Species: Amnesia

Genus: Leapus Forgetus

General Information: Amnesia is the most cliché of all clichés, therefore, Amnesia Bunnies are the most common of the Plot Bunny subcategories. They also multiply the fastest (second only to Smut Bunnies).

Physical Traits: Amnesia Bunnies look next to identical to regular wild rabbits. Brown, athletic and lean. The dens of Amnesia Bunnies appear hazy and foggy, giving off strange fuzzy vibes.

Plot Traits: Amnesia Bunnies posses a strong, concentrated amnesia venom. A fully grown amnesia bunny can wipe out a person's memory completely, but the effects of a younger bunny are less severe and more easily controlled. The wielder of the bunny, through emotional communication, can gently prod the animal into releasing just the right amount and strength of venom to wipe out memories of that particular person, or other memories of their choosing.

Weaknesses: Up until recently, there were no known ways to combat Amnesia Bunnies, other than shooting them/blowing them up, however, it has been discovered by an agent who shall remain nameless upon her request, that they are susceptible to music. They grow docile and more manageable when sung to.

They especially like show tunes.

Cautions: There is no antidote for Amnesia Bunny venom, so if you get bitten, that's it, it's over, G'night Gracie. You've forgotten everything you've ever known with no hope for your memory being restored. A vaccine is currently in development, and should be available for distribution within the next three years.


A/N:Amnesia bunnies...the very first Bunny I ever received was an Amnesia Bunny. His name is Joe and he lives in my sock drawer amongst the moth balls. StrawberryCupcake gave him to me and he's what spawned the APBA universe. She just had to go and name the little bugger which gave me the ideas which eventually turned into "When Plot Bunnies Attack".