The jounins appeared and see the demon brothers were taken off so easily. The Genins was shocked to see this especially Sasuke , he has interest with his blond team mate . Kakashi summond a dog to send to Konoha about the demon brothers . They had to camped for tonight

" Sasuke , Naruto , and Sakura you three go into the forest and find some woods " ordered Kakashi

They nodded and go into the forest , mean while the other team set the Tents . The three of them got woods from the forest . All of them sitting around the fire

"How about you guys introduce yourself? " asked Naruto

" No , you introduce first then us " said Dog boy

" All right , my name is Uzumaki Naruto , the pink haired is Sakura , the raven haired boy is Sasuke , and Our sensei here is Kakashi .I like Ramen , training , and my friends . I dislike pervert and people who called be by my nickname , now your turn " said Naruto

" My name is Inuzuka Kiba my dog here is Akamaru , the shy girl is Hinata , the one who wear glasses is Shino , our jounin sensei is Kurenai . I like Akamaru and my friends " said Kiba

" Know thatwe know everyone , we are going to have turn watch, who's going to have first watch ?" said Kakashi

" Me and Naruto is the first " said Uchiha boy

Kakashi raised his eye brow , "All right who's the second ? "

" U-um... how about me and Sakura " said Hinata

" Okay , the third one ? " asked Kakashi

" Me and shino will be the third one to watch " said Kiba

" All right , now that's done , Naruto , Sasuke wake up Hinata and Sakura after three hours " said Kakashi

Both of them nodded . Everyone is going to their tent and go to sleep execpt Naruto and Sasuke

" All right Sasuke What do you want ?" said Naruto

" How do you create those lightning ? " asked Sasuke

" That is my blood line limit " said Naruto " I can make and control lightning at my own will . I know the Uchiha clan have a blood line limit called Sharingan , Have you activated it yet ? "

" Not yet , I don't know how activate it " said Sasuke

" How about we have a spar fighting ? " said Naruto

" All right " said Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke have a sparring match . Sasuke kicked Naruto , but Naruto caught it with his hands . Sasuke punched him with his right hand . Naruto sent an electric current to Sasuke . Sasuke can't move because of the attack .

" Well , this is the end Uchiha " said Naruto as he draw his kunai and put in on Sasuke neck

Sasuke felt something strange , but he think that's not important right now

" You want to kill me aren't you ? said Sasuke

" Nope " said Naruto " Congratulation Sasuke , you activate the Sharingan "

" What " said Sasuke

Sasuke saw his eyes in mirror that Naruto holding , his right eye was red with to tomoe , his left eye was red with one tomoe

" How do you activate my Sharingan ? " asked Sasuke

" Well , Sasuke . Like all bloodline limit they only activate if the user is in life danger state " said Naruto

" I see , so that sparring match was to activate my Sharingan " said Sasuke

" That's right , howefer you have to train and master your blood line limit like I do " said Naruto

" Don't worry about that I will get used to it soon enough " said Sasuke

" Oh , I almost forget the time , Its been three hours .We better wake up Sakura and Hinata " said Naruto

" Okay let's go" said Sasuke

Both of them went to girl's tent and wake upSakura and Hinata , and they go to their tent and go to sleep .Sakura and Hinata watch for three hours ,after that they waking up Kiba and Shino . Kiba and Shino woke up and take their turn . After that team seven and team eight walked into wave country, they got a problem ...

"Duck " shouted Kakashi, Kurenai ,and Naruto

All of genins duck while there is a sound coming from the mist

" Well , if itsn't the Copy ninja Kakashi , Spesialist Genjutsu Kurenai , and the famous Raitei of Konoha " said the voice revealing himself

" Zabuza , demon of the mist . How nice of you to drop in " said Naruto

" Naruto , this one is out of your league , Let me and Kurenai handle this " said Kakashi

Kakashi and Kurenai charged at Zabuza . Zabuza make mizu bunshin , and trapped Kakashi and Kurenai in sphere of water . Zabuza make mizu bunshin to take care of genins. Kiba and Akamaru attacked Zabuza but was defeated by a swing of his large sword . Kiba and Akamaru rolled on the ground by a swing of Zabuza sword .

" Kiba-kun " said Hinata as she run to Kiba and Akamaru

" Get outta here and run" said Kakashi

" No we won't .Hey Sasuke , you can do katon jutsu right ? " asked Naruto

" Of course I can , do you have a plan ? " said Sasuke

" I have let's combine our Jutsu to take thiseye browless freak down" said Naruto as he make one handed seal as he makea bolf of lihgtning for Raizo Ikazuchi wo Utte

Sasuke nodded . He make hand seals and said "Katon goukakyu no jutsu " . He spread Fire from his mouth . The fire and lightning combined attack take care of Mizu bunshin . The attack goes to Zabuza and the Mizu bunshin that holding Kakashi and Kurenai . Zabuza jumped , Kakashi and Kurenai were free from the sphrere of water . Zabuza make hand seals for " Suiton Suiryudan no Jutsu " but quickly Kakashi copied it . Then Zabuza make hand seals for " Suiton Daibakufu no jutsu "but before him Kakashi finish the Jutsu . The water hit Zabuza . Kakashi throw four kunai to Zabuza

" Do you can see the future ?" said Zabuza

" Yeah , your future is death " said Kakashi

Suddenly needles hit Zabuza neck and a Hunter nin comes out from a Tree

" Thank you for taking care of Zabuza , I will take him " said Hunter

" Then do your Job properly Hunter nin " said Naruto

Hunter nin disappeared with taking Zabuza with him Kakashi collaspsed

" I knew that hunter nin was a fake " said Naruto

" Naruto , that doesn't important what about Kakashi sensei " said Sakura

" Don't worry , ito nly chakra depletion . He just need some rest " said Kurenai " Shino you will carry Kiba "

Shino nodded . He took and carry Kiba on his shoulder

" Naruto and Sasuke you two carry Kakashi " said Kurenai

Both of them nodded and carry Kakashi on their shoulder

" Tazuna-san Is your house near ? " asked Kurenai

" Yes its near , only thirthy minutes from here " said Tazuna

" Well then lead the way " said Kurenai

- Tazuna house -

Kakashi awake ...

" Kakashi, I see you are awake" said Kurenai

" How long I was out ? " asked Kakashi

" Two weeks" said Kurenai

" How about my team " asked Kakashi

" They are alright , they are eating breakfast with my team down stair right now " said Kurenai

Kakashi and Kurenai go downstair to see their students . Sakura is talking to Hinata while Kiba is talking to Shino

" Kakashi sensei how are your condition ?" asked Sakura

" I'm fine Sakura " said Kakashi " Where is Sasuke and Naruto ? "

" They are training outside right now Kakashi sensei " said Sakura

" Kurenai sensei I have a question " said Shino

" Yes Shino " said Kurenai

" What did Zabuza mean by Raitei of Konoha ? " asked Shino

" Raitei of Konoha is Naruto nickname because of his ability " said Kurenai

" What is his ability Kurenai sensei ? " asked Shino

" His ability is to make and control lightning at his own will . " said Kurenai

" Kakashi sensei , Naruto said the Hunter nin is a fake , is that true ?" said Sakura

" What he say is true Sakura , The hunter nin is a fake because Hunter nin always disposed the body of the victim in the place the victim falled , but this one didn't " said Kakashi

" All right me and Kurenai will train you to prepare for Zabuza " said Kakashi " Now let's go outside for training "

The jounins and the Genins go outside for training

- With Sasuke and Naruto -

" Thank's for teaching me Tree walking and Water walking , Naruto " said Sasuke

" You're welcome . You got it quicker than I do " said Naruto

They saw Kakashi , Kurenai , and The genins walked to them

" Kakashi sensei , you are fine " said Naruto

" Yes Naruto I'm fine . Now me and Kurenai will teach you guys Tree walking " said Kakashi

" Sensei , Naruto and me can already do tree walking " said Sasuke " Teach us something else "

" Show me then " said Kakashi

Naruto and Sasuke focused chakra on their feet and start walking on a tree with no hands they hang on a branch upside down . Sakura , Hinata , Kiba , and Shino surprised seeing this . Then Naruto and Sasuke landed on the ground .

" All right , Kurenai can you teach tree walking to the rest ? I will train Naruto and Sasuke " said Kakashi

Kurenai nodded and teaching them the tree walking , while Naruto and Sasuke go with Kakashi to another place. They were training near a lake

" Before we begin I would like to know , How can you do tree walking Sasuke ? " said Kakashi

" Naruto teaches me , and he also teach me water walking " said Sasuke

" Is That true Naruto ? " asked Kakashi

" It's true " said Naruto

" Then why don't you teach the others ? " asked Kakashi

" Because Only Sasuke ask me to do it " said Naruto

" Okay then , I will teach you two something diffirent. Sasuke I will teach you a high Katon jutsu . Naruto I will teach you Raikiri " said Kakashi

Kakashi explained to them how to do the jutsus . They train and use it many times .At Sunset they did it. They master the jutsus . They were very tired after the training and went to Tazuna house for rest . After dinner Naruto go outside for a simple walk . Hegot sleep in the grass field . he meet someone...

" Hello , who are you ? " asked Naruto

" My name is Haku I'm collecting herbs here for my friend " said Haku

" You will be good medic nin I think " said Naruto

" Do you have a precious person ? " asked Haku

" I do , I have a lot of people who are important to me "

" Then you must be very strong " said Haku " Good luck protecting your important people "

She leaved the place , but before that " I think you're beautiful " said Naruto

She blushed red at this statement . She walked away and dissipeared in the Mist .Naruto stood up and went to Tazuna house

" Naruto where have you been ? " asked Sakura

" Sorry , Haruno-san I got sleep on the forest " said Naruto

" Leave him be " said Sasuke

" Ok Sasuke-kun " said Sakura

" Naruto , you should be morecareful some times " said Kakashi

" I will Kakashi-sensei "said Naruto "Ara ,Where is the other team ? "

" They are training Naruto " said Kakashi

A boy comes in with Tazuna

" These are the people who protect me , Inari " said Tazuna

" It doesn't matter Grandpa , they will die anyway " said Inari as he leaved and went to his room

' Who does he think he is ? ' thought Sakura

" I'm sorry about my grandchield attitude " said Tazuna

" It's all right , why does he act like that ? " said Sakura

" He's been acting like that since he lost his father " said Tazuna

Naruto stood up and followed the boy

" Hey " said Naruto

" What do you want ? " asked Inari

" It's hurt isn't it , losing an important people "

" How do you know my pain ? "

" I know because I feel it too . But you are lucky Inari "

" What do you mean ? "

" You still have family who cares about you , me when I was born I didn't have any family "

" What are you trying to say ? "

" I want to say is you have to accept it and continue living with courage . I'm sure your father want you to be that way "

Naruto leaved the room , while Inari crying in his room . Team eight comes back from training and rest at Tazuna house. Team seven did the same thing also

- At the bridge -

Next day team seven and team eight were patrolling on the bridge except Naruto because he was slept in at Tazuna house , there was attack at Tazuna house . Naruto took care of the bandits . He tell Inari to gather all the villagers at the bridge . Naruto went to the bridge .He saw team eight fighting bandits that Gatoh hire and Sakura protecting Tazuna

" Am I too late yet ? " said Naruto

" Naruto , please help Sasuke-kun , he has been fighting in that ice mirrors alone " said Sakura

Naruto nodded and go into the Ice mirrors

" Hey Sasuke , you alrigtht " said Naruto

" I'm fine " said Sasuke " But this guy is only hiding "

" Wanna try our combo with your new attack ? " asked Naruto

" Sure " said Sasuke , Naruto make one hand seal that makebolt of lightning for "Raizo Ikazuchi wo Utte "

He make Hand seals for " Katon karyuu endan " . He blow a large flame from his mouth . The flames and thunder combined and destroy Ice mirrors . The hunter nin comes out and landed to the ground . Naruto attack the hunter nin with Raikyu and make him collapsed . Meanwhile Kakashi has killed Zabuza with Raikiri . The team eight has finished also with the Bandits and they killed Gatoh . Sasuke panting heaviliy and collapsed to the ground , Sakura go to Sasuke and hug him .

" Naruto , why is Sasuke-kun fainted" said Sakura

" Don't worry , he's only tired . After using his chakra too much " said Naruto

Sakura nodded . The villagers and Inari comes to the Bridge but They missed the action . They was cheering happy because Gatoh and the Bandits has been taken care by The Konoha Shinobis . Tomorrow Zabuza has been mourned , Haku is sad seeing her precious person died . Naruto told her to let it go and come with him to Konoha to become Leaf Shinobi . She agreed with his Idea , and come with Him to Konoha in tomorrow morning

- Tomorrow morning -

" Naruto-ni san promised me you will visit me " said Inari

" I promised " said Naruto

Naruto , Haku , team seven , and team eight say their good bye . They all go headed for Konoha.

" What will be the name of the bridge ? " asked Tazuna

" The great Naruto bridge " said Inari

" You mean that blond kid name , he sure is Interesting . All right The name of the bridge will be The great Naruto Bridge " said Tazuna

All Villagers cheered hearing this and the name of the bridge will be " The Great Naruto Bridge "

History justsus :

Katon Gokakyu no Jutsu : Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique Katon Karyuu Endan : Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missle Raizo Ikazuchi wo Utte : Thunderbolt Strike Raikiri : Lightning Blade Raikyu: Lightning Ball Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu :Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu :Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu:Water Doppelganger Technique

Raitei : Thunder Emperor

That's chapter One done , I will make Chapter two longer than this

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