Chapter 3 You've got Mail

When she arrived at work on Monday she was so embarrassed. She hoped that Casey kept her mouth shut. She also wished that she hadn't been so drunk at the bar, who even knows what she did!

A new email message popped up on her computer screen:

From: Establer16


Subject: Good Morning Sunshine!

Hello Livy Bear!

Don't worry, Casey kept her mouth shut…

El Bear

She laughed, and hit reply.

From: OBenson16


Subject: Re:Good Morning Sunshine!

El Bear, huh?

I know Casey didn't open her mouth cause I told her if she did she I would tell everyone that her and Munch had been sleeping together for months…ha ha ha ha!!!


She knew he read the message when she heard him choke to death on his coffee, from laughing so hard. She couldn't help it his laugh made her laugh. They were both laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny over there?" Finn asked

"Oh nothing, inside joke" Elliot managed to get out.

"Hey Case," Munch said as she entered the station house.

"Hi guys, I got your warrant." She said passing the blue paper to Munch, "What's this about an inside joke between Elliot and Olivia?" She asked laughing her ass off to herself.

Olivia gave her a death look, and then said, "Nothing Case, we were just talking about how John needs a girlfriend" ha ha ha…now whose laughing, she thought.

"Case, you're available right?" Elliot stepped right up on that one.

"What?!" said Munch, "We were speaking of no such thing!"

"Relax John, we're kidding." Olivia said grinning from ear to ear.

John and Casey's face just turned as a red as an apple.

Olivia just got a 'New mail pop up'

From: Establer16


Subject: Re.Re Good Morning Sunshine!

"John needs a g/f…that wasHilarious! Good one Livy bear!!

She shook her head and smiled, and hit reply.

From: OBenson16


Subject: Re. Re Re:Good Morning Sunshine!

Quit calling me LIVY BEAR!!!!

Besides, you were great--, "John you're not seeing anyone are you?" HA HA HA HA! I nearly fell out of my chair!

Olivia hit send right after she typed it however, her computer was being so slow…the screen didn't close right away. And Casey caught a glimpse of what she had written…

"LIVY BEAR?!" Casey burst out laughing!! "Who is calling you Livy Bear?" You've met your match Olivia Benson, Casey thought knowing damn well that email was from Elliot.

"Ohhh! Whose turning red now?" Munch teased.

Quick to respond Olivia said smugly, "My friends daughter, she's been calling me that since she could talk." Did they buy it? She wondered.

"Uh huh…riiiiiiight" Casey smirked.

"Ok people, enough chit chat, Munch, Finn, you got your warrant, now go." Captain Cragen said as walked by, not knowing what was going on. "Benson, Stabler, unless I'm blind I see a load of files on your desk."

"Right on it Cap" Elliot said, and Olivia nodded.

From: Establer16


Subject: Re.Re.Re Good Morning Sunshine!

Why don't you like it when I call you Livy Bear????????????

From: OBenson16


Subject: Re. Re Re:Good Morning Sunshine!

I thought my nickname Liv…when did this Livy Bear start?

From: Establer16


Subject: Re.Re.Re Re.Good Morning Sunshine!

Don't get me wrong, you are my Liv, it is my cute little nickname for you…but now everyone calls you Liv, and it doesn't seem as special…Now Livy Bear--I can't see that one catching on as quick, can you??

Oh, and when did this Livy Bear start--the night you yakked all over me…member?!! Ha ha.

From: OBenson16


Subject: Re.Re. Re Re:Good Morning Sunshine!

The thought of Don calling me Livy bear is hysterical! Now hurry up with those files so we can get the hell out of here. You're taking me out on a date El Bear…haha! The guys would make so much fun of you if they new that was your pet name! They would make even more fun of you if I told them you picked it out! Livy Bear