"Stop thief" The young girl ran from the shops owner with a piece of bread in her hand. She ran from the markets. soon as far from the town she quickly scarf down the bread. walking back to her cave she formed out of the earth she covered her self with the sack she used as a blanket. huddling her self in a cornner to keep warm. for a 6 year old earthbender Mai-lin had a hard time. she shut the mouth of the cave close with her hand disgusing the cave to look like a rock. Mai-lin drifted in to a sleep.

A house was lit on fire, Mai-lin watch the fire nation tear the house apart. A man and woman tried to defend there home. A firebender just thrown a dagar in to the woman's back. another dagar was thrown in to the mans chest. Mai-lin watched the two fall to there death

"mommy, daddy" she cried. She got the corage to earthbend a few rocks at the soilders.

" what was that?" one asked. Mai-lin ran from them as fast a she could. Her little heart beat faster and faster she ran leaving her parents and her home to crumble in the hands of the firenation.

Mai-lin tossed in her sleep, she tried to shake off the memory but couldn't " mom, dad" she whispered in her sleep.

Mai-lin ( pronounce May-lin) hope you enjoy this.