During the early days of Greece, there lived Remus Tiberius and his wife Cornelia. Although Remus and Cornelia were happy, Cornelia had never been able to fulfill her desire to have a child. She prayed to Juno for a child and yet her prayers were never answered. After months of failed efforts, she decided to go to see a soothsayer.

Cornelia begged the soothsayer to help her, and the soothsayer answered "I will help you since you are in such need. Once you reach home, eat two onions and you shall receive healthily twins."

Cornelia thanked the soothsayer and rushed home. She was in such a rush that she ate the first onion without removing the skin, but since onions have such a horrible taste if not first peeled she slowly peeled the second onion. In nine months Cornelia was ready to giver birth.

But when her first son was born the midwife gave a scream and dropped the baby. When Cornelia lifted up to see the baby, she also gave a cry. Remus ran into the room and gave a cry also. The baby was long, green, had a pair of wings instead arms, and instead of the soft cooing of other babies it snarled and squirmed.

Remus picked up the child by its wing and out of disgust, recklessly flung the baby out of the window. As the baby flew out of the window, it took flight on its new wings towards the forest, shrieking all the way. There was silence in the nursery, no one spoke a word. Not Remus, Cornelia, or the midwife spoke until the second child was born. He was a perfect little baby with arms and no wings as the midwife pointed out to the new parents.

Twenty-one years later, and both Zephyr and Remus the younger grew up. As Zephyrus grew larger so did his empathetic heart. As Remus the younger grew he became crafty. One day when Remus the younger was out hunting he unknowingly came across his brother's cave. It was a shadowy, depressing, and the anonymity was so thick it made Remus the younger shudder.

There was a sudden rustle of breaking twigs and leaves, and Remus the younger quickly drew his dagger and turned to face whatever was behind him. He could not see anything in the trees but a pair of large black eyes with yellow slits for pupils. The creature made a screeching wail made Remus the younger's horse rear up in fright, which in turn knocked Remus the younger off and hit the forest floor with a thwack. Remus the younger quickly jerked up from the ground.

"What are you doing in my forest, brother?" Murmur the voice.

"You sir are most definitely not my brother," Remus the younger spat.

"But you are… we came from the same mother… I was the first born, but I was flung out of the window by our father." countered the voice.

"You say we have the same mother, yet I know not wither to believe you. Just say that I believe you, what do you want in return?"

There was stillness between the two brothers. Then Zephyr replied "A wife."

"Why?" asked Remus the younger incredulously, putting his dagger back in its sheath.

"What every man wants, to be complete."

Remus the younger submitted to his brother's wish, since he thought this would be and easy task. To his frustration, none of the fathers would allow their daughters to marry someone who had never been seen by his own brother. So Remus the younger kept on searching and searching untill one day he came across a stream where he fell asleep. Later that night Remus the younger woke to the sound of giggles and laughter.