Reading the story 'When Plot Bunnies Attack' (also by me...doi) might make this silliness seem somewhat more coherant than if you're going to read it without looking at WPBA. I've been told its one of the funniest parodies here on ff dot net (not bragging...well, ok...maybe a smidge) so it's probably worth your time. Plus, this story wont make much sense without it. I mean, seriously, it'll confuse the hell out of you.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


If one were to rummage about inside the backpack of a particular geek whom we all know and love (alright, whom most of us know and love), and actually be able to reach the bottom of the aforementioned pack, one would find, underneath all the bottles of Sue Spore antidote, bent photographs and explosives (lots and lots of explosives), a small book.

Nothing spectacular to look at, just a half inch thick, black hard bound book, with the letters 'APBA' printed on the cover in bold, white type.

If one were to open this ordinary looking book, one would be greeted by the following message, written inside the front cover.----

Welcome to the Anti Plot Bunny Agency!

If you have received a copy of this book, you have just graduated from the Anti Plot Bunny Agency Academy.

Allow us to offer both our sincerest congratulations, and our heartiest sympathies, for you are about to enter a world of adventure, intrigue and lots and lots of danger.

We hope you're insured.

This is your Official Patented Anti Plot Bunny Agency Handbook.

The rules and regulations for all ABPA agents are housed within this book, as well as useful information on the weapons that are officially available to you and have been approved by the APBA for use.

The various species of Plot Bunnies are also explained in detail.

This book will serve as your complete guide while in the fandoms. You, as an agent, are entitled to one copy. The one that is held between your fists.

Do not lose it.

Do not throw it away.

Do not trade it for illegal booze within fandoms (you know who you are).

Read it from cover to cover.

We'll know if you don't.

-The Anti Plot Bunny Agency Syndicate-


A/ there's the intro. Tada? Now I need to know what you guys would like to see explained from the Techieverse so that I can stick 'em in here. So...any of those nagging little questions you thought were too stupid/easy/generic to ask, ask them now.

O.O...omg Project Runway is on..MUST DASH! -dissappears leaving a cloud of dust in her wake-