It turned out in the end that Nathan did have the Sexy no Jutsu, though he didn't call it that nor did he use it the same way that Naruto did. Whereas Naruto's jutsu turned him into a nude female version of himself and everything was actually in the right place, Nathan's technique, aptly named the Morph, could change any part of his body and though he could use it for a long time he couldn't really change too much.

Nathan had slightly altered the shape of his eyes, and changed his nose a bit as well as adding on to his height. The next part was getting rid of his whisker marks, and then he changed the colour of his hair as well to a dark shade of brown. The last act was the taking off of his headband, which actually didn't seem to be his world's version of the hitae-ate. Nathan himself had explained that he just wore the black rag to keep his hair out of his face, and now that his headband was off his bangs were in his face.

Currently, he was explaining Anima to the interested Hokage in front of him.

"...So, you see. Anima exists in all living things and non-living things, like rocks and stones," said Nathan. "To use Arts of a certain element, you have to draw upon the Anima of something with that element. Say I wanted to cast an Earth Art, I would need to be in contact with dirt or stone or something of that type, and if I wanted to cast a Water Art, there has to be water somewhere nearby. Of course, you can always imbue something with different Anima... say..."

He looked around for an example, and finally picked up a brush on the Hokage's desk.

"This thing is made of wood and animal hair, right?" asked the alternate blonde.

Tsunade nodded.

"So then it's an object containing Anima of both Leaf and Beast," affirmed Nathan. "Using this thing, I'd be able to cast Leaf Arts and Beast Arts, but since it's so small and hasn't gone through refinement, I'd only be able to cast low-level Arts and I'll need to use incantations for it. I can imbue it with a different element, but the process requires rare materials and a lot of time, and it wouldn't be as good as if I had an object that naturally possesses that element. I can however, refine it so that it'd become stronger and let me cast higher level Arts with it. That's basically it."

Tsunade nodded again, interested. Naruto had come along quite a find. This Anima of his alternate's... It sounded like something that would indeed be able to boost the power of their village. Situations where Anima could come in handy quickly flooded her mind... A tired shinobi running out of Chakra, using Anima to substitue... Perhaps using Anima and Chakra at the same time to boost the physical prowess of a shinobi into something unimaginable...

Suddenly, she thought about something.

"That Art you showed Naruto," she said. "What element is it then?"

"That was a Darkness Art."

"Then where did you get the Anima for it?" asked Tsunade. Naruto himself was also slightly interested. There was nothing nearby when he had done the trick that might've accounted for the Anima of Darkness, so he was curious. Maybe there was something he hadn't told them yet. "From what I heard, you didn't have a source of the proper Anima nearby."

At this, Nathan became slightly uncomfortable, though he kept talking.

"Well... I told you that all beings, living or not, has Anima, right?" asked Nathan. Tsunade nodded. "In that way, humans are the same. Except unlike a stone, which always has the Anima of Earth no matter where you find it, humans are born with differing Anima at birth. Nobody in my world's quite sure how it's determined, but most think it has something to do with genetics or temperament."

Naruto was getting impatient.

"Most people can't call upon the Anima that lies within them, though they use it all the time. It's the Anima inside yourself that allows you to use the Anima of other things, so if you use a Fire Art from a charred log and you have Fire Anima, it'd definately be stronger than somebody who with Water Anima using the same Fire Art from the same object," here Nathan took a deep breath. "But, with the proper training you would be able to even use the Anima from within yourself. It just wouldn't be as strong as combining your Anima with something else's."

"So that Art was a product or your own Anima, then?" Tsunade asked. "But why would you go through all that trouble of learning how to use your own power? Wouldn't it just be easier to use an object with the element that you require?"

"Well, some elements are incredibly rare, to the point of unfairness, and there are limits to every element," admitted Nathan. "Fire, for instance, would be kind of hard. You can't carry a live flame everywhere, and things other than flames with the element of Fire are usually charred and break easily, though sometimes the air gets hot enough to qualify for Fire Anima."

Tsunaded nodded, that made sense.

"My own Anima, Darkness," said Nathan. "Is a product of the night. Naturally, the only time I can use it is at night, and even then I have to be in the shade, so that no light from the moon or otherwise hits me, but I don't need any object if those conditions are fulfilled. That makes it really hard to use in combat. However, most Darkness Arts are made for combat, so it's pretty unbalanced. That's why I underwent the training that gave me my ability to manifest my own Anima."

"I see," Tsunade said. "What about that hammer you carry?"

At this, Nathan grinned.

"Oh, that. It's for the other side of a Craftsoldier's combat abilities. You didn't think that all my people used were Anima, now did you?"

Ah, Tsunade nodded. The alternate version of Taijutsu.


"So, what about that other technique you told me about?" asked Naruto. "The one called... Ri-Riido?"

"Read?" asked Nathan.

They were walking back to Naruto's home. Tsunade had, after all, assigned that Nathan lived with Naruto until the reinforcements from his world came. Nathan had said that they would arrive in around a week, which gave them plenty of time to get to know each other and show Nathan around the village of the Hidden Leaf.

They had encountered a few more of the Rookie Nine on their way back from the Hokage's tower, and Naruto was slightly surprised at how each and every single one of the Genin that he had met back at the Chuunin Exams had grown so much. Akamaru had gotten huge, and Shino seemed to have gained quite an ability to hold grudges. Shikamaru had been walking along with Temari, though both of them seemed to deny enjoying each other's company. Ino had been on an errand for her family's shop, and it looked like she hadn't let go of her sense of fashion yet.

"Yeah, what Anima does it use?"

"Read uses neutral Anima," said Nathan. "Basically, any Anima at all can be used to power Read. All you need if a bit of Anima, no matter what kind though there are slight differences. Water elemental Read can also allow you to read a little bit of their emotions, while Thunder elemental Read can give you slight X-ray vision. Not enough to be useful in a battle, though."

"Ah," Naruto nodded sagely.

They walked in silence for a few seconds, before Naruto turned to his counterpart again. Nathan looked at the now shorter blonde. It was a bit of trouble getting used to this new form of his.

"Hey, can you teach me how to use Anima?" asked the blonde shinobi.

Nathan thought about this for a second. It actually wasn't that bad of an idea.

"Sure, but in return, you'll have to teach me how to use that Chakra of yours, capiche?"

Naruto grinned.


The ground in front of Naruto exploded as Nathan blurred in and out of sight. It was amazing how quick that the alternate blonde was (he had taken off his disguised form as they were in the middle of a spar, and he could put it on as soon as anybody came into view), though Naruto was sure that he was the type that traded power for speed.

Nathan had started off with a hammer blow to the ground, and Naruto had trouble following his movements through all the debris that had flown up into the sky. Only when he felt the stinging blow of a punch to his midriff did he realize that his counterpart had approached his position already.

"C'mon, don't leave me hanging like this!" grinned Nathan. "If this is all you've got then I'm ashamed to call you my alternate."

Naruto grinned back, wincing slightly. Grabbing the other blonde by his hand, he dealt a blow to his stomach with his knee, before swinging him into the sky and quickly taking out several kunai, launching them towards the other blonde.

"Same here, teme!" yelled the shinobi, who began running up the nearest tree.

Nathan deflected all the kunai with a swing of his hammer, and noticed Naruto jumping up to meet him, kunai in hand. The Craftsoldier aimed his hammer carefully, and launched it towards his counterpart. Naruto's eyes widened slightly in shock, before quickly summoning up a Kage Bunshin with a hand seal who pulled him out of the way. The only price was that the Kage Bunshin had been completely destroyed by the flying weapon.

"...Darkness supreme, destructive lands. Power overwhelming, flow into my hands! Spiral Void!"

Naruto turned his gaze back towards the sky, and his eyes widened as he saw a black sphere grow in his counterpart's hand. It was almost exactly like his Rasengan, except where his was generally blue and white due to the brightness, this attack was completely black. It didn't even seem to reflect light.

Without even thinking about it, he raised his hand up himself. During his three year training period with the perverted hermit he had managed to master the Rasengan to such a degree that he was able to use it without the aid of a clone, but it hadn't been easy. The sennin had warned him against using it on comrades, though he hadn't exactly forbidden it, and since Nathan was using what seemed to be his version of the Rasengan, Naruto felt obliged to give him back the same.

Both Jutsu and Art clashed in midair, but it hadn't been exactly what Naruto had anticipated. He had expected something like what had happened during the battle between him and Sasuke-teme, a large battle for dominance of epic proportions, but that was exactly what he hadn't gotten. Whereas the clash of Rasengan and Chidori had been te battle of two unstoppable forces, this black Rasengan of his counterpart's wasn't at all an unstoppable force.

Instead of repelling his attack like it should have, it absorbed it. Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the sphere of glowing energy that had one second been spinning in his hands get eaten by the dark void that sat upon the palm of his parallel. Just as the dark sphere was about to touch him as well however, the black sphere vanished, and both Ninja and Craftsoldier hit the ground.

Naruto was still in light shock about the technique that the other blonde had pulled off on him, but that was quickly gotten rid of when he saw Nathan gripping his arm in pain. Indeed, his arm seemed to be seizuring, twitching everywhere including places that Naruto didn't know the human body could twitch.

Just as Naruto, running up to his counterpart, was about to announce his concern, Nathan grinned, though it was obviously hard for him.

"Don't worry about it," he said with slight difficulty. "It's just... a side-effect. "

Sighing slightly in relief, Naruto watched on. Whatever it was that Nathan was suffering from, it was obviously something that he was used to, and even though it pained Naruto to see people that he knew go through any kind of pain, it was obvious that there was nothing he could do.

Within seconds, Nathan lost the crazy twitch that he had in his right arm, though from the way he moved it seemed like he couldn't control it very well. Naruto helped his counterpart up from the grass, and Nathan quickly assumed his form-changing Art again as the spar had ended.

"What was that?" asked Nathan, as he looked down at the orange-clad shinobi, enjoying the height that his assumed form bestowed upon him.

Naruto was slightly taken back, he himself had been preparing to ask that same question, though his counterpart seemed to have had beaten him to the punch.

"The Rasengan?"

"Whatever you call it," Nathan said. "The last attack you did. The swirling one."

Naruto was slightly surprised that Nathan had realized what powered the Rasengan so quickly, though when he remembered the Read technique that Nathan had talked about, it suddenly didn't seem so strange.

"That's the attack ero-sennin taught me!" Naruto grinned at his counterpart. "Why? Do you want me to teach it to you?"

Nathan shook his head.

"No, it just... did a lot of damage."

"What? But it didn't even touch you!"

"My Spiral Void is an attack where I conjure a miniature black hole," sighing at Naruto's dumb look, he explained further. "Like a gravity well where something is so heavy it collapses on itself. It sucks up whatever I want it to and sends it to another dimension. Something like limbo."

Naruto thought about this for a few seconds, before suddenly widening his eyes in realization.

"So, you can break through any kind of defense, and if you hit the right place then it's instant KO?"

"Basically, though it isn't as good as you think it might be. I mean, I can control what I want to absorb, which if why I used it against you as even if I hit you, you still would've been fine. But that attack that you did... Resengen?"


"It managed to damage my control," admitted Nathan. "Normally only if I suck up a lot of things then my arm starts twitching, but this time all I did was absorb that attack and my control started to break down. It hasn't happened before."

Naruto thought about this for a few seconds. Then, in a rare display of genius, realized something.

"Wait, do Anima and Chakra mix well?"

"Umm... I... don't know," admitted Nathan. "I guess they might not, since they rely on different principles..."

"Then does that mean it was because I was using a Chakra-based attack that made you lose control?" asked Naruto, intelligently, raising a hand to his chin. "Since you're used to fighting against only Anima-using opponents, doesn't that mean you've never absorbed a Jutsu before?"

Nathan's eyes widened in realization.

"This... I... We're going to have to spar again. I'm not going up against a hostile shinobi without learning all of my weaknesses against Chakra, and I'm guessing the sames goes for you too."

Naruto nodded. The idea of going up against an enemy that could nullify his Rasengan had been a humbling experience. These training sessions were going to be good for the both of them, something that would help them in the upcoming war against both the Sound and the Abandoner from Nathan's world.


"What do you mean, what do I have sealed in me?" asked Nathan.

Naruto waved his hand around at his double, "C'mon, being my double and all of course all the readers are gonna think that you've got a century old demon sealed within you or something. We've already established that you're gonna flip out and go real ultimate power wailing on your hammer-guitar sometime soon, but we just wanna know how you're gonna do it."

"But, uh, are you sure?" asked the alternate blonde, nervously. "I mean, wouldn't that be a spoiler?"

Naruto looked at Nathan strangely, "This is a fanfic. Nobody is gonna give a shit over a spoiler or two."

"Well, alright... But how should I do it?"

"Just deux ex machina it into existence or something. This is an Omake! We're allowed to do anything we want!"

Naruto snapped his fingers, and suddenly Sasuke popped out of nowhere. He looked around, disoriented for a few seconds before coming across the sight of the two blondes, and pulled out his own version of the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, preparing to run both of them through.

However, before he had a chance to, Naruto snapped his fingers again. Sasuke suddenly found himself buried under two incredibly obese women, or more specifically, fangirls. And when it said obese, it meant obese. These girls were thrice as wide as they were tall, making both blondes positive that they both had to have some elephant blood within them. Windmilling his arms in horror, he tried to find his happy place as the two women quickly realized that they were sitting on their idol.

Nathan paled as he percieved the ensuing chaos, and Naruto blanched.

"Okay, I didn't mean to go that far..." admitted the blonde. With another snap of his fingers, Sasuke and the fangirls disappeared in front of their eyes, returning to where they had come from before. Naruto turned back to Nathan. "So c'mon, poof out your demon!"

"Well, here goes nothing..."


- Possibility 1 -

Naruto stared at the organism that stood in front of him. It resembled a nude human female to some degree, though the fact that it had no limbs of any kind or facial expression kind of turned him off. Several tentacles came out its back, and its glowing blue skin spoke of destruction and death and all kinds of naughty things.


Nathan beamed.

"Isn't it awesome?" asked the young Craftsoldier. "Halfway through the story I'm going to be possessed by the spirit of the fake Cetra and completely burn down the Leaf, and then when you chase me down to the mako reactor at the top of the mountain where you and I duke it out, with you coming out on top because I underestimated you. The rest of the story is spent with you and your friends trying to hunt me down before I find the black materia and blow this world to hell!"

Naruto inched back slightly as a button labeled 'security' appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't wise to make sudden movements in front of the clinically insane after all.

- Possibility 2 -

"...A succubus?"

Naruto drooled as he beheld the demonic beauty that stood in front of him. She was wearing very little indeed, and what she wore seemed to only cover the bare necessities. A black wing popped out of her right shoulder, and she slinked down beside her master and enveloped him in a lustful hug.

"Yeah, she's cute, isn't she?" asked Nathan, blushing and scratching his head.

The succubus really was something. She had the body of an innocent girl of sixteen, and the air of somebody familiar with the risquer sides of life. Naruto was doing all he could not to stare, and it still wasn't working.

"I'll trade you my demon for your's."

"I'm good."

- Possibility 3 -

A gigantic red dragon with scales tinged with both black and white appeared out of the smoke, and let out a roar so loud it shook the heavens. Looking down at the two blondes standing at its foot, Naruto was sure the large wyvern was trying to determine if the two pale meaty things might be worth the effort for a meal.

"...Rathalos?" asked Naruto, bewildered.

"Yeah," nodded Nathan.

There was the silence of a few seconds.

"Don't you just hate it when he goes flying around everywhere and your Paintball runs out?"

"Hell yeah, and when he does the roar thing and you can't put up a guard in time before he smears you all over the sidewalk with that goddamn trample of his... Well, at least he isn't quite as annoying as the Plesioth."

"How do you beat that thing anyway? I pack ten Sonic Bombs each time and never manage to drop it!"

The author estimates around two percent of the readership will get this, but those are just the rough numbers. Both Naruto and Nathan however believe that the actual count is much lower. You don't want to prove those two right, now do you?

- Possibility 4 -