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Chapter 35: See Ya Serenity


"When I pull back these covers you both had better be fully clothed or I'll…" Simon slowly pulled the covers off of Oz and River.

"Actually have to think up a threat. Not your strong suit brother." River said snuggling more into Oz's embrace.

Simon rolled his eyes, "I came to tell Oz that we will be landing in about ten to twenty minutes. So get out of his bed and let him get his things together."

"Alright." River grumbled taking the offered hand to pull herself up. She followed Simon out of the room and shut the door behind her.

Oz sat up slowly rubbing a hand across his eyes. Twenty minutes left on this ship and then he was gone. 'Don't start howling Fen.' The wolf huffed in response and gave a loud yip.

Oz changed out of his wrinkled clothes, stuffing them into his duffel and pulling out clean ones. He quickly made the bed before throwing his duffel on top of it and pulled out his guitar case as well also placing that on the bed. Oz looked around the room looking for anything he had forgotten. Everything looked like it had when he had come.

He threw his bag over his shoulder and picked up his guitar. He went to open the door and removed his device from that as well. "Oz all ready?" Kaylee asked as she stopped in front of him.

"Yea." Oz took one last look in his room.

"I wish you didn't have to go." Kayle said as she linked her arm with Oz's. "Maybe we'll see you around. I mean we're not leaving right away."

"Maybe." Oz replied.

"Oh you missed Inara, but she says to tell you good bye and good luck." Kaylee said.

"Tell her I said the same when she gets back." Oz nodded. As they were walking down the stairs to the cargo bay they passed Jayne. He grunted what could possibly be interpreted as good bye or good riddance. Oz simply nodded his head in return.

The cargo bay doors were open to the outside and the rest of the crew was waiting by them. The outside was a great big open field clearly there so ships could land and the town was only about a mile off with a huge forest to one side.

Oz stopped in front of Mal and shook his hand, "You don't have to walk to town we could give you a ride on the mule."

"Nah it's okay." Oz said.

He was suddenly grabbed by Wash in a hug. "You give us a wave anytime you need us."

"Wash honey he needs to breathe. And you hold him much longer you'll make me jealous, husband." Zoe said gently pulling Wash off of Oz.

"Thanks." Oz gave a slight smile to Zoe.

"Not a problem." Zoe shook his hand as well.

Handshakes were exchanged with Book and Simon with only the words of good bye. Oz turned to face Kaylee and pulled a bottle out of his pocket. He handed it to the mechanic. "What's this?" She asked turning the bottle over.

"Purple." Oz said.

"Oh thank you." Kaylee hugged Oz and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Lastly the werewolf turned to River. Before he could say anything she was in his arms kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

Before the crew could say anything a boy's voice shouted, "Oz!" Oz turned just in time to catch a boy of about 10 in his arms. "Oz you've been gone forever."

"Hey Xiang." Oz smirked.

"Oz who's she? Why were you kissing her? Is she your mate? Why is she wearing your beads? Is it because she's a—" Xiang threw back his head and howled like a wolf. Nearly jerking himself from Oz's arms.

"Xiang what have we told you?" A soft spoken voice said. They turned to see two men standing just outside of the ship. One had the look of a holy man though he did not wear the robes, he was the one who had spoken. The other man was around Mal's age and wore the same type of ripped clothing as Oz did.

Xiang rolled his eyes, "Ask one question then count to twenty before asking another one. Does that mean I have to count to 100 now Trystan?"

"How about you let Oz finish saying goodbye. Looked like one hell of a goodbye too, I would've hated to have something like that interrupted." The other man said.

"Oh Jian you always spoil all my fun." Xiang said hopping down and standing next to Trystan.

"Your chains, you need them back." River said and took off the beads. She wrapped them back around Oz's wrists. She kissed him lightly on the mouth. "I will see you again."

Oz brushed back some of her hair from her face, "Better believe it." Then he picked up his bag and guitar and walked to join Jian, Xiang, and Trystan. "See you when I see." The four men walked into the forest and disappeared from view.

"I think the next time we see him Book needs to give him the special hell speech." Mal said after a moment.

"Indeed." Book agreed.

"We haven't done anything that deserves that speech." River said walking back inside the ship, "Yet."


The end