Summary—A poem, portraying the Phantom and his tragic and distraught emotions towards his protégé and hopeful companion/lover, the young Christine Daae. Takes place after the End of Lloyd Andrew Webber's musical version. A little sad and suggestive.

Warning—T rating. If you are not labeled 'mature,' do not read.

Disclaimer—Surprisingly—I do not own Phantom of the Opera. Duh! So please do not sue me. I have nothing of true value. Bite it!

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Lived and Loved Alone.

I, your fallen idol and false friend

The tragedy of our parting I did not intend

Your tender young voice long ago I began to mold

Only to end up loving the girl—my soul captured in the fold

As guide and guardian, I tutored you to sing from the soul

My heart, so taken, so captured became the price, the toll

Then HE entered in and seemed to whisk you away

To whisper, tightly graze, hove closely day by day

So Little Lotte, you claimed he was simply a childhood sweetheart

But your kiss and oath to him betrayed our trust, setting you apart.

My hurt then my anger I could not set aside

To not be in possession of your love—I would not abide

Once more to reach out and have our fingers meet

In my passion and obsession, I denied any possibility of defeat

To envision us together with out limbs lovingly entwined

Gave me purpose and direction that I deem was divine

But alas, when we reached the point of no return

My determination suddenly no longer seemed affirmed

The darkness whispered the hidden meaning of our kiss' atone

That yes, life can be lived and loved, alone.