Title: Wolf On Board

Chapter 1: Meet the Mechanic

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon is God he owns everything. I don't which is why I'm not God.

A/N: This takes place sometime in the middle of season one of Firefly and as for Oz still being alive let's just say the ability to control his wolf came with a few extra features.



Kaylee looked around until she spotted the person who had spoken. Her eyes landed on a boy in his earlier twenties and who looked about her own height with green hair. "Hiya." Kaylee replied as she leaned back further in chair and twirled her umbrella. "What can I do ya for?"

The boy tilted his head towards the sign that declared Serenity was looking for passengers. "Where to?"

"Oh it says right there on the screen, we're making way to the rim planet White Marsh. You heading that way? You're not going to find a better ship than my Serenity here." Kaylee smiled widely at the boy.

He looked the ship over and nodded, "Firefly."

"Yep, she may be of an older class but she runs better than any other ship out there." She said.

"Mechanic?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah how did you know?" Kaylee leaned forward in her chair.

The young man just shrugged, "How much?"

Kaylee told him the price and without batting an eyelash, the boy pulled out the money and placed it in her hand. Kaylee smiled, "You can go ahead aboard or do you need to grab your things. We'll wait for you if you need to. But you might want to be quick about the captain isn't the patient sort, but he's nice enough… on the inside anyway. Oh by the way what's your name? Mine's Kaylee." Kaylee stopped speaking to take a breath and looked at the boy who was smirking, "What?"

"Name's Oz." Oz said.

"You don't talk much do you?" Kaylee asked.

"Nope." Oz said.

"Never use five words when one will do?" Kaylee wondered.

"Yep." Oz nodded.

"Not me. Anyway go on aboard or did you need to grab more stuff?" Kaylee paused, giving Oz enough time to shake his head. "Alright then you can go in, though you might want to stay in the cargo hold until the captain gets back. He gets a mite touchy if he doesn't give his speech to all passengers before they make their way onto the rest of Serenity. They should be back soon, so you won't have to wait long to get settled on board."

Oz gave a slight smile as he made his way onto Serenity. The energetic mechanic reminded him of a certain red-headed computer hacker from long ago. He looked around the cargo hold and then glanced back at Kaylee twirling her pastel umbrella. 'Yep this is definitely a good choice.'