HHHIIIII! meh again! now this fic is based on an iteresting conversation btw me and mt friend xtremelygiddy over AIM on teh subject of 'smell of sex'

and i was reading Kingdom Hearts fanfics at the same time sooo i put 2 together and made this! ohh i just remembered i never made a diclaimer in my past fics. SOO HERRE U GO!

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"'Smell of sex' hmm wonder wat tat means" sora asked himself.

"Oh I know ill ask someone" with that sora stood and walked over to his computer turning it. Waiting for it to load sora asked himself 'wonder whos on rite now?' he immedataly sigh on to AIM

KeybladeMaster: sighed on

KeybladeMaster: hmm everyone is away

ChildofDarkness: sighed on

KeybladeMaster: oh rikus on 'click on link' hey riku

ChildofDarkness: hey sora whats up

KeybladeMaster: nothing much but I really need an answer to this question

ChildofDarkness: sure ask away

KeybladeMaster: how can smell sex?

ChildofDarkness: ... Wait, is your question, "How can someone smell like sex?"

KeybladeMaster: yea somthing like that

ChildofDarkness: … I guess the smell is musty and wet.

KeybladeMaster: have u smelled it

ChildofDarkness: Yes.

KeybladeMaster: really?

KeybladeMaster: w/ who

ChildofDarkness: That I cannot say.

ChildofDarkness: Sorry.

KeybladeMaster: so ur saying u'have done it?

ChildofDarkness: Yes.

KeybladeMaster: by who?

ChildofDarkness: not telling.

KeybladeMaster: did you use rubber?

ChildofDarkness: Of course.

KeybladeMaster: so who u do it with?

ChildofDarkness is away at 7:26:41 PM

KeybladeMaster: goddamn it riku!

35 mins later:

ChildofDarkness returned at 7:58:13

KeybladeMaster: finally riku

ChildofDarkness: srry wat were we talking about?

KeybladeMaster: who u done it with?

ChildofDarkness: gawd sora could u just dropped it

KeybladeMaster: no! till u tell me who u done it with

ChildofDarkness: come on sora

KeybladeMaster: no! now was it selphie

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: yuffie

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: aeriths

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: yuna

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: rikku

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: Paine

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: namine

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: queen minnie

ChildofDarkness: WHAT!

KeybladeMaster: daisy

ChildofDarkness: HELL NO!

KeybladeMaster: … kairi

ChildofDarkness: ... FUCK NO!

KeybladeMaster: hmm wat about guys

ChildofDarkness: wat about guys

KeybladeMaster: maybe u did it with a guy rite?

ChildofDarkness: … maybe

KeybladeMaster: well was it tidus

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: wakka

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: Leon

ChildofDarkness: tat stiff? pfft! No

KeybladeMaster: cloud

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: vincent

ChildofDarkness: monotone man? no

KeybladeMaster: barret

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: hayner

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: roxas

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: everyone in the organization

ChildofDarkness: HELL NO!

KeybladeMaster: cid

ChildofDarkness: lmao! yea rite

KeybladeMaster: dolnard

ChildofDarkness: wha

KeybladeMaster: goofy

ChildofDarkness: now hold on

KeybladeMaster: king mickey

ChildofDarkness: ... wtf im not low enough tobang animals!

KeybladeMaster: ansem

ChildofDarkness: no

KeybladeMaster: Sephiroth

ChildofDarkness: tat geezer? no

KeybladeMaster: loz

ChildofDarkness: wait who

KeybladeMaster: Yazoo

ChildofDarkness: I don't him

KeybladeMaster: kadaj

ChildofDarkness: … sora their not even in Kingdom Hearts

KeybladeMaster: come on tell me already

ChildofDarkness: fine! But u wont like it

KeybladeMaster: watever just tell me

ChildofDarkness: fine…

ChildofDarkness: …it wastoatwentydollarhermaphroditewhoreintraversetown

KeybladeMaster: …

KeybladeMaster: … … … … …WTF!

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