Chapter 1 Livy Bear

She was drunk…very, very drunk. Elliot had seen Olivia drunk on many occasions, but never like this. She had her body pressed up against the juke box holding on for support. She was starring at the same cd cover for the past 10 minutes. The only time she moved was to take a sip of her beer.

"Make sure she gets home safe, Captains orders." Don Cragen whispered to Elliot, and walked out of the bar.

"Man oh man, I have never seen Olivia so hammered." Munch said to Elliot.

"Like I have?" He asked. Was Munch accusing him of something, he couldn't help but wonder.

"Whoa…paranoid there Stabler." Fin stepped in.

"What? No…" He starred at Olivia. She looked so sad. What was going on with her tonight. Today. She had been acting weird since the moment she came into work.

"Something is up wit her." Fin said out loud. Not that they weren't thinking it, just Elliot or John couldn't bring themselves to say it.

Elliot couldn't figure it out. If something happened to her why didn't she say anything. He hurt him deep inside.

She stumbled back to towards the guys. Stumbling being the key word here.

"I have to pee!" She said, and turned back the way she just came from.

Elliot starred at her as she walked back.

"Quit looking at my ass Stabler." She said.

"Huh? What?" Elliot said to John and Fin completely embarrassed.

"Even half in the bag, she knows what's going on." Fin said

"Or just knows Elliot's routine" Munch chimed in.

"Whhhat? What are you even talking about?" He asked them laughing. He knew damn well. He checked Olivia out every chance he got. He was a man after all. "Like you guys weren't check her out either." Elliot said to even the score.

"Oh I was, just not like you were." Fin said

"What does that even mean?" Stabler laughed as he took another sip of beer.

"Right, like you don't know." Fin said.

"You guys are crazy." Elliot laughed. He knew damn straight they were right.

"Elliot just make sure she gets home safe, today is always a bad day for her. I remember last year this time, She was so wasted she didn't even remember tossing her cookies all over my shoes." Munch said.

"It got on mine too!" Fin said, making sure Munch didn't get all the glory.

"What are you guys talking about, last year this tim----oh… could I have forgotten?"

It was the 6 year anniversary of Olivia's Mother's death. He wasn't there last year, to wrapped up in the fact that Kathy had left him. He would have probably gone out that night, but again forgot that it was the anniversary. He wished so badly that he was there, because the stories of that night are always being talked about at the station house. He couldn't help but feel left out.

Olivia walked out of the bathroom. She looked pale.

As she walked towards them Munch told Elliot that he should get her home now.

"C'mon Liv, let's get you home." He said sweetly.

"I think I would need to ask." She said half unconscious, making absolutely no sense.

"Oh geez…am I going to have to carry you?" He asked, half kidding, half serious.

"I'm completed of walking to myself." she said putting her head on Elliot's shoulder.

"I'm sorry what was that?!" Munch teased. She was so inebriated that John couldn't even make sense of her madness.

"Ok Liv…Come on…" And he ducked down so she could climb on his back. He gave her a piggy back ride all the way home…even up 4 flights of stairs.

He managed to get her inside her apartment. He placed her onto the bed. She was in deep slumber, and had looked so peaceful. He took off her shoes and socks and pulled the covers up over her shoulders.

"Sleep tight Livy bear." He said to her.

'Sleep tight Livy bear?' Did I really just say that out loud? He laughed at himself, thank God she was still sleeping. He would never hear the end of that.

"El--" she said very faintly.

He was walking out her bedroom door when he quickly turned and walked to her bed. He knelt down so he could hear her.

"Yeah Liv…what is it?" Please tell me she didn't hear me call her Livy Bear!

"I'm sorry you had to see me like this…I'm sorry you had to carrying me home…and I'm sorry---Blahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

Right then, right there, all over him she had vomited. And just as quickly as she had puked all over him, she passed out.

'Great' He thought. He wasn't mad, he wasn't grossed out. He simply took off his shirt, went to her kitchen got some cleaning supplies and cleaned up her mess.

He hopped into her shower and cleaned the stink off himself. When he was done he went back into her room to make sure she was ok. Still sleeping, he opened her drawer to find a T-shirt he could wear. And that is when he heard it.

"El-- I love you" She said ever so lightly.

He turned and looked at her, she was still definitely sleeping. "I love you too, Olivia Benson" he whispered. He walked out to her living room and laid down on her couch.